Kavanaugh Thinks It’s Okay to Perform Elective Surgery on People Without Their Consent

As both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate gear up for what is likely to be a long hearing process, the 57 million Americans with disabilities are bracing themselves for the negative consequences of Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment


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Trump’s new asbestos rule will kill Americans to aid Russians

The Russian asbestos producer, Uralasbest, is one of the world’s largest asbestos producers and included an image of Trump stamped on packaged asbestos with a caption: “Approved by Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States.” An English translation of the text accompanying the Trump image read:

Donald is on our side! … He supported the head of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, who stated that his agency would no longer deal with negative effects derived from products containing asbestos. Donald Trump supported a specialist and called asbestos ‘100% safe after application.’”

There is no coincidence surrounding the EPA’s plan to help asbestos make a comeback and Russian asbestos producers stamping Trump’s image and approval on packaged asbestos likely slated for export to America. Obviously, the Russian asbestos company knew in advance that Trump’s EPA was going to help asbestos make a comeback and further the Trump administration’s goal of killing off Americans in the name of helping Russia. It is not exaggeration or hyperbole to claim Trump’s administration disregards American lives at the same rate Trump lies and disregards the law. In fact, a recent (2018) Harvard University analysis revealed that Trump’s EPA crusade to rollback and/or reverse environmental protections will, under the most conservative estimate, cost the lives of over 80 000 US residents per decade and lead to respiratory problems for many more than 1 million people.”


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Barrie Trower…5G will devastate mankind…a must watch if you love life

Barrie Trower court testimony, in PDF form…

EME Instruments Submission Electrosensitivity Australia Attachment Barrie Trower pdf

WiFi – a Thalidomide in the making – who cares


“One of the great American industrialists of our day—a man who has rendered yeoman service to his country in this crisis-recently emphasized the grave dangers of “rightist reaction” in this Nation. All clear-thinking businessmen share his concern. Indeed, if such reaction should develop—if history were to repeat itself and we were to return to the so- called “normalcy” of the 1920’s—then it is certain that even though we shall have conquered our enemies on the battlefields abroad, we shall have yielded to the spirit of Fascism here at home.” FDR 1944

Is this what you want America?

Are we a Fascist State yet?

…ever since DJT accepted the republican nomination my country has turned to shit, there isn’t a sector not affected by this ugliness and hate, this is not who I am and this is not America…I fully support CREW, the Democratic Socialists of America and the progressive wing of the democratic party in their efforts in fighting against Fascism and the GOP…we must all fight against hate to insure inclusion of everyone because all our shadows are the same color…

House Republicans KNEW Trump got illegal help from Putin, they’re on tape laughing about it.

I fully support these people in fighting the fight against Fascism, it is my hope that you will too

…support your local Harley Dealer…

U.S. district judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit over emoluments, Trump may have to open his books

…this is a link to part of what CREW is doing, they are a part of the legal team for the states that filed the suit…this is the grounds for the term “Constitutional Crisis”, which we have been in since 1-20-17, the moment Trump was sworn into office…

I use the term Fascist for what our government is at this time…here are some other views, none of it pretty but then none of what are government is doing is “pretty”, in point of fact it is damn ugly and hateful…

STOP using “conservative” to describe extremists, saboteurs, looters & polluters.