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…I posted this 2 front pages ago…I will not edit it but it does need some refinements, such as the time frame has been reduced and of course the evidence for this claim is not on this page, it should include the massive trigger point of the coming Blue Ocean Event as well…I post this because we all need to understand this is an Emergency, our house is on fire and there is no fire department, only love remains…for the relevant science I refer you to Arctic-News Blogspot, again, and the information they have posted from January to today…everywhere I turn there is misinformation and false hope, I am sorry to be so blunt but would you rather have me lie?…

…The Arctic will continue to heat up, the ice will melt releasing methane from land and sea and the “Methane Burp” of some 50 Gt (gigaton) of methane…we will suffocate due to lack of oxygen…the methane will accumulate and catch fire…the surface of the earth will catch fire and burn…the nuclear power plants will explode releasing radiation…there will be a nuclear fire soot induced winter…the planet will be frozen over…this will begin with the “Burp” occurring in 12 to 24 months…the growing heatwaves are the sign of a runaway climate change, it has started in the Arctic, Alaska, Canada, Russia, moving from the pole down…I have provided the evidence above to substantiate my scenario, if you see something I have missed, let me know…a slight clarification…the methane burp will most likely not happen in an instant but more like a rolling black-out like they have in California during power shortages, live the life of excellence, be kind, only love remains…gather your loved one’s, your friends and family and circle your wagon’s, it will be a rough rude ride watching the sunset, live the life of excellence, be kind, give respect, share peace, only love remains…yes. I know I repeat myself…

Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb

…please note the date of the video, thanks…

…do canary’s still fly?…

…95+ degrees F in Siberia…

Baked Alaska: record heat fuels wildfires and sends tourists to the beach

Anchorage sees 80-degree weather with nearly 120 fires blazing across the state https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/02/alaska-heat-wildfires-climate-change

…7-3 12:43pm…I got page 2 up last night, this morning I paid my monthly bills, I cannot get out of bed, I am toast Baby, burned out and dog tired, I see at lot of important articles titles, I’ll read and post another time, I spent most of yesterday responding to the Daily Kos comments that came my way, I’ll try to not do that again…sorry, I have my limitations, have a good 4th and stay away from the Mall at all costs, Gilbert

Amazon destruction accelerates 60% to one and a half soccer fields every minute


…so…we loose all the ice up north that keeps us cool, we loose the amazon rain forest that helps us breath, the oceans are filling up with carbon from the air and the trash from humans, the fish have nowhere to swim, the insects are almost gone, our fields are flooded or are a desert…but…but…but…we must have a parade on the 4th, we must put in prison those fleeing disasters, the stock market must boom ever higher and higher and Tesla is selling and selling some more, gotta go back to the moon or build homes on Mars…stop, look around you, the world is going fucking nuts, it is going insane, that does not mean you have to, remember the 4 legs of the stool you sit on, mindfulness, discernment, acceptance, compassion, these damn fools are killing us, screaming, ranting and raving only raises your blood pressure, when protesting all of this be still, be silent, gather together in silence, make no noise, it’s all been said before, bow your heads in grief, we haven’t tried that yet, we haven’t tried the shame of silence, we are all going to be silent soon enough why not get some practice in?…

…I’m tired now, I need more rest…

Greg Lake ❀ Epitaph ☆HD☆

“…if we make it we can all sit back and laugh but fear tomorrow I’ll be crying…”

“…in the hands of fools…”

Trump to claim US is environmental leader in spite of ripping up protections

Exclusive: On Monday president will likely tout America’s clean air and water, even though he’s rescinded rules to cut pollution




Trump is gutting fuel standards to the point where automakers are begging him to stop

…just do a search engine look/see for the regulations and how they have been slashed and burned as if they were part of the Amazon Forest…our government has been gutted, it is an empty shell, scientists employed by the government have been censored or gagged, their reports censored or left unpublished and for fear of their employment are self-censoring, biting their tongues just to get by…it is a dream to think that anyone will stand up to this madman and set the record straight, it’s a dream, instead what do we get? a fucking nightmare…I don’t know how much news you can handle, I don’t know my limit either, seems I’m getting too depressed, I can feel it creep on higher and higher but if you can handle more without going insane here is a good link for climate change reporting with daily, sometimes hourly posts…




…the link above is an interactive so the headline won’t post…but by reading the link you can understand it’s content and the content is scary, this place has seen a 4 degree rise in it’s temp, it is the place rising the fastest, this article is a must read so you can understand how fast this is happening…our problem down here in the “normal” band of life on the planet, we cannot handle a 4 degree increase, at 3 degrees most of life will be dead, I am seeing reports that we are at 1.8, most are 1.5, we have been focused on staying at 1.5 and trying to get lower, the limit was once was 2.0 but it must be 1.5 or less…there is evidence that it is actually 1.8 because when it gets to 2.0 run away warming is locked in, this is why I have been saying we are at the run away stage because no one is doing a damn thing but talking…anyway, read the report and see how our lives must change, Now…

…the heatwave over Siberia has not let up…still an on going heatwave in Alaska…permafrost melting everywhere releasing more and more gases…

…this is the Masie snow and ice data image for 7/3/19, go ahead and click on it, it is huge…as you go down from the pole to Greenland and Canada or up over the top into Siberia or over to Alaska keep in mind that that is all permafrost, then look at the earth reanalizer images again and you get a reasonable sense of all the heating taking place…you can exchange the phrase “oh, there is so little ice” with “oh, there’s so little time”…


Greta Thunberg Thanks OPEC Chief for Suggesting Climate Campaigners Pose ‘Greatest Threat’ to Oil Sector

Our biggest compliment yet!”


…Greta and her friends all over the globe woke up those that are responsible for this nightmare…now it is up to all of us to stop the subsidies to this industry and to make them pay up for their destruction of our life support system, they knew full well what they were and are doing, this is a major crime against humanity, there can be no “moving forward”, we need all of that money to fix what they have broken, get our money back and send them to jail…

denial |diˈnīəl| noun the action of declaring something to be untrue: she shook her head in denial . • the refusal of something requested or desired: the denial of insurance to people with certain medical conditions. • a statement that something is not true: official denials | his denial that he was having an affair. • Psychology failure to acknowledge an unacceptable truth or emotion or to admit it into consciousness, used as a defense mechanism: you’re living in denial . • short for self-denial. • disavowal of a person as one’s leader.

…to paraphrase the Dalai Lama…in order to change your karma you must first expose your denial, your self-delusions and find truth, this is the direction you must take to change the path you are on, to change your karma…there are many things we need to stop doing, such as flying in air planes, going to play in the surf at the beach are 2 examples, planes pollute at extreme levels and the sand at the beaches is choked with mirco-plastics globally…our biggest polluter is the military industrial complex, we must shut down this killing machine, bring our troops home from all over the globe and turn those machines into things we can use to rehabilitate of infrastructure, things like bridges, our ailing electric grid and more…there is no denying our current social structure is based on falsehoods, we need the truth to prevail…

Governments and firms in 28 countries sued over climate crisis – report

More than 1,300 legal actions over global heating brought since 1990, say researchers


…the report notes that here in America no one has been successful and that this may become a good tool in the future, may become…no one will do what is right so we have to file suit, What? Morally and ethically this is repugnant, to have to sue governments for what is right and good, my gawd…government and the courts are not our friends and we all pay the price, our lives and the lives of those around us…

Huge Blue Cloud Circles the North Pole

Huge Blue Cloud Circles the North Pole

Mysterious Moisture in the Mesosphere

Mysterious Moisture in the Mesosphere

…so…I am not a trained scientist by any stretch of the imagination…but…if the jet stream is getting screwed up by all this heating, causing polar vortex’s to form which disrupts weather patterns here at ground level what about going up in space as well? we are seeing an increase in moisture in some areas and great drought in others, why not weird or unusual or untimely cloud formations going up into space? does that not stand to reason? I would think so, why don’t these folk’s as well?

Beijing or Peking-click for larger image

…I am used to seeing pictures of the cities of America and Europe at night but not from China, look how BIG Beijing is and how Bright too, no wonder the planet is on fire when you consider NYC-London-Berlin-Beijing as units of measure…here is a pic of Europe at night that I call camp fires at night…can we turn the lights off at night and sleep in the dark please?…

‘We Are in a Climate Emergency, America’: Anchorage Hits 90 Degrees for First Time in Recorded History

“This is unprecedented. I tease people that Anchorage is the coolest city in the country—and climatically that is true—but right now we are seeing record heat,” said Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz


…the thing to keep in mind is that all the ice melting doesn’t stop until the end of September, we’ve a long way to go until then…the other thing of note is on the maps the color of the Amazon is not looking healthy, not at all, cut down all those trees for what? money :( , crimes being committed right out in the open…  “…turn the Earth to sand and still commit no crime…” Moody Blues

Tree planting ‘has mind-blowing potential’ to tackle climate crisis

Research shows a trillion trees could be planted to capture huge amount of carbon dioxide


…just think what would happen if we saved the Amazon Rain Forest, just think of it, how much healthier we’d all be if we did that and planted a gazillion trees, planted them in the right places at the right time so they would survive, there really are many ways to help our situation until you realize that what we are experiencing is from the what we did 40 years ago and the planet isn’t even catching up to what we are doing now, are we 40 years too late? you tell me, it sure seems that way from what I understand but then again I am not a scientist, I’m just a guy reading all this crap, I’ve been reading for almost 20 years now and what has been done in that 20 years? what is our history of trying to save ourselves and the rest of the current life here on planet Earth? 13 years ago I wanted to have a meeting of the minds about what we were/are faced with and was told I was being paranoid, that still burns my ass!…

Scientists amazed as Canadian permafrost thaws 70 years early


…this is an old piece that I think I remember posting a while back but I post it to prove my point about the comment above, here they are saying it’s 70 years ahead of what they predicted, so you can see just how far we are behind the 8-ball, we are fucked in other words that are not polite or kind but I’m kinda tired of being polite, I am always kind but not always polite, I am not meeting with the Queen am I? this is just us and our short time together, thank you for sharing some of your time with me and reading what I post, it means a lot, more than what you might think :)))

…just a temp map of Russia that I haven’t used in a while to stress the point of how hot that permafrost is…kinda over-kill ain’t it, sorry…

Wildfires sweep across the Arctic circle; seventy percent of soil carbon could be lost by 2100.

…so…I’m caught with my pants down, I hadn’t even thought of permafrost or tundra fires, of course there are such things and have been since time began but the article above points out how awful this really is in current time, right now today, forget the titles use of 2100, 2100 does no one any good any more, so as you read it apply this knowledge to what you understand about TODAY…the thing about the fires is that it releases gases Super Fast, not like thawing and then there is the loss of nice white ice due to soot and such…so the time table for the Methane Bomb or Burp is right on schedule, 12 months or less…at the end of the article there is a listing for a support group, use it, become a part of it…

‘Unprecedented’ Wildfires Burned Across the Arctic Circle In June

More than 100 wildfires in the Arctic Circle released 50 megatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in June. They’re still burning.


“The fires have been burning across the Arctic Circle in Siberia and Alaska for weeks. Though fire is a natural part of some Arctic ecosystems, scientists are calling the wildfires “unprecedented” for the month of June based on their size and carbon dioxide emissions.

“These are some of the biggest fires on the planet, with a few appearing to be larger than 100,000 hectares,” Thomas Smith, professor of geography at the London School of Economics, said in an email. “The amount of CO2 emitted from Arctic Circle fires in June 2019 is larger than all of the CO2 released from Arctic Circle fires in the same month from 2010 through to 2018 put together.””

…I honestly am speechless…

Climate change worsens plight of endangered right whales

Chris Hedges Gives a Sermon (1-20-2019)

…I think this is the complete sermon…time for page 3, I think…continued on page 3…Climate Emergency pg3