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Siberia Is Burning. Greenland Is Melting. Media: ‘Scientists Say’ Linked To Global Warming

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…Crooks and Liars has this video from CNN and a bunch of tweets and links and what not from the last 24/48 hours, it is mind numbing, a sure sign that America is waking up and it’s sure sign we are too late to the dance…so…the fires are massive, the added carbon to the atmosphere is massive but come winter the permafrost will not be protected by the forests and come the spring thaw, the thaw will go much much deeper, releasing even greater amounts of methane, no one is talking about that point, yet…the actual damage to Siberia and to the globe is unthinkable, the smoke and ash alone is mind boggling…being an artist I am well versed in seeing into things, finding the things hidden and bringing them to light, that is what I do with my images, I change the lighting and what I am seeing here hurts, it is physically painful to the point of exhaustion…one thing I’d like to point out is how media outlets are using alarming language to get your attention and shock you, don’t let it get too deep within you, filter out the noise, get the facts, not the hype…

Photos Show Greenland’s Ice Sheet Turning Into Rivers In A “Major Melting Event”

“This is not science fiction. It is the reality of climate change.”


…this is but one example of our little blue ball in space being on fire, just one!…

OBSERVER: 2019 heatwaves through the eyes of Copernicus


…before and after graphs of our little blue ball in space on fire…



…no headline but it was an odd find on CNN, I just happened on it, who knew? not the normal clicker to CNN news because it’s kinda hidden and hard to find which is too bad, more of this reporting should be front and center and what do we get instead? some old crazy man making a mess of the world…and again, stumbling through CNN I found this…an update on CNN…their current front page has some info on Ice Melt but they are saying “it could” do this or that, NO, it already IS…


Trump invents fake emergencies. Congress should declare a real one on climate

Global Temps Continue to Soar Upward as NOAA Confirms July 2019 Was Hottest Month Since Records Began in 1880

“We are seeing record after record after record.”



The changing face of planet Earth

Andrew Glikson
Earth and Climate scientist
Australian National University



The changing face of planet Earth

…all over the news, whether it be the t.v. or the radio or the web news sites you will never find more detailed information about what is happening to our little blue ball in space than Arctic-News Blogspot…these people are on the front lines of the science…understanding prevents panic…Do Not Panic!…

…from the front lines, a personal story…on the 6th of Aug. I had to travel 65 miles for a Doc appointment, from Superior AZ to the border between Mesa and Phoenix, it was mid morning, high 90’s with a pollution advisory of high ozone…by the time I got back out into the desert my face hurt, over time I coughed so hard I herniated my belly-button and have to have it repaired, today, the 15th of Aug. the Doc put me on a heavy dose of antibiotic’s and steroids because I am sick from that trip, he said my lungs were clear but very tight…ozone gives the insides of your lungs a sunburn, look it up on google or whatever…high pollution, high heat, everything getting hot and hotter, it’s making people sick and sicker and people will start dropping like flies, think it won’t happen to you? your special, right?, they are not calling it the 6th extinction for the hell of it or to scare you, they call it that to warn you, you are next, Get It Yet???

Air Pollution in World: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map


Durango Complex, Maricopa Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)


…2 pages for viewing how polluted the air is across the globe, find your city or town…Phoenix comes under the heading of the Durango Complex in Maricopa County, it says I’m not there because I use a VPN it shows I’m in Nevada :)…but the take away is by looking at the maps on the second page just how scary things are with air pollution and that’s just the air :(((…

Surface air temperature for July 2019


Sea ice cover for July 2019


Another exceptional month for global average temperatures


…I like Copernicus A Lot…everything is laid out in a clean and simple manner, everything is right there at your fingertips, you don’t have to hunt and dig for anything They Want You To Know, that is a big deal in my book and should be everyone’s…

…as stated on another page…I will be very surprised if we do not have a Blue Ocean Event this year, as you can see in September the new ice will will start forming and there is a rise in the field in October and then the full fall in November, this year there will be a flat line, we will go flat-line into a Blue Ocean Event…this will increase the amount of methane available to the atmosphere by prolonged permafrost melting, the tundra has been damaged around the arctic circle by extreme heat and fires to the degree it will keep melting deeper and deeper, this warming will add to sea surface temps and increase the amount of sea-bed methane to be released…all of this will trigger the methane bomb…

…The Arctic will continue to heat up, the ice will melt releasing methane from land and sea and the “Methane Burp” of some 50 Gt (gigaton) of methane…we will suffocate due to lack of oxygen…the methane will accumulate and catch fire…the surface of the earth will catch fire and burn…the nuclear power plants will explode releasing radiation…there will be a nuclear fire soot induced winter…the planet will be frozen over…this will begin with the “Burp” occurring in 12 to 24 months…the growing heatwaves are the sign of a runaway climate change, it has started in the Arctic, Alaska, Canada, Russia, moving from the pole down…I have provided the evidence above to substantiate my scenario, if you see something I have missed, let me know…a slight clarification…the methane burp will most likely not happen in an instant but more like a rolling black-out like they have in California during power shortages, additional clarification…due to the massive ice melt seen globally we will have a Blue Ocean Event this year which will stimulate the increase of methane release greatly, shortening the time for the release of the methane bomb… live the life of excellence, be kind, only love remains…gather your loved one’s, your friends and family and circle your wagon’s, it will be a rough rude ride watching the sunset, live the life of excellence, be kind, give respect, share peace, only love remains…yes. I know I repeat myself…

…imagine if you will, your kitchen is infested with cockroaches and you have to fumigate the whole house, so you bomb the joint with poison…the Earth is infested with a pest, it has over-run it’s being and has made it sick, so it is going to fumigate the joint and kill off the pest…basic house keeping, nothing person you understand, you just aren’t wanted here anymore…

…folk’s, I know I can be a royal pain in the ass but I just want the correct news to be spread far and wide…over the last 24 hours I have read articles on other sites and have posted comments trying to correct the notion that we can survive this Life Eliminating Event, we will not survive, period…I was shot down on one comment when I directed people here to read the truth, for me truth is paramount, it should be for everyone…we have 3 major things happening at the same time and people are rightfully grasping at straws but Do Not Panic…our social fabric is being torn to shreds world wide, governments are failing…we have the 6th extinction live and well at our doorstep and we have the climate emergency becoming rapidly full blown…we are faced with massive social unrest and death in the very near future, those 3 things are to be our demise, please teach yourself discernment and find the truth, it is the only comfort you’ll have, gather your friends, your family, share your love, give peace and comfort when able to do so because as the good Doctor says, “only love remains”…

It’s raining plastic: microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains

Discovery raises new questions about the amount of plastic waste permeating the air, water, and soil virtually everywhere on Earth


…I had this posted on a previous front page just to get your attention to the other pages listed here, I know better, it belongs here so I am reposting it…it is in the air, it is in your food and it is in your brain as well, you are what you breathe and eat, are you not?…

‘More plastic than fish’: Greek fishermen battle to clean a cruel sea

In a new scheme, fishermen are paid €200 a month to recycle waste found in nets rather than dump it in polluted waters


…I had forgotten about this prediction of more plastic’s than fish…a good reminder…

At the bottom of a glacier in Greenland, climate scientists find troubling signs


…sad bad news, too disturbing, I’ll see about source material another time…folk’s, please, start moving to higher ground away from the oceans when the Blue Ocean Event occurs later this year it will only speed things up…

Microplastics discovered in ‘extreme’ concentrations in the North Atlantic


…you are what you eat, read the piece and see who you are…”the average person ingests 2000 particles or 5 grams a week, about the size of a credit card”…it’s in the air, the rain, the food you eat, it’s in your brain…do you really think you are thinking right anymore?…

White and wonderful? Microplastics prevail in snow from the Alps to the Arctic


…the report in PDF form so you can read it here…and we wonder why we are all getting sick with cancers and lung diseases and gut diseases, that’s right, we wonder why…my gawd :((( …eaax1157.full

Increased atmospheric vapor pressure deficit reduces global vegetation growth


…O we are fucked…the increase in CO2 is increasing the pressures on plants and is reducing photosynthesis, slowing, stopping and reversing any gains from the added CO2 and that’s since 1990…I haven’t read it yet just the abstract, I’m in shock but I’d imagine we will start to see the effects on our forests and crop lands soon enough with the CO2 climbing ever higher and higher, shutting down food production in yet another manner, like we needed more?…in PDF form so you can read it here…eaax1396.full


Brain damage and behavioural disorders in fish induced by plastic nanoparticles delivered through the food chain


…I make a rather disturbing claim so I have to back it up with science, so here, from 2017, it needs to be updated and I’m not going looking for it, you can if you like…in PDF form for reading here… s41598-017-10813-0


Amazon rainforest fires: Macron calls for ‘international crisis’ to lead G7 discussions

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro lashes out at ‘sensationalist’ comments saying they were for ‘personal political gain’


…south america, siberia, alaska…the planets major wild places are on fire, our world is on fire…these fires really cannot be fought by standard methods, they are just too big and too many of them but the worlds government will not turn their military into fire suppression forces, they still have to have them to kill people, the worlds governments are killing people in so many ways I just can’t count them…the release of all these gases and soot will have a big impact on our ability to breath very soon, I have projected we will suffocate, here, it’s on it’s way…

Air pollution can kill, even when it meets air quality guidelines, study finds


…yes, I am still sick and tomorrow Sat. the 24th I have to drive some 40 miles into civilization to get med’s and other healthcare products and then drive back out of it :(((…

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