About Me

I am an artist, poet and musician.

I was born with multiple birth defects and experienced many birth trauma’s which resulted in multiple disabilities on March 29th 1951.

My Father died the night of Thanksgiving 1958. I was 7 years old.

I was the victim of an attempted molestation and attempted murder January 16th, 1961. I was 9 years old.

There are those that think I am autistic. There are those that think I have a mood disorder. There are those that think I have an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) There are those that think I have severe and chronic PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). I have been misdiagnosed most of my life. Most think I am a P.O.S. and shun me. I am happy for you all that are seemingly so perfect. It is possible I am many things within a matrix, a Venn diagram. After the 4th grade I rarely took a book home or did homework. My freshman year in high school they discovered I couldn’t read. I am self-taught. No one knew I was deaf with an auditory aphasia until the early 90’s. My life has been spent in a nightmare, a living Hell while having an INTP Myers/Briggs personality, only 1% of the population have this personality type, the ultra-idealist personality. I find it ironic that I want to celebrate the facts that I am 1)-alive, 2)-I am able to do the things I do and 3)-that I am fully cognizant of the train wrecks I have caused.



Genetically speaking I am a 4th cousin of Franklin D. Roosevelt. For more about my genetics read the “Family Tree” page.


Only 2 things never lie, Mother Nature and music.

…are you capable of an original thought?…


I’ve a gofundme page if you’d like to help me survive.