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started 9/12/19

Aussies face climate apocalypse due to a sudden stratospheric heating event above Antarctica.

…please read article and the comments as well…Aussieland may very well become uninhabitable very soon…also, if you go through the previous 10mpages you’ll see I have noted a concern for what is happening there over the summer, something has been brewing for a long time, now we know what it is and it’s damn scary…both poles are under great heat stress…

…our little blue ball in space is beginning to do a St. Vitus Dance, it has a very high fever and high fevers kill of bugs in a human body, Earth is going to kill off the bugs causing it’s illnesses, and there are many illnesses…

Critical Tipping Point Crossed In July 2019

…again, the link is in black…I am so Happy to say I was wrong :-))), watch the Beckwith video’s, we mau not have a BOE this year :-))) … but …that does not mean we are outta the woods, far from it with the ocean temps going UP as it were…some good news with the images, you see that snow has come to Russia, more snow please, colder temps please, everywhere please…click for a bigger view of the snow :-)))…

German Study: Alarming Levels of Dangerous Plastics in Children’s Bodies

Children from poorer families had more plastic residue in their bodies than those from higher-income homes.



…read the Nature article, it goes through the blood brain barrier :-((( …

in PDF form for reading heresrep23963

Low sea-ice cover in the Arctic


MOSAiC – Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate


…so, you wanna know about sea ice…here is the cutting edge, the bleeding edge, where the facts are at your fingers tips right from theirs and they are on the ice, not from satellites is space…grab your hat tight and hold on the the ride…

Sea-ice Minimum in Sight


…so here we are well into the middle of September and the new ice should be forming but what do we see instead? Heat and a broken up jet stream…the Climate Reanalizer maps show the heat stretching out into the arctic oceans, parts of Russia and Siberia are still way too hot and the oceans waters haven’t cooled down all that much…the Earth nullschool maps document that heat in dramatic fashion and the of course the jet stream being so loopy and so way down from the pole is not a good sign at all…it maybe quite awhile until new baby ice starts to form which means more methane releases and smaller and smaller amounts of actual sea ice, as Paul Beckwith states it’s just in the center spinning around :-(

With Greenland’s Extreme Melting, a New Risk Grows: Ice Slabs That Worsen Runoff


…oh look at this, a new little devil developing on the right side of the image and it’s quite big for where it is, how big will it get before it gets to where it’s going? and where is it going? we’ll have to find out…it’s name is Jerry and so far the maps show it won’t be much of a threat to any of islands but things may change, we’ll see…

Deforestation Is Getting Worse, 5 Years After Countries and Companies Vowed to Stop It

As fires in the Amazon draw attention to the problem, critics say big agribusinesses aren’t doing enough to stop deforestation in their supply chains.


In June, deforestation in Brazil was up nearly 90 percent compared to June 2018, according to the report.

…there are references within the article that are of interest concerning the supply chain of food stuffs with the likes of McDonalds and Walmart or the way American’s live and eat…I haven’t looked into these references, you might though…I have just posted a few of the very important news items from InsideClimateNews, maybe a link will help you?, warning-be prepared to be depressed as you read the headlines…

Arctic Ocean October 2019

…link is in black but works…if you weren’t depressed yet you should be now…a hot arctic, a hot ocean, hot lands…sea ice? where?…get away from the coasts, move to higher ground, be kind, share peace, give love because that’s all that is left…

…screenshot of tropical storm in the Gulf and the “total cloud water”…as it moves through Florida on it’s projected path it is going to dump a lot of water, a lot…check out the NWS hurricane maps for just how much water :-( …

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