Abrupt Climate Change

I am starting a page about Abrupt Climate Change (ACC). To start off I will be posting a few primers to get it going. Such as the website Nature Bats Last by Dr. Guy McPherson, along with reports I find here and there. As I go along I hope you understand my aim is to inform you before the shock hits you between the eyes and it will. There is no way around it. We are within the 6th Extinction and just because we are humans doesn’t mean we get out smooth and clean on the other side.


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I have read The Book of The Hopi many many times. I have found their myths and legends to the closest to science fact of any “religion” I have investigated. I highly recommend it. It covers the “flipping” of the magnetic poles and why they happen. It investigates abrupt climate change in historical terms. For a start you might try this link on Wikipedia.


Tawa, sun spirit and creator…

There is also the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, which I have read as well. Some of which I found very profound and some quite disturbing but yet they do apply to the idea(s) of ACC. Although debunked as real science and the real study of myth’s his work does open the door to other beliefs, myths and religious origins concerning ACC.



My point here is that there is a history of ACC expressed in writings and oral histories throughout human history. ACC is nothing new and in order to understand the new it’s always wise to explore the old as well. We have much better science today but that does not make histories less valid.



Here is a good jumping off point…it’s dated 4/15/17 so it’s pretty up to date…


Even though this isn’t about ACC it does provide a clue, the change in the speed of rotation of the planet due to ice melt and shifting weights globally…