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Trump drilling leases could create more climate pollution than EU does in a year

US has offered close to 378m acres of public lands and waters for oil and gas leasing since Trump took office through April 2019


…and yet another crime against humanity and the world does nothing to stop it, nothing…

Rising tundra temperatures create worrying changes in microbial communities


…I have seen a bit here and there concerning this issue, now here it is and I’m late, again…this info is not part of the current modeling, can you image if it were? we’d have a clearer picture of what is happening with all these gases and it brings to mind the strange clouds high above the arctic as well…as mentioned on previous pages we just may see the arctic start to bubble…


…this is the null.school map set for the heat misery setting located in the Gulf right where the heat is being pumped into the States for this up coming week long heat wave that will effect most of the country as it gets stuck under a high pressure dome…if you follow the link below the picture you can just sit and watch the heat being pumped, what an odd sensation it is to watch nature at work…try and stay cool and even tempered, heat does funny things to peoples brains, drink plenty of liquids, not beer, it dehydrates you…screenshot enhanced…

$90 for a bottle of melted iceberg? Inside the world of luxury water

People pay top dollar for ‘premium’ brands indistinguishable in blind taste tests from tap water – is it about status, wellness or something more fundamental?


…there is a water crisis everywhere, it is a global phenomenon, the ice that keeps us cool here on planet Earth is melting away, now you can drink that which causes your tears, I find this to be very disturbing, the marketing of our demise is just wrong…okay…so…we know at lot more people are going to be dying very soon, we better invest our monies in caskets, they will be in short supply just as they were when the AIDS epidemic hit, back when the epidemic was just coming into bloom there was only one casket maker here in the U.S., how many are there today, don’t wait, get in on the ground floor of this exciting way to make your money grow beyond your wildest dreams…my gawd I’m thirsty, chug-a-lug gulp gulp…

Methane: The Arctic’s hidden climate threat : Natalia Shakhova’s latest paper.

…I was watching a Paul Beckwith video, which I may post later, when I saw this, yes it’s a month old but still it’s impact is still powerful…Just Have A Think is a likable and easily understood way of getting information is a basic way without having to get into the weeds so I tend to like the video’s a lot there is one further down the list about the Blue Ocean event and if you aren’t clear on what that is about yet look into it, it is something we Do Not want to see…so ya, watch the Blue Ocean Event video as well…I starting to find that the video world isn’t so bad at getting the basics out there, the hard stuff is in print, either way I am consumed by learning ever more and more about our Little Blue Ball In Space, yep, I’m a Space-Cowboy living in AZ …here is the Just Have A Think channel address…


Siberia: The Melting Permafrost – ARTE Documentary

Russian geophysicist Sergei Zimov together with his son Nikita want to prevent the permafrost from thawing due to climate change. The ice in Siberia contains microbes that once thawed could tilt the world climate beyond our control.

…from almost a year ago and this is so damn important, this is one very smart man, we could slow down the methane bomb, which is primed to go off as is pointed out in the video, we could get a few more decades to figure things out, why aren’t we doing this? ? ? ? ?…much of the video is cc’d so you have to read the film, it is well worth the effort, trust me…


Sergey Zimov’s Manifesto

…so you watched the video, did you get inspired? I sure did, I love logical thinking and here are a few people putting their logical thinking into action, a very brave thing to do, these people are real time hero’s…all the world over the vast plains were filled with an array of animals for a reason, we have eliminated the majority of this, a wee-bit is still in Africa but in America? it’s all gone, years ago I remember reading that the buffalo’s split hooves are what kept the plains healthy by plowing the soil as the walked and cows stomp it down and compact it with their solid hooves, this is the kind of thing and thinking going on here, reviving the plains by bring back roving mass herds to keep the plains healthy no matter where the plains are, if they happen to be where are the methane is and it stops the methane from being released we gee isn’t a beautiful thing? a logical thing? a healthy thing and it isn’t rocket science, it is just being smart…Hero’s, that’s what these people are…

Facing Extinction
by Catherine Ingram


…it has been weeks now but I started to read this, got distracted and forgot to bookmark it, someone posted the link again and now it won’t be lost again…are you aware? are you having bouts of anxiety by all this? are you depressed? are you concerned someone else is? please read this and seek other such information, we have never faced any thing like this before and we can use all the help we can get…

…screenshot taken at basically 9am, this is the Earth map set up as previously explained…do you know about “wet bulb temp’s”, with a wet bulb temp of 95F you can die within hours while sitting in the shade, link below, you must start to learn about “wet bulb temp’s” and what you can and can not do in our rapidly changing world or…you will die…it is as simple as that, if your core gets heated and you cannot bring it down, you will die, if you get over heated a cool not cold tub bath or keep a wet towel in the fridge to wrap around your neck…more later, be safe…

People in These Regions Will Face ‘Unsurvivable’ Heat by 2100

Humans can’t live at wet-bulb temperatures of 95 degrees for long.


Massive heat wave brings life-threatening temperatures across much of United States


NOAA’s Finding That Last Month Was Hottest June Ever Recorded Bolsters Calls for Radical Climate Action

“Action is urgently needed at the world, federal, state, and local levels to rapidly cut fossil fuel pollution and to protect and rebuild naturally stored carbon.”


…as you read this report and how the press release and comments are made by NOAA and others they are having to be very conservative in their language and how they phrase things, they cannot upset the apple cart and end up being censored, they don’t want to be blamed for a panic and as they do this every time they end up further and further behind the 8-ball…if you have been reading these pages then you know I have been trying very hard to bring you the truth in an unvarnished manner, on the up side I have been allowed to join the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service so now I can access all of their data and ask any questions, join forums and the like, it really is an honor and I hope and pray I don’t make too big a fool of myself :)…

…2:41pm AZ time…

Overnight News Digest: Vast Swaths of the Arctic On Fire

…the current fires in Alaska 7-18-19…I haven’t looked at Canada but the arctic is on fire in more ways than one and the thing to keep in mind is this won’t be over until the end of September when things start refreezing and new sea ice starts being formed, it is going to be a very long hot summer folk’s and it is just a taste of what in on our plates…if we make it the end of September 2020, a year and a half from now I will be in total amazement, everything I see, everything read and post is saying to me we won’t be here by then, if I am wrong or if I am missing something please for god’s sake tell me, thanks…

Trump administration won’t ban pesticide tied to childhood brain damage

Evironmental Protection Agency rejects proposed ban on chlorpyrifos, despite growing evidence of its toxicity


…so the take away is that the 6th extinction needs some more help and they come up with this bullshit…and still nancy stands in the way, WTF ? ? ? will not some rational country come to our aid and fix this or put us outta our misery ? ? ?…we are being poisoned by our own government and industries…https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/series/toxic-america

…from 2017…I forgot the link, I’ll get it if needed…

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