We all have the duty to fight Hate no matter where it is found but most important is your very own heart

(photo by Pat Klum)

I used to fill these pages with reports of the ugliness of our world at this time. I am weary from ugliness at all levels in my world. How about you? Why not change the narrative? Why not try a little kindness? Even towards those that cause this ugliness. Why not share the Peace Rose, the King of Flowers with those that hate and cause you and me pain. Over-ride your ego and give yourself a chance to give yourself what you need, Peace. What you need is different than what you want. Want is ego. Need is human’s being humane towards each other. Share the Rose within you.

yes…even to him

a change of heart, no not him after 5/8/18



“…doubt everything and become your own light…” Buddha

…our focus is all wrong…

…Ice Melt should be what we see…

A few views of why the ice is melting and what it means…it means The 6th Extinction…are you ready for it?

An Extreme Climate Forces Extreme Measures as Worst-Case Predictions Are Realized


Human race just 0.01% of all life but has eradicated most other living things



MSU scholars find $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending; Defense Department to conduct first-ever audit