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…truth is paramount…

US Can’t Ignore That Climate Crisis Will Force 120 Million People Into Poverty

Mainstream discussions of the global emergency, writes a top U.N. official, are remarkably out of touch with the scale of the crisis and the economic and social upheaval it will bring



The global tree restoration potential



Planting more trees could cut carbon by 25%

USA – After Brutal Spring Floods, US Farmers Face Big Losses

USA – After Brutal Spring Floods, US Farmers Face Big Losses


Donald Trump’s five most dangerous attacks on the environment

Trump’s administration has pursued cuts in environmental protections that are critical to the health of all Americans


USDA Indefinitely Suspends Honey Bee Tracking Survey as States Get Approval to Use Bee-Killing Pesticide

“Yet another example of the Trump administration systematically undermining federal research on food safety, farm productivity, and the public interest writ large.”


‘Protesters as terrorists’: growing number of states turn anti-pipeline activism into a crime

Conservative lawmakers have put forward laws criminalizing protests in at least 18 states since 2017 that civil liberties advocates say are unconstitutional


AOC, Bernie Sanders to Introduce Resolution Calling ‘Existential Threat’ of the Climate Crisis an ‘Emergency’

“We are facing a climate emergency that requires a massive and immediate federal mobilization.”


Torrential rain floods D.C. metro area


Trump touts environmental record despite slashing climate regulations

In a White House speech, the president claimed clean air and water has been a priority but voters disapprove of his climate crisis handling



…so here is the thing, yep, this is a lonely place to be and here these fine people have assembled a workshop to help you and others come to grips with realities, they are not grief councilors rather they are educators on what this all means, they help you with materials and such so that you can explain this to your family and friends and not be so lonely…I have been watching and reading Dr. Guy McPherson for a very long time, a decade maybe and his saying is “only love remains” among others that absolute perfect sense to me…you can read all kinds of stuff, watch all kinds of videos, tell people about them, send them links and still feel all alone, I do but your circumstances are not mine, so please, do yourself a favor, gather everyone together and teach each other that only love remains… 

…please note the date, Aug. 2nd, 2014…today is July 8th, 2019…please read the whole page and maybe even some links, visit his home page as well, see what is new…only love remains…

In the not too distant future, when climate alarmists and identity politics have destroyed civilisation …


…the sunny day, rainy day, full moon cartoons for ya, laugh cuz it hurts…

U.S. Spy Satellite Photos Show Himalayan Glacier Melt Accelerating



Trump’s failure to fight climate change is a crime against humanity


…No Truer Words Have Ever Been Written!…geez I hope you read this, it is so important to remember our humanity, to exercise being humane towards one another, what we have now is absolutely unacceptable, it is a gross evil that we must not accept as a “norm” it must be called out for what it is, it is EVIL, it is SICK, it is every 4 letter word you can think of…please, for gawds sake read it…thank you…


Ravaged by Drought, a Honduran Village Faces a Choice: Pray for Rain or Migrate

People in El Rosario live on the edge of hunger, not knowing if the next harvest will come. Climate change is a driving force of food insecurity.


…a companion piece to go along with the Jeffrey Sachs piece if you will, the islands and lands within the equator are under massive stress, a lot of which we are directly responsible for and I mean that in the true meaning of the word, we do have the ability to respond in a meaningful way, not in an evil mean spirited way where those that do make it here end up in cages like animals…

‘Completely Terrifying’: Study Warns Carbon-Saturated Oceans Headed Toward Tipping Point That Could Unleash Mass Extinction Event

“Once we’re over the threshold…you’re dealing with how the Earth works, and it goes on its own ride.”


…since I started page one some 2 weeks ago or more and if you have been following the maps, the sea surface air temp in the Gulf of Mexico has been on average 83F…now there is an algae bloom closing the beaches of Mississippi, there blooms stop oxygen during their life cycle and when they die as well…the oceans are getting hot, sea life is dying and washing up on shore and we keep burning coal and flying in airplanes and eating cows…the ice is melting everywhere and more and more methane is being pumped into the air…don’t worry, it’s all a hoax and the prez has it all under control because he knows all of this is going to return to the way it was because it’s all a cycle…the cycle we are trapped in is extinction, this is the 6th one, maybe microbes will survive somewhere deep down in the oceans, everything else is go to, well, you fill in the gaps _________, _________, _________ …

…look at Alaska, Siberia and Greenland, O my fucking gawd…

…today I added the sea surface temp maps so you can see the heat, sorry, it is very gross to look at knowing what we know, it is heart breaking…only love remains…

…Listen up folk’s what I do here is just report stuff and download a few maps here and there…Sam over at Arctic-News Blogspot is an expert at doing these maps and I really need for you to go there and truly see reality…WARNING…it will break your heart and make you tear up and get blurry eyed…now go here, and thanks...

Alaska On Fire



Glacial melting in Antarctica may become irreversible

Thwaites glacier is likely to thaw and trigger 50cm sea level rise, US study suggests


David Attenborough: polluting planet may become as reviled as slavery

Naturalist tells MPs radical action needed to tackle crisis but attitude of young people gives him hope


Sanders, Blumenauer and Ocasio-Cortez Announce Introduction of Climate Emergency Resolution


…the statement…Sanders, Blumenauer and Ocasio-Cortez Announce Introduction of Climate Emergency Resolution – Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

…The Resolution…document

…There are those that lead and there are those that follow and there are those that best get out of the fucking way or we are all toast…there is only one that deserves to be our President, through thick and thin Senator Bernie Sanders has been there for us and will be there for us, all of us, everyone is included…all of our shadows are the same…make it so people’s, get it done…

A precipitous drop in Antarctic sea ice wiped out three decades of gains in under three years.

…the Arctic is, well, on fire, in one form or another and the Antarctic is doing really strange things and the oceans are loaded up the carbon, the skies are loaded up with carbon, CNN has a video of a shark feeding frenzy on one of their own, humans aren’t acting too much different…as members of this house we call Earth I suggest everyone take a time out, go sit the the corner, facing the corner and shut up, if you cannot say something nice don’t say it, spread a little love, give each other some space and share a bit of Peace, marvel in the fact that all we have is each other…yes the video’s included with the article are most likely shocking, I haven’t watched them, I may never watch them, I think it’s called over-load, man over-board and the worst part of this whole thing is it is only going to get worse, much worse, the thin fabric of civilization as tearing at the seams, particularly here in the States because we have a mad-man at the wheel driving this bus and no one has the guts to make him stop…sorry for the rant, my health isn’t all that good and I didn’t sleep well because my mind was stuck on a certain someone :) …

…click on the images to make them full size and read the temp scales and the ranges, all are in C and for us dummies we have to convert them to F but it’s okay of you don’t, these pictures tell the story well enough that you don’t even need to know how to read…here in AZ the monsoons have usually begun by now, it normally rains in Prescott on the 4th of July, while I was growing up here you could go to the Bank on it, we’ll get rain someday, just don’t know when and if it’s over 105F to 110F it’s too hot to rain and that is where we are now for the foreseeable future as far as I know, I could be wrong, that has been known to happen…

…the sea surface temp in the Gulf of Mexico where they think a tropical storm is brewing, at 89.4F I’d say, yep, somethings brewing and it’s ain’t beer…

…7/10/19 8:21am…this page is getting too long and I fear my head might explode from over-load…page 4 coming your way later, maybe…

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