About Me

I am an artist, poet and musician.

I was born with multiple birth defects and experienced many birth trauma’s which resulted in multiple disabilities on March 29th 1951.

My Father died the night of Thanksgiving 1958. I was 7 years old.

I was the victim of an attempted molestation and attempted murder January 16th, 1961. I was 9 years old.

There are those that think I am autistic. There are those that think I have a mood disorder. There are those that think I am OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) There are those that think I have severe and chronic PTSD or Complex PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). I have been misdiagnosed most of my life. Most think I am a P.O.S. and shun me. I am happy for all of you that are seemingly so perfect. It is possible I am many things within a matrix, a Venn diagram. After the 4th grade I rarely took a book home or did homework. My freshman year in high school they discovered I couldn’t read. I am self-taught. No one knew I was deaf with an auditory aphasia until the early 90’s. My life has been spent in a nightmare, a living Hell while having an INTP Myers/Briggs personality, only 1% of the population have this personality type, the ultra-idealist personality. I find it ironic that I want to celebrate the facts that I am…


2)-I am able to do the things I can do…

3)-that I am fully cognizant of the train wrecks I have caused…

and yet I am shunned and despised. It is a lonely existence, I will be happy when death finds me, waiting. To put it another way, if you are so damn perfect how is it that the world is so fucked-up?

Genetically I can trace my family back to Robert The Bruce and King Edward the First, I am also a 4 cousin of FDR. Most people are overwhelmed by my totality, you ought to try being in my shoes.

Only 2 things never lie, Mother Nature and music.

My life has been destroyed by lies, lies told about me and lies told to me. Why oh why do people lie? All I want is some truth in my life, protect me with the truth. It is so much easier to find safety in the truth, shelter in the truth, comfort in the truth.

I will admit it, I have a problem with the truth, if someone cannot be truthful with me I think I am not worthy of honesty and that I am less than human and deserve being lied to…I demand the truth and it isn’t part of being “normal”, humans lie and this bothers me a great deal…yet another conformation of my autism.

Is it true that people with Autism Spectrum Disorders have a very strong sense of right and wrong that they adhere to? Is it true that they hate lying? If yes, do they also not lie?


…in PDF form so you may read it here…Is it true that people with Autism Spectrum Disorders have a very strong sense of right and wrong that they adhere to

…are you capable of an original thought?…