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…with the Earth map you can see the water just being pumped up on to land from Barry and with the bottom image it’s 22.4 mm within the last 3 hours, 22.4mm equals what in inches or feet?, I can’t find an easily understood conversion chart to save my soul, yes, I am a dummy but the top image shows that water is just streaming inland, I will be interested to see what the grand total is from this storm, the water surface temp is still in the 80’s :( …

…The Great Dying…

These Pictures Of Activists Begging You To Take Climate Change Seriously Are Intense

Extinction Rebellion has made a name for themselves with their disruptive protests in Europe. As they ramp up in the US, here’s what Americans can look forward to seeing.


Extinction Rebellion Shut Down London To Shock People Into Facing The Reality Of Climate Change. That Was Just The Beginning.

There’s a method to the madness of Extinction Rebellion, which occupied London for 10 days. Now the group is in the US and more than 50 other countries.


…because we as a global community refuse to take any meaningful action right now this minute this is what we are faced with, The Great Dying. It will get very ugly, very fast and will smell really bad from rotting corpses, there won’t be enough people alive to bury the dead…welcome to the 6th extinction, welcome to hell…

…I am going through old bookmarks that I have saved over the years and bringing them forward, I’ll just be posting the link and not the headlines too so I can save space so be sure to read the link and check it’s date…




An Extreme Climate Forces Extreme Measures as Worst-Case Predictions Are Realized



Dangerous climate tipping point is ‘about a century ahead of schedule’ warns scientist






Media Hush Surrounds Role of Anthropogenic Climate Change in Southern California’s Flood Disaster

…quite a few of the links I have saved are now behind pay-walls or were on no longer existing websites like BuzzFlash…I have many many more but I think you get the idea, all of this is not new news, it’s been being reported for a very long time but we haven’t been paying attention and now it’s right in our faces and we are acting amazed, why? I can still remember the first Earth Day and what it was suppose to be telling the world, we didn’t listen…it is my understanding that there is some sort of web archive for news and such, I’ve never used it and I’m not sure I even have the link anymore…but…if you just google James Hanson or anyone one else in the field I’m sure you can go back to the daze of yore and dig through the bones, happy hunting…

A warming Arctic produces weather extremes in our latitudes

AWI experts develop a climate model that explains the faltering jet stream

…this is a big deal, AWI has been able to find out that the changes to the ozone layer above the arctic and the changing sea ice in the arctic is what is causing the polar vortexes of the recent past and warning these vortexes will worsen in coming seasons…not only do they cause odd rain and snow falls but droughts as well…what AWI is doing is well worth keeping and eye on, they have another expedition  into the arctic this coming September…here is a companion piece concerning the antarctic…

Damage to the Ozone Layer, along with climate change, has formed a worrisome feedback loop.


‘Act Now. Our Lives Are in Your Hands’: Demanding Climate Action, Extinction Rebellion Shuts Down Traffic in Five UK Cities

“We’ve all read the science, we know the story, the whole phase of denial is over, and if it takes civil disobedience to make a difference, then so be it.”



Over two million people have no water in Harare, Zimbabwe – typhoid reported.


An Integrated View of Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Changes Based on Models and Satellite Observations


…the report in PDF form…remotesensing-11-01407 …this is a content rich report, full of easily understood text and graphic’s about what has been happening to Greenland, sadly, what happens on Greenland doesn’t stay on Greenland…the site mdpi also is a must have book mark to see what we are able to do with satellites and their powers, another great bookmark…


Guy McPherson – Facing Functional Extinction

India – Over 4 Million Hit by Floods in North East

India – Over 4 Million Hit by Floods in North East

…Bangladesh, India and Nepal, last week Japan and of course here at home with Barry,,,the ice melt isn’t just making sea levels rise it is also pumping moisture up into the atmosphere…move away from the seas, move to higher ground, that seems to be a pretty darn good idea right now before it gets too crowded and it will…farm land is being destroyed, earth worms are disappearing and you can’t have soil without them, damaged crops, farmers unable to plant and on and on and on…hope your getting the picture, it’s a Kodak moment, sorry, bad joke…did you watch the video posted above ??? sure hope so, but then again the Good Doc talks a bit about that thing called hope…stay tuned for more…

Killer Heat in the United States: Climate Choices and the Future of Dangerously Hot Days (2019)

Extreme heat is poised to rise steeply in frequency and severity over the coming decades, bringing unprecedented health risks for people and communities across the country.


…In 1959 when we moved from Greeley CO to Phoenix I was only 8 years old and adapted to the heat quite easily but still ran around in just a tee-shirt during the winter the first couple of years but during the summer shops closed during the mid-day heat, from 11 to 3 or 4 and stayed up open late, very few people had air conditioning but used “swamp” coolers…that was 60 years ago and the times are O so different and stupid, we need to use those systems again but we won’t, since we won’t you need to start thinking about what to do when you get too hot, with the heat come mosquitoes and diseases, a whole new way of living is right outside your door, adapt or die early, adapt and die later when things get very bad, look to India as an example of what happens when a large group of people get too hot to do anything but suffer…here is the report in PDF form killer-heat-analysis-full-report

Surface air temperature for June 2019


…there is so much information on this page I have barely begun…

Greenhouse Gases



  • Annual increase in atmospheric concentrations (column-averaged mixing ratios):
    • CO2: about 0.6%/year
    • CH4: about 0.4%/year
  • Current net emissions at the Earth’s surface:
    • CO2: about 5 PgC/year, or +2.5 ppm/year in the atmosphere
    • CH4: about 420 TgC/year
    • N2O: about 18 TgN/year
  • Concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) are increasing. We would have to look back millions of years in history to find concentrations as high as they were in 2018.
  • The estimated net surface fluxes of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) have been increasing during recent decades. Anthropogenic emissions of CO2 have been partly compensated for by a natural uptake by oceans and vegetation. It is estimated that, across Europe as a whole, vegetation acts as a sink for CO2, but the scale of this sink relative to the rest of the world has been decreasing since the 1990s.

…so much to see and learn I’m overwhelmed…here is more…

Methane data from 2002 to present derived from satellite sensors



Most Important Message Ever


…after posting this I went back to arctic-news to post a comment and I clicked on the comment field and my computer froze and I had to reboot, in resetting my machine and app’s I noticed there was an odd user on my wifi, just a strangeness? anyway, spread the news far and wide that only love remains…


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