From Nov. 20th, 2017… (trumpery) 1. showy but worthless finery; bric-a-brac 2. nonsense; rubbish 3. deception; trickery; fraud….
(from The American Heritage College Third Edition 1993

To paraphrase donald j. trump: the most beautiful thing about me is that I’m rich. The christian bible warns us about avarice, it appears to me that he has sold his soul for a gold-plated toilet. I see that he lacks morals, ethic’s and compassion.

trump, while in the Oval Office says there is “fake news” when speaking of the major news outlets. I say, we have a “fake president” in the Oval Office. Such a disgusting little man. A pathological lair with a narcissistic personality and I think his family suffers from whats known as the Stockholm Syndrome as well. They appear to be made of wood. I believe him to be very ill, sick due to his personality and his avariciousness. I see massive amounts of ego and a total lack of humility and compassion. I think he needs mental health intervention before he destroys himself, our country and possibly the world. After some 8 months in office he has a good start on doing just that. It is up to his family to intercede on our collective behalf. I recently read a piece on-line about a Doctor at Duke Univ. who is The expert on the narcissistic personality, she, to paraphrase, said that trump isn’t of that personality type but rather a very evil person. They exist among us, it’s true.

My family has been here in America 360 years this year. More than one member signed the Declaration of Independence. This IS a Constitutional Crisis. This IS an attack on The United States of America. Either we have a Constitution, or we do not. Either we abide by it’s Laws, or we do not. If we do not, then you ought to change this countries name, fly a different flag and become a mirror of Putin’s Russia as some would seem to have it become. Is there one area of our government or our society that hasn’t been thrown into chaos since 1/20/2017? Is this what “tumble air-dry” feels like? In the past trump has called the investigation into Russia meddling in our 2016 election a “witch hunt” and the Russian ads on Facebook a “hoax”. He has done nothing to investigate the election, which is his job, to defend America. Is he a Russian operative? A Russian spy?


…update 11/19/17…

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The Hidden History of Trump_s First Trip to Moscow – POLITICO Magazine

I will have to look back at my revisions to this page to determine when I speculated that trump may be an operative of Russia…makes me want to read the book, how bout you?


It has been reported that trump is being quoted as saying “the White House is a dump”. I am so very sorry Our House, We The People’s House, isn’t good enough for you donald j. trump. Shut-Up and Get Out! The ghosts of Presidents past won’t miss
you lumbering and blathering about the place.

Ever since ronny raygun I have found it very hard and next to impossible to trust my worst enemies dead dog to a republican, there are exceptions. All of those in our government have sworn to uphold the Constitution. I do not see or read of this being done. It is difficult for me to find where Our Republic and it’s democratic institutions are in good health. I have become a Democratic Socialist and hold Senator Bernie Sanders in the highest regards because of the example he provides us all. If you are unclear as to just what a “democratic socialist” is I recommend a quick wikipedia look-up. It is the natural progression of the domestic policies of FDR and LBJ which brought us Social Security and Medicare. It just ain’t right if it isn’t left.

360 years my family has been here. 360 degrees. Full circle. It’s over. The Grand Experiment called America is finished. The Laws of Physics applies to governance as well: what becomes “top-heavy” falls over. There have been many wounds great and small since the death of JFK. The final blow occurred during the 1999/2000 election. Since then there are almost hourly perversions, twists and knots tied to the term government. We are no longer a nation of Laws but more a flexible state of corruption(s). I ask you to name one thing we the people, the public, aren’t being robbed of.

It must be understood, when a country does not respond to a disaster when it is fully capable to do so, when a country diminishes the lives of it’s citizens such as in health-care or trauma response and people die needlessly it is called “state sponsored manslaughter”. If people die from the lack of response from these latest hurricanes or if they die after having their health-care diminished it is manslaughter. Pure and simple and if the citizens do nothing to prevent this, they are complicit. I called my Senator, John McCain and said as much to the answering machine, 2 days later he said he was going to vote no on the up and coming vote for the last health-care bill being floated by the Senate. The bill was defeated before it could even come up for a vote. He at least understands the duty one has to protect and serve. So, here it is, if it passes in the Senate and is signed into law, I will die, I will loose everything that keeps me alive. So long, it’s been good to know ya.


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…Oct. 19, 2017…every day it gets harder and harder to watch trump and his cabinet trash America. We are becoming a fascist state in rapid order. The big problem is the man is totally unstable and not fit for duty as Commander and Chief of the U. S. armed forces…here is a link to a very import opinion piece from 10/18/17 explaining just what needs to be done. Something needs to be done very soon, if not I am afraid we, as a nation, will not survive to see the 2018 elections…


Global Warming / Climate Change / The 6th Extinction …

Please visit …the web-site Nature Bats Last…read what the good doctor, Dr. Guy McPherson writes, visit his Youtube channel, watch his video’s. Explore the science behind GW/CC/6EX there are others and their voices are growing in number daily, somewhere between now and 2030 humans will become extinct, 13 years, thats all we have left. For those of you that don’t believe the science of GW/CC/6EX or think it’s a hoax, stop going to the doctor whenever you get sick. Instead, teach yourself and other’s to be in the moment, to be mindful, to practice discernment, to be accepting and to have compassion. It has never been easy trying to dispel myth’s and legend’s, to dispel delusions, to engage all 5 of our senses when seeking truth’s. The Dalai Lama teaches us that in order to change our karma we must discover our delusion’s. Mother Nature is the greatest equalizer and only 2 things never ever lie, Mother Nature and Music. These are not delusions, they are examples of truth(s).

*update (10/10/17)… …a link for a simple understanding of the 6th extinction…also the Good Doctor has reduced the 13 years to just 9 years, I’m not sure why because I haven’t gotten too deep into his current research yet but I would imagine it’s due to the current american administrations adversity to science and all related issues. Another video, this should be enough to get you started in understanding just what it is we are facing as a species on Planet Earth …

…Oct. 18, 2017…just so you know…

…Nov. 12th, 2017update…

A very interesting view on Global Warming and Climate Change being due to all of water storage dams covering the planet. Well worth the reading and studying of this topic. See what you think…


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