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Oct. 15th, 2018…

I did the most amazing thing this morning. I voted! My early voting mail in ballot is in the mail box waiting to be picked up. It is my hope that you too will vote, to exercise one of the gifts of living in a Republic, not a totalitarian dictatorship.

Nation Warned That Trump’s “Horrifying” Medicaid Pick Hired With “Express Purpose to Dismember” Program

Mary Mayhew “destroyed Medicaid in Maine now she will destroy it in the whole country.”


America, have you no decency???

Oct. 14th, 2018…

Only the best government money can buy. That’s it, that is what we have by golly. While millions suffer from recent hurricane’s. FEMA can’t even be bothered, the military either. Climate change has hit the coasts really hard these past few months with hurricanes, floods and fires and yet the dough keeps flowing to those crooks in The Swamp. Many many millions of dollars for them and so little for those in need. Ain’t Citizens United great?

‘We’ve never seen anything like this’: GOP overwhelmed by Democratic cash

The gush of spending in House races has triggered recriminations on the right as the party tries to salvage its majority.



Oct. 12th, 2018…

Adelson drops tens of millions more to save the GOP Congress


Adelson drops 55 million dollars…Bloomberg pledges 80 million dollars. This is how the big-boys buy their own government. It isn’t ours, it’s theirs. Me? I have maybe 400.00 to my name, a broken down car, a broken down body and mind that screams “This Is Insanity”. Two recent hurricanes just laid waste to vast stretches of America and these guys are buying politicians. WTF!!! I sure wish I were a billionaire so I could buy people off the slave market to send them to work in the hallowed halls of our once grand republic. I’m not so sure I would want to invest my hard stolen dollars on people that place themselves on the political slave market. I mean, come on, what kind of ethics and morals do these people have? They sell their very being and soul to be a politician? What? So they can figure out just who is allowed to make money restoring that part of the country destroyed by Mama Nature in her rage against being raped by big business. Since I have so little, I like the person who says to me, I have some ideas that might make us all feel a little better about who we are. Your friends say they can chip in 27 dollars, can you? What bill of goods did they just try to sell me? It wasn’t fancy dreams of quick money and fame or the illusion of a better future for me and mine. Just inclusion in the game. Pretty simple really, all of us helping each other run our government.

Well…what can be said…anything new and exciting?…stay tuned…this house of cards just may fall and crumble…seems to me it should but what the hell do I know?

Mental Health Professionals Denounce CNN and Don Lemon’s Show for Mocking and Stigmatizing Kanye West’s Hospitalization

I have been receiving Social Security for 25 years, first as a disabled person and now classified as retired. I have been living below the poverty level for 25 years. My health is rapidly going down hill and my healthcare costs keep climbing. It is getting to the point that I have to choose between fixing my car, my living standard and my healthcare. If something comes up and it costs more than 50 bucks I cannot afford it. I have great credit but no money. My income to debt ratio is outta wack and can get no loans to fix my car or to buy a newer car. At 29 years old my car is in the same shape as me. There are those in government that want to do away with things called “the safety net”. Social Security is one of those things. Time and time again I have written to my rep’s in Congress asking why they want to kill me. This is what it feels like. I hope you read the link and sign the petition. I am not one for signing petitions knowing how little they do but I signed this one. Yes, I’m greedy. I kinda sometimes maybe enjoy being alive, at least for a little while. You might also read my page titled “Poverty”. I discuss in some detail what my poverty is and what it means for the country. It’s is odd but any increase to SS would automatically be pumped into the economy thus raising our economy massively. Yet some in government fight this boost. So they truly don’t like old, sick, poor people and just want us to roll over and die. Makes me feel real welcome in my homeland, oh ya you bet!!!

Seniors Are Getting Slowly Strangled by Social Security’s Flawed Math—Here’s How to Fix It

Oct. 11th, 2018…

As stated on the front page, we have 2 things to fear the most. Fascism and Ice-Melt. The world is crowded, infested with too many people and too few resources. The climate is changing faster than we thought possible or wanted to recognize. The thief of livelihoods by the top 10% globally has left many without that ability to think properly, mentally and physically poor not just materially. Under educated, under housed, under feed and without representation people look for a scapegoat. There are those that provide them with straw-men/scapegoats to demonize. Thus we see the rise of the right. It is global, it is scary, it should give everyone cause for concern for their our safety. They could be “the other” that is sought out for destruction. Will it happen in America? You bet!!! It will happen unless you/we stand up and fight for what once was common place. Common decency. morals, ethics a sense of fair play and inclusion. This is but one example of what can happen here in America if we don’t pay heed to the signs provided daily in our press. It just ain’t right if it isn’t left.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro-Led Far Right Wins a Victory Far More Sweeping and Dangerous Than Anyone Predicted. Its Lessons Are Global.

What else do I have to say?

Punishing women with the death penalty would cut abortions, Idaho candidate says


This is not normal, these are not normal people. This is insanity, these people live in Biizzaarrrroooolandia. Where you pay with your soul to eat yesterdays bread handed to you by the greazy fingers of deathly Greed.

Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and Claire McCaskill (Mo.) joined with Senate Republicans on Thursday to confirm Jeffrey Bossert Clark—a climate-denying former attorney for the fossil fuel industry—to lead the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division.

‘The Guy Who Defended Company That Caused Worst Oil Spill in US History’ Just Confirmed to Head DOJ’s Environmental Division

“Clark’s blatant hostility toward environmental protection is good news for polluters, but awful news for the rest of us.”


I don’t normally post these kinds of things, they are ugly. I do gather them from time to time across the web just in case I want to make a point in an email or something. This one took my breath away, it really did. Not only does it say something directly but indirectly as well. Indirectly it is saying who we are as a country. We are ugly. This has to stop, it must end and if this offends you too bad. You need it if it offends you. The only way for this to stop is to expose it for what it truly is, it is not Christian according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Like a lot of what our country has become, it is a perversion, a corruption of what once was. Where are the Americans that fight against injustice? Where are the Christians that teach and practice Brotherly Love?


Oct. 10th, 2018…

World in mental health crisis of ‘monumental suffering’, say experts

Lancet report says 13.5 million lives could be saved every year if mental illness addressed


I don’t know anyone that wants to hear how the recent Supreme Court hearings effect me. Or how the presidents attitude and words effect me. Or how I am shunned because of my PTSD. Yes, Dr. Ford is a Hero because she came forward in front of the nation. Whenever I come forward with my story 3 things happen, 1) I am told its my fault 2) I am told to get over it 3) I am shunned. So many things exasperate my PTSD I could write a book but why bother. I look around me and see so much inequality, hate and violence and wonder why is the lack of mental health care even a question. Are people really that stupid? Those 3 things are the giant sore thumb of the triggers of mental instability. So much damage is done by inequality, by hate and by violence it is hard for me to see how they can be ignored. Throw a pill at the kid in school because they are acting depressed because they don’t see a world in which they fit into or can accept. WTF. And now we can add climate change to all this stress. The reports of what is happening and what is going to happen and there are those that call it a hoax and refuse to do anything. All this stress does what? Tell me. It does what? It makes people sick. There are those of you who are sicker, those of you that deny all of this, those of you that turn your backs on those that need help. Shame on you. Shame.

Saluting the Trump administration, not so nicely

With raised middle fingers, many in and around D.C. are telling the president how they really feel.


“But the former staffer has never heard the president or anyone else bother to remark upon the obscene gestures, which have faded into the background of their hostile surroundings.

“At some point,” he said, “everything becomes normal.””

Understand this fully, this is not normal. None of it. Nothing has been normal since the famous ride down the escalator. This is the stuff of nightmare’s. I am having a hard time keeping it together. I have been thinking of shutting down this site of all things political and having the focus be just on my art. The stress is too damn much at times. It is aggravating my PTSD in extreme ways. I will try to continue to contribute my voice and vision but for how much longer I can not say. Good night and Good luck.

Oct. 9th, 2018…

When times get tough and stress is very high for a vast array of reasons it is good to know that some things are working. This is one of those things that brings a sigh of relief and a hope for the future. It is my hope that you too will support everyone at CREW and the work they do for a better government for all of us, not just the few. My editing isn’t that great, the layout of the PDF won’t let me fix it so it reads right. That being said you can still read all that was sent to me by CREW

what they’re saying about Crossroads
From: “Noah Bookbinder, CitizensforEthics.org”


“For the first time in years, the U.S. Supreme Court acted to improve this country’s campaign finance system rather than make it worse.”

“A legal battle has usefully pried open a closed door in politics, raising hope of more transparency and accountability.”

“…it represents a move in the right direction for keeping elections in the hands of the populace and undermining the dark money that is a threat to our democracy.”


Those quotes are from editorials around the country about last month’s victory in CREW’s historic dark money case against Crossroads GPS and the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The Supreme Court’s denial of a stay following the historic ruling in CREW’s favor in August means that right now, dark money groups running ads for or against candidates must

report every contributor who gave at least $200 in the past year for political purposes — as well as everyone who donated that amount of money to finance those ads.

As many of these editorials noted, this decision requires the disclosure of the funders of millions of dollars in expenditures ahead of November’s midterm elections. In the coming weeks, we expect to start seeing the effects of this ruling, with FEC disclosures due on October 15 that could reveal the contributors behind many of this election’s dark-money groups.

This victory, which struck down an illegal decades-old regulation used to avoid disclosure, is one of the biggest wins for transparency in election spending in the post-Citizens United era. The American people should know who is spending money to influence our elections, and this is a real step to limit the influence of money in politics.

CREW began pursuing this case 6 years ago, and is proud to have kept up the fight for transparency that has finally culminated in this progress. Even as CREW responds to the ethics crisis posed by the Trump administration, we are determined to work toward long-term victories like this.

Thank you for standing with us,

Noah Bookbinder Executive Director, CREW

PS: Do you find our emails useful and informative? If you have a friend

who would be interested in staying up to date about our efforts to hold the Trump administration and all our elected leaders accountable for corruption and who wants to join the fight for an open, transparent, and ethical government, please take a minute to forward them this email and ask them to sign up for our emails here.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, 455 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, DC 20001

As you cruise the internet, reading articles and posting comments, I’d like for you to do something for me. Okay? Great. See which sites you visit have articles concerning “climate change” and “fascism”. These are the greatest concerns of our time, right now this minute. These subjects will and are changing the planet, permanently. You, we, us, can have an effect only if we are informed. Educated, so that we can teach others. I just looked at 3 main-stream-media outlets, 1(one) had a story on the current report on climate change from the U.N.. Only one (1).  Here is another.


Climate Change

Documenting the unfolding environmental crisis.


Oct. 8th, 2018…

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to US supreme court gives Trump a major victory


…”gives Trump a major victory”, the headline reads. Yes, yes it does, he has managed to gut America in record time. There isn’t an agency or branch of government that isn’t filled with trash and unable to operate in the public’s interest. I’ll not go agency by agency and describe what has happened. That is done all over the internet. Outside the internet isn’t much different. Large sections of the population are divested of their dignity. After the mid-term elections is when we will see the rest of America disappear as Social Security and the rest of the safety net vanishes. The only thing left standing is the military. We will have become naught but a killing machine.

We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN

Urgent changes needed to cut risk of extreme heat, drought, floods and poverty, says IPCC


As noted above, we are a killing machine. It is what we spend our money on. If we do not change our spending habits there can be no addressing this problem. I doubt there is the political will to change. Sooner or later we all become dust.

Oct. 7th, 2018…

Yesterday while at the pharmacy I bought 4 standard light bulbs only they are green. I lite my living space with green light last night and as I will from now on. As the season for x-mas decorations arrives I will be buying more green lights for my living space. Please read the attached PDF’s and find out more about light therapy and green light for pain. It’s kinda important stuff really. Light therapy for disease is just now being explored.

A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution

Color Therapy – Which Colors Are Beneficial For You

Oct. 6th, 2018…

For all of you that vote yes for brett kavanaugh…

What sort of person could support the GOP? Science says people with poorly functioning brains.

Oct. 5th, 2018…

Top Russian Official With Ties to Trump Tower Lawyer Who Promised ‘Dirt’ on Clinton Dies in Helicopter Crash

As comedian Liz Russo pointed out, this is “like House of Cards thriller conspiracy shit.”


It has been reported all over the globe that sometimes Russians die. Some die in odd ways, some die in other countries, some die after having close ties to someone else or speaking out about someone else or for not delivering the goods on time, a few just go to jail for a while to chill out until they correct their ways. I am sure that those who took part in the connections we know of with the Trump campaign are on notice and are looking both ways before crossing the street. I’m sure that the Trump family are very happy to have Secret Service protections now. I am sure how this plays into the Kavanaugh promotion and the future loss of our Republic. Trump got into the oval office with the help of Russia. Trump has to deliver the goods. The October Surprise is here folks. Sitting here watching things unfold or grow like a nasty mold.

Lady of The Lake and all you can imagine. There is a new Queen.

Sweden’s ‘true queen’, 8, pulls ancient sword from lake

Saga Nevecek discovers 1,500-year-old sword while skimming stones


Just 2 of the many that have caused the Age of Reason to go into hiding. Followed by morals and ethics, logic isn’t too far behind. Running scared, seeking shelter. Will you not provide a place of safety within you for those abused ideals of fairness and kindness? Providing shelter to those that you hold so dear gives you sight of truth, share this, give it away gently, without fear. Truth always stands tall in and among the weeds of deceit.

Oct. 4th, 2018…

Be sure to read the comments. There are other great articles all over the web about this “whitewash”, this “coverup”, seek them out and learn about what we are about to loose and how. If you don’t know already. Our biggest loss will be the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Our country is being manipulated in ways I’ve never seen before. For me it is a perversion, an obscenity to the extreme. I foretell there will be no mid-term elections. Something will happen, martial law enacted and the election suspended until further notice. Our streets will be filled with military personnel and a dusk to dawn curfew implemented.

NJ senator pulls no punches after viewing FBI Kavanaugh report, ‘it’s a bullshit investigation’

This is very important and after a while I’ll make note of it on my Native American page. If you haven’t read it, I hope you do. This is their land, we robbed it from them. This is the source waters for white supremacy in our country today. Rape, pillage and plunder of Turtle Island, it never stops.

Udall and 12 other Democrats introduce bill to battle suppression of the American Indian vote

Oct. 3rd, 2018…

I wasn’t able to watch Dr. Ford’s testimony. I tried, I just couldn’t. I tried watching Brett’s testimony but was too disgusted. I have read the reporting across the web. A few hours ago I watched a clip of trump mock Dr. Ford at a rally and my mind is numb. I tried to sleep but I cannot I have a headache, my stomach is churning and my back and body pain is extreme. I have managed to aggravate my PTSD a great deal. I should know better by now. To watch trump mock the Doctor and to hear the crowd cheer was disgusting. I know what it feels like to be mocked, jeered at and shunned. Emotional pain and physical pain combined, my gawd, it’s hard to even think straight. To think this is the country I live in scares the shit outta me. If that Brett guy gets on the Supreme Court I’ll scream, what a horror show we will have become. What a diseased monster we will have devolved into. I sent my Senator, Jeff Flake, yet another email explaining some of this, if he votes yes, I’ll puke. Both Dr. Ford and I have lived with trauma most of our lives, I can imagine clearly what she must be going through. I hope she is able to get some rest. I’ll try again but I already know it will be in vain.


This helps with my attitude a whole bunch. It makes me feel so good looking at my future of being sick, homeless and dirt poor. I feel so much better knowing where I’m going to spend the rest of my life no matter how much shorter it will be. I have a future, do you? The greatness of this is, it’s published on my Social Security Pay-Day, isn’t that special?

In Destroying Social Security, GOP Has No Plans for Elderly Americans


…this is what Hero’s do…

…this is what villians do…

…if you aren’t afraid, scared and mad as hell, you aren’t paying attention…this might help you…
Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Potentially Dangerous Impacts Of Cutting Off NIST Radio Time Signals Need To Be Evaluated Before The US Congress Cuts Off Funding; Contact A Member Of Congress Or Two Or More

About NIST Radio Stations WWV-WWVH-WWVB: Ask Congress To Restore Funding At Least Until An Impact Study Can Be Done

Dangerous Trump Move To Destroy Backup For Communications, Financial Services & More: Opening The Door For Destructive Russian Attack (Plus Your Clocks & Watch May Not Work Anymore)



‘Lying to Congress Is a Federal Crime’: Sanders Demands FBI Investigate Whether Kavanaugh Committed Perjury
“This goes to the very heart of whether he should be confirmed to the court,” the Vermont senator wrote in a letter on Saturday

Speaking as a victim (see about me page) those that are arrested, tried and convicted of such crimes should be castrated. Questions? I think not!



Oct. 2nd, 2018…

And so, just where do you live? How’s things goin’ for ya? You doin’ alright? Me? I live in rural AZ, a red state that doesn’t support life or the living. It’s the heat, it’s a dry heat. The kind that rots the brain. Some fancy people came from here, Goldwater, McCain and oh so many right white nice guys. Do not ever forget that Geronimo live here as well.

The places America’s rich and poor call home


I have a really bad back. There isn’t an area along it that doesn’t have some type of trouble. I have an appointment later today to see if I van get an increase of medication(s) for it. I have been taking opioids since 2010. I am scheduled for a series of injections next month, in the meantime I can do nothing like sleep, walk, stand without pain. And just recently I discovered this. Tomorrow is payday. I plan on ordering rope lights a.s.a.p.. This is rather exciting news for all of us in pain, Spread the news.

Treatment of Pain Gets the Green Light

A study by UA researchers revealed that rats with neuropathic pain that were bathed in green LED showed more tolerance for thermal and tactile stimulus. A clinical trial involving people suffering from fibromyalgia is underway.


Tech Blog: Use of Green Light Therapy as an Alternative to Opioids for the Management of Chronic Pain


On my “founders documents” page I make note of the Federalist Papers #10 and how important it is. It discusses “factions” within government and how they use power. If you haven’t read #10 by Madison, I suggest that you do. I will grant you that it a thick read with many terms not used today so after the first read, read it again and then read this article and see how #10 is playing out today in our government. A hint, it isn’t good. The Founder’s knew what they were getting into, they knew what they were doing. We need to study them and to trust them more than we do today.

America Is Living James Madison’s Nightmare

The Founders designed a government that would resist mob rule. They didn’t anticipate how strong the mob could become.


Trump mocks Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as rally crowd cheers him on



Oct. 1st, 2018…

Just one post today. One very important post. Maybe the most important on this page. Please, read the posting and the links contained within. Let it sink in deep. Incorporate it into your very being, Remind yourself to vote, teach others how important is to vote. This is your country, it is my country and it is our country. If you claim it you must defend it with your vote. Collectively we are the rulers that hire people to do certain jobs, are they doing as you wish? Are you a ruler? Or are you being ruled?

November elections are not about Dems vs. GOP—they’re about ‘democracy vs. authoritarian populism’

Sept. 30th. 2018…

Recently someone mentioned that I should devote a page for news items that interest me and others and instead of deleting things from my front page to move them to this new page…so…I have decided to bring back “Bone-Yard”…there are quite a few things that interest me, much of them are the same thing as posted below, no matter how much we change we remain the same…but…I do need someplace to vent, to rant and rave…because…I’m mad as hell and can’t take it any more…it maybe that I will just post links and not comment, that is always safe or I may comment just to get it outta my system, either way I will not turn on a comment section for readers, if you have a comment or concern you can use the contact form on the “about me” page…so be it…here we go…I am bring back the original name of Daily Press so there is confusion…

One of my diagnoses is chronic pain. Long term chronic pain. There are times when I feel I am being crushed, my whole body is in a compactor. This is an important report for me, it confirms my PTSD and it’s effects. I was born deformed, after 58 years of PTSD those deformities are raging out of control. Add to that the damage done during the event are aggravated. It is no wonder to me now that trauma and the memory of that trauma is destroying my body. Recently I came upon a reclassification of chronic and severe PTSD, it is now called Complex PTSD, I’m think this is me.

Memories Of Trauma Are Unique Because Of How Brains And Bodies Respond To Threat

The original article…


Hate. I have a page devoted to hate. We all need to learn more about it and what it does to us as individuals, a culture and as a nation. I am a firm believer in inclusion, there are those that are hell-bent on dividing, tearing us apart. The fear of the “other” is a disease, as discussed on my hate page. Here is a great example of how this disease as become acceptable and thus untreatable. Back in the 60’s and 70’s there was a song with the line, “it takes every kind of people to make what life is about”. What a shame we don’t listen to those songs anymore,

Top 10 moments from the 2018 Values Voter Summit


This is something that troubles me deeply because of who I am, my genetic’s and the education I received at home. I have always tried to hold myself to a higher standard than most because of all that. I have not always succeded but have at least tried. So why is there this falling away from ethics and morals? I cannot explain it but can only pose questions. Does the percentage presented reflect those that are overtly religious? With a faith of one god, one rule, one ruler, right or wrong? Does this faith supplant morals and ethics and instills them onto the one rule, one ruler right or wrong? It is a wrestling match mentally. It does give one reason to pause and think, to ask, what went wrong.

55% of GOP Say Sexual Assault Not Disqualifying for SCOTUS; What Is *Wrong* With Them?

It seems to me that social psychologists ought to look into what is wrong with self-described Republican voters that they take such completely amoral stances


10,000 hits in 367 daze…thank you all


Jan. 25th, 2018…

Just a bunch of junk no one clicked on, so they never read it, so why bother?

America Is A 3rd World Country Being Run By Greedy Inhumane Crooks Who Have No Compassion For Their Fellow Man, Their Fellow Citizens. Our American Society Is In Collapse. America Is Dying.
Inequality gap widens as 42 people hold same wealth
as 3.7bn poorest
‘World’s richest 1% get 82% of the wealth’, says Oxfam
San Francisco or Mumbai? UN envoy encounters homeless life in California
On the frontline of the homelessness crisis in the western US
When Economic Growth Indicates Failure
https://www.commondreams.org/views/2018/01/21/when-economic-growth-indicates-The Guardian view on Davos and inequality: a demagogue takes advantage
This is how democracies die
failDefending our constitution requires more than outrage
End of days: Is Western civilisation on the brink of collapse?
History tells us all cultures have their sell-by date. Do political strife, crippling
inequality and climate change mean the West’s time is now up
Death by Inequality: Poverty and Racism Are Killing America’s Children

The deaths of hundreds of thousands of kids should have dominated the media. They would have been, if terrorists had killed them.
Beware the Norwegian Menace
Should We Build a Wall to Keep Them Out?
Is this the end of civilisation? We could take a different path

Oceans suffocating as huge dead zones quadruple since 1950, scientists warn

Climate Bellwether? With Cape Town Almost Out of Water, “Day Zero” Looms
In less than three months, residents in South African city could be lining up for rationed water under armed guards. “Is this the new normal?”
We are rapidly killing our support systems, we are rapidly killing the planet by speeding up the 6th Extinction, we are rapidly committing suicide.
Do you ever wonder why you aren’t hearing anything about _________? Do you ever wonder just what is being censored, who is being censored and why? Here is a source for you to find out all those nasty details.

Censorship and propaganda are tools used by authoritarian governments, not democracies. It just ain’t right if it isn’t left.

Jan. 12th, 2018…

Trump Launches ‘Truly Savage’ Attack on Medicaid By Pushing Work Requirements | Common Dreams

Trump administration opens door to let states impose Medicaid work requirements – The Washington Post

SB 1092 Legislative Directive Waiver Proposal

The above PDF files concern the changes to the Medicaid program, how it will effect all citizens, Arizona citizens and myself. Medicaid in AZ pays for my Medicare Premium and provides extra help with my Part D medication costs. Last year I went into the catastrophic category in November and had no co-pays for my medications for November and December. Under the waiver application by AZ there is a life-time limit of 5 years. I may or may not be subject to this limit, it is unclear for 2 reasons, one I am 66 years old and my disability is classified as SMI or seriously mentally ill. If I loose either one or both my limited funds will be greatly reduced. Why is my government trying to kill me?

Jan. 6th, 2018…

Very odd…received 2 emails from people in the government today that I’m not so sure I contacted. One was a repeat from an email of 5 days ago and then a new one from someone I would most likely Not contact. Is someone posing as me using my email address? Odd, very odd indeed.

Jan. 5th, 2018…

What to do when your stats show you are the only one reading/writing your site? You quit.

Jan. 1st, 2018…


Nice way to start your day or a New Year. With lots of cheer looking back over the past year. Shame it’s all so true.


Just some PDF’s for you to consider. Us older folk’s are taking a beating and the year just got started plus one state isn’t even considered a democracy anymore because of the way it’s run. Geez, ya think it might be the whole country? do ya?

Trump Administration to Roll Back Fines for Nursing Home Abuse

legal air

Point of View: North Carolina no longer a democracy | News & Observer

Dec. 31, 2017…

Actually…to be continued at another time, maybe. I need a fresh beginning by a change in me. Will it happen? Don’t know.


Dec. 30th, 2017…

Democracy and Facts in the Age of Trump

“The team’s research aims to show how the organs of our body politic might come under assault. It has also shown what a compromised immune system looks like.” …Bernard Avishai

My take-away is, it is worse than I thought. The guiding principles from the past, from our founding, no longer apply in the trump era. They have been under such assault that they didn’t survive or that they may be too diseased to recover. The founding idea that facts can be debated has been supplanted with “alternate facts” which over-rules debate and democracy. The whole idea of America, of a republic with democratic institutions has been over-ruled and made obsolete. This is my take away. The study doesn’t name what we have now or in the inverse describe it. It just says what we aren’t anymore and that is America,

Dec. 29, 2017…

A look at what has happened to us in 2017, a round-up of the year and what a disaster it has been. All in PDF form so you have no need to click on a link. To round-up the year for me as well. I’m still not convinced on going forward with this adventure but it does keep me off the streets and out of bars.


What Congress actually did in 2017 …a PDF of what Congress did over the course of 2017, not the battles buy the results…


138 things Trump did this year while you weren’t looking …a PDF of what trump has been able to do over the course of 2017, 1 law but plenty of disruption…


Donald Trump Is Forging an America as Greedy, Deceitful and Cruel as Its President | Alternet …a PDF of what trump has been able to create in 2017…



Dec. 27th, 2017…

Snow emergency in US town after huge storm


Take your pick from where you get the news from, they all will have reports of the record braking snow fall. For years now we have known that global warming and climate change will effect the intensity of storms. This past summer it was hurricanes. This winter, snow fall. And yet we have a government intent on ignoring or undermining scientific facts of what is going on. Another reason to claim domestic terrorism? We must all start to realize that the government is ill prepared to assist us in any way shape or form when it comes to the environment and it’s effects on our lives. This administration has stated it wants to roll back rules and regulations all the way back to 1960. When there were virtually none. This is malfeasance at best and a direct threat to our health and safety. Again, this is rank and putrid.


From Education to Social Programs, Tis the Season to Punish the Poor

The disdain for dependency that Charles Dickens exposed 180 years ago is driving social policy in the United States today.
This is very well written with lots of links to follow and references to as well. There is a war on the poor and this even more reason to insist on the Second Bill of Rights. It will be a rough slog out of the mess we are in, there is little doubt of that but if we don’t the consequences will be devastating. It is the right of every human to be treated as an equal. There is though the ever present fight of the “welfare state” and the “free market state”. The two must be blended together in or for there to be a civilization. If they don’t then we have chaos. Which would you rather have?

World’s Wealthiest Became $1 Trillion Richer in 2017


RED HOT boy oh boy that market is roaring. The gains are staggering. The gains are stellar, you best buy now while you can still get in the door. Oh by the way the ground floor was way down there, so far and long ago that it’s history and we don’t read history. When you look at the growth charts keep in mind the hockey stick graphic of global warming and climate change. They look very similar in some respects. The other thing that’s interesting is the tech market. Housing in the valley is untouchable so tech’s are living in their cars, what? Housing is unaffordable all across the country and homelessness on the rise. Amazon’s growth and deliveries are so high their drivers are living in their vans and can be tracked for how much more they are adding in the way of pollutants. All this money, big growths in Asia, China and the U.S. and look at how people are actually living. The standard living conditions are deteriorating at a rate equal to the growth rate. What does that tell you? Huh? Remember those graphs I mentioned? Are they going to collapse at the same time? The 6th extinction anyone? With the perverse and grotesque fascist state here and the market so hot there will be an explosion. It is just a matter of time.


In 2017, the White House abandoned the environment and public health


The greatest president except for maybe Lincoln…done more than any president in their first year, ever…/…..It doesn’t matter which agency you look at, they all look like this. Gutted. Any progress made in the last 50 to 100 years, capped at the knee’s. Let’s make the government small. Big government is the problem. Government over reach is outrageous. It’s as if a 3 year old threw a temper-tantrum in their bedroom and trashed the joint. What, if anything, will be salvageable? I haven’t a clue because the 3 year old isn’t finished yet. Congress and the Judicial branches of government are either aiding and abetting or complicit in their inaction. This really is getting to be way too much for me. I take it to heart too easily. Gee, I don’t know why, it’s just my government and my environment, that’s all no biggie, I’m gonna die soon enough, might as well do the old sex, drugs and rock and roll thingy and burn out in a blaze of fun as opposed ton cold-hearted heart-brake…right?…


Dec. 26th, 2017…

Federal judge green-lights desegregation housing rule after Carson tries to block it


This is a BIG deal for me personally. I am one of those 5+ million that benefits from Section 8 Housing. It reduces my rent from $800.00 to $279.00 because I have addition healthcare costs. Without this help I was looking forward to a cardboard box, a cave or worse. What I will never understand is this hate for the poor and the desire to make things even worse for them. These people profess to being christians. They are in point of fact doing the work of Satan. I think it is time for Congress to investigate these types of actions as crimes against humanity. It isn’t just Dr. Carson either, it is the Cabinet, staff and chief leader in the White House, Donald J. Trump. This is treasonistic in nature and a threat to our nation security.

Dec. 25th, 2017…

Trump Cost Taxpayers Tens Of Millions Visiting His Own Properties In 2017


$42 Million dollars for over 100 days away from the White House and playing golf. That is the rough estimate, it could be higher. $42 Million with a giant M. While it is generally understood he does not govern, it is not understood just how much this ineptness costs us, the tax payer. I know he thinks the White House is a dump but is that place in Florida any better. I’d think not. It was formally just a large house owned by one person and turned into a “resort”. Just imagine, if you can, what it takes to move the executive branch of our government around the country side at the whim of a crack pot wanna be prez. I would like to propose an odd thing. The next time he is to come home to the White House he finds the gates locked. He is turned away and the government vehicles repo-ed. He should for very obvious reasons be charged with repayment of these costs out of his own very fat wallet. What a rip-off.

Dec. 24, 2017…

Donald Trump’s Holiday Gift to America: A Fundamental Crisis

Deck the halls with an assault on the principles, norms, and purpose of democratic governance.


Have you ever read something and said to yourself, gee I wish I’d written that? Well this for me is one of those times. This says everything I want to say but don’t know how to, I guess that’s why he gets paid and I don’t. Maybe if you condensed everything I’ve written since starting this site in October I might be a close approximation of this. Maybe.


Bit by bit, Trump is taking apart the New Deal’s glorious legacy


This is the return to insanity. Page after page, site after site, news room after news room reports the destruction of what was right and good and healthy for the many in America. The New Deal. I take this personally, this is an attack on my blood, on my family. If you are a republican you are no friend of mine and you best not be near me in real time, it might get ugly real fast. Stay away from me because I am pissed-off.

Dec. 23rd, 2017…

Sessions revokes dozens of guidance documents that protect marginalized communities


The continued dismantling of Americas social safety net includes laws, regulations and rules to protect those of us at the margins. The ever-expanding war against the poor. It isn’t just Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps. I will never understand the cruelty or the inhumaneness of this administration. If we were to give a helping hand to those that are at the margins they would be included and it would end this war. The grip of enhancing inequality has on those in power is immoral and quite divisive. Instead of bring our country together for a common goal and purpose we are being driven apart and are feeding off one another as cave men, cannibals of the rights of others. This goes against the Bill of Rights and common decency. It is rank and putrid.


Puerto Rico Homeowners Brace for Another Disaster: Foreclosures


This is so wrong on so many levels it hard to stay ahead of it and see what is really going on. It’s mentioned but not played out as it should be. The properties will be closed out and foreclosed on an PR will be owned by a very few for a playground. Something Las Vegas only for the billionaires. It will never become a state with states rights. I look forward to all the PR’s coming here and having a life. Welcome.


Dec. 22nd, 2017…

Nothing today or for a while. I’ve had enough, I’ve had my fill, for awhile.

So, I’m addicted to the news, what’s new about that? I just watched a video over at Buzzflash with Rachel Maddow about the odd goings on in Washington with a secret republican group working on discrediting the FBI and such. With statement from a senior Democratic Senator warning of this weirdness and what red lines are being drawn. The dissolving of America over the past year, the recent tax bill being signed and all that weirdness. I’d suspect an attempted coup is coming our way. Things just don’t feel right. The very odd cabinet meeting with prayers for trump, that doesn’t happen in a democratic government. Give someone power and they want more power, it’s addictive, just like reading the news. Keep your eye’s and ear’s open and your powder dry.



Oklahoma Poised to Cut Off 20,000 Disabled and Elderly People From Life-Sustaining Home Care


And so it begins. The poorest of the poor, the disabled and elderly being shutout of life. Many will die. It has been shown that with the tax bill as many as 15,000 will die but with the right coming after the safety net next year that amount will explode. The disposable are just that being disposed of. As mentioned everywhere on this site I am one of those. What isn’t discussed anywhere is how many will take their own lives. To be hated so much is burden enough but to be reduced to cardboard boxes on sidewalks just adds gasoline to the flames. Their are those get that get assistance whipping their butt but still fight for the right to life. I am not one of them. My dignity has been destroyed already. My right to life is also my right to die but I choose where and when. Not them, those that think I am unworthy to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


I am adding a page titled Second Bill of Rights under the MORDOR tab. It is still under construction but as you can tell from the title is will focus on the Second Bill of Rights as proposed by FDR in 1944. My hope is that you will find it helpful and inspire you to do your part in our republic.

Dec. 21, 2017…

The Guardian view on the 1%: democracy or oligarchy?


Once again The Guardian understands what is happening and is applying what it learns to its group think. I do not see it happening anywhere else. I have written them and told them so. Thank you to everyone at The Guardian. The ying and yang of it is though disturbing. This force driving inequality will be met with an equal or greater force and history shows it will be violent. Why? Ego. The rich have exploited and exploded their ego to such a degree that they think they are invincible. They are above and out of reach. When in fact the spot light shines brighter than ever on them which makes them more vulnerable to the correcting force. There will be a correction and it will be dramatic and it will be global. For instance, the stock market is going stellar, look out, when it crashes it will be global and deep and it will be soon, very soon. This will light the fuse, a very short fuse. I see a global war coming our way by mid-spring, maybe high summer.


The GOP Tax Bill Rammed Through Congress on Tuesday Paves the Way to Defund and Dismantle Federal Government


This is exactly what I have been trying to express. By the actions taken by this administration over the last year we, in effect, have no government. The various agencies that support America here at home and abroad have been under staffed and under funded on purpose. The Treasury has been robbed. The political system aborted and the 3 branches of our government reduced to naught. This is an overt act of domestic terrorism. There is no master-mind in control, it is ad-hoc as a pig sty but it has been very effective. If a route to correction is found there will be no time, the damage done will take a generation or more to correct and heal the wounds. Those that have left the agencies, the EPA-700 of them as an example, will be hesitant at best in returning to government service and it just those people we will so desperately need. The one’s with the expertise on how things work. Those that have spent a life time of service to our country.


Hellish summer of hurricanes smashes FEMA


IF, a big IF, we had a government that had a brain and IF they choose to use it, there might be some reorganizing of things instead denying things. The storms we have endured over the last few years have been wake up calls and now after the summer of 2017 we are still not awake. Fema is broke and broken, the national guard under used and habitat for humanity untapped. Clean up contractors are ripping the government and the public off at amazing rates. All of this could be controlled to protect the citizens and it isn’t. The federal government, Fema, the national guard and habitat for humanity should be rolled into one machine to respond the future disasters and there will be more. The fed.’s should fully fund Fema, the national guard should be rolling shifts of help until it restored the disaster and contractors unable to price gouge because of better laws. Fema has rules and reg.s that make no sense at all and no teeth to enforce anything. BUT, we have a government that is hiding from global warming/climate change. It’s a hoax, remember? There are areas of our country that never will be restored. Think New Orleans, think the Jersey Shore, TX, FL, the Islands and the Keys. Think Detroit and the areas after the riots of the 60’s. Outta sight, out mind and left abandoned. Couple that with our crumbling infrastructure and the reduction or elimination of city, county and national park system and what do you see in your minds eye?


The United States of America Is Decadent and Depraved

The United States of America Is Decadent and Depraved

I give you this to consider. Even though the highlighted line doesn’t show as a link it is and well take you to the right page, I have tested it myself.

Dec. 20th, 2017…

I corrected the front page after watching the vote last night. Took a nap and it’s now 2:27am. I knew what was going to happen. Everyone did. I’m not really depressed about the vote or the outcome. But. I post on another site and last night after correcting the front page I posted the results of the vote and commented on how this was the end. Someone commented that I ought to wait, give it a year and see what happens. In a year? A year from now I’ll either be in a cardboard box, a cave or dead unless something dramatic happens. This poster was saying just that, that I was being dramatic Ryan has stated he’s coming after my life-line. The safety net. The vote shows they will get that done. That is unless they arrest every republican in congress. Lock ’em up for domestic terrorism. That’s what I’d do, if I were King or whatever. There isn’t a republican alive that I’d trust with my worst enemies dead dog. They’d most likely try to have sex with it or eat it. Are you someone that likes the tax bill? Are you someone that voted for the tax bill? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. We will not forget or forgive.



Watching Funds Be Depleted to Pay for This Tax Bill Is Unacceptable’

CounterSpin interview with Rebecca Cokley on GOP ‘Tax on Disability’

I am sure that there are those that think I bitch too much. That I piss and moan about things way too much. Read the link above and realize I have to fight for every crumb I can and it gets old mighty fast. Too fast. Being discriminated against is something I have a great distaste for. I think I read 54 million? others just like me. 54 million throw-aways, cast-offs, disposed of like plastic cups at a BBQ. Yep, I get angry, I bitch, I piss and moan and why? Live like me and find out.



Trump celebrates tax bill with very creepy, cult-like cabinet meeting

These people are nutz, insane, crazy or wacko’s. After what happened last night and what will happen today and moving forward they are praying to gawd? Like they are some sort of christians? WTF??? True christians would never do what they are doing. If they are christians, I am the Pope. What gawd are they praying too? What religion do they profess? This is rank and putrid.

Dec. 19th, 2017…


These are the obscure Trump staffers who are systematically dismantling the federal government

An October OMB leak revealed eight staffers taking an axe to domestic policy.

Into the weeds, as it were. There has been a lot of discussion about the tearing down of our political system and of the federal government. These are some of the people and some of what they are doing. Destroying what has taken decades to create. For me they are ugly people with an even uglier agenda. To undo America. For me this is terrorism, domestic terrorism because in the end it is the public that suffer. Why someone would want to pursue a life of hurting others is beyond me, I don’t understand it and never will. Somewhere around 2000 I had an exchange with Senator McCain concerning dental healthcare being part of Medicare. He sent me a 15 page “thing” on why it could not be included and it made no logical sense. What it boiled down to is the same differences Jefferson had with Adams so many years before. It is stated in the first paragraph of the Constitution that the purpose of government is the general welfare of the citizens. That includes dental healthcare. Here we have people who deny the concept completely. You are on your own, make of it what you will, we will not assist you with Life, Liberty or The Pursuit of Happiness. This is domestic terrorism.

Dec. 18th, 2017…


The GOP tax bill may be the worst piece of legislation in modern history

I like Fareed Zakaria. He is one smart man. In this piece I wish he’d said “look at these dumb Americans. Let’s say there is someone who makes good money, buys a fancy BMW and spends over what $70,000.00 on a car. It’s very nice and goes really fast. This person is a republican, hates taxes and votes against any tax increases he sees coming his way. He voted for trump in the last election and loves Ryan. But now what? He cannot drive his car very fast because he has to dodge pot-holes, they are everywhere and ruin the steering of his fancy car. Why just the other day he had to replace a wheel because he hit a pot hole too fast and it dented it. He cannot cruise the freeway because it’s so choked with cars because they shot down the funding for that new freeway last week. Folk’s it isn’t rocket science, if you want drinking water, nice paved streets with traffic lights you have to pay for it with taxes. Just like the safety net or the military, which by the way gets most of your money. Your money is spent on killing things, makes you feel really good doesn’t it? Mr. Zakarias’ page at the Washington Post.




J20 Defendants Await Verdict in First Test of Government Attempt to Criminalize Protest Group as a Whole

The Disrupt J20 trial raises some very important issues and it will interesting to see what comes of it. On the face of it, it is scary that our government would charge whole groups of people with extreme charges that might result in extreme prison terms. If it does happen that whole groups can be charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned for such things as “rioting” then look forward to a time when our overflowing prison system falls apart completely. We already have more people in jail than any other country on the planet. But the suppression/repression of the population is what the government is after here. If the state is successful it opens the door to even more of such actions thereby eliminating opposition to unlawful and unconstitutional actions. This court case is something to be very afraid of and hopefully everyone is watching. The light of day, the rays of the sun are know to make shadows disappear and for germs to be killed.



Trump will drop climate change from US National Security Strategy

This is dumb beyond stupid, it is crazy. For over a decade the national security agencies and the military have been reporting and producing papers saying what the impact of global warming and climate change will mean to our nations security. They have been reporting on most likely impacts and outcomes for years. They have been reporting on what measures are to be taken to mitigate the changes in our environment and the related costs. This is craziness complete. It furthers the moronic idea the global warming and climate change is a hoax. This endangers the lives of all Americans and the globe in general. Discounting the work of years and years of research in one statement/speech is beyond comprehension and is bizarre to say the least. This human and I use the term generously, is living in an altered state of reality. The problem is we are being dragged into it against our will and against all reason. During the last hurricane season there was grave concern over the nuclear plants in TX. It has been shown the the hurricanes gained strength from global warming and climate change. Is it not in our national security interests to consider this very issue?

Dec. 17th, 2017…


Is Revolution Brewing in the U.S.?

As noted earlier on this page the demise of our country is rooted in the history of inequality. It may come in many forms but it will come because we are doing nothing about inequality. Well that isn’t true is it? We are expanding it, making it grow past it’s normal limits at a very fast pace. The article includes the poem by Gil Scott-Heron, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.  As noted here, across the internet and on the t.v. we no longer have a republic w/democratic institutions. We live in trumpville. Welcome home. He is even dictating what words can and cannot be used by the agencies of our government. This and the inaction of the other 2/3rd’s of our government will bring about a revolution. I fear it will be armed, bloody and very ugly but it will happen. Remember, those that swore to uphold the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and their actions and words displaying that oath are the one’s to trust.


U.S. lawmakers are redistributing income from the poor to the rich, according to massive new study

Yet another article on inequality. There are others and there may be more to come. I’ll not post them here unless something really weird is sited. It is of concern though that I have only found 3 that mentions what happens when inequality reaches this point. It is the point of no return. The only things that will stop it are revolution, disease out-break or societal collapse. I do not like the sound of any of the 3 listed. It is my hope that we would see the light of day and realize we cannot do what we are doing and stop it in its tracks. I hope a lot, I dream a lot but I see the truth. Collapse it will be, we are ripe for revolution which will bring disease.



Jesus Christ’s Hometown of Nazareth Just Canceled Christmas Because of Trump

The Muslim-majority city will be protesting the president’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
When I was a little boy of 6 or 7 we would have a saturday night bible lesson. My Father would post the Christian calendar on the dining room wall above the side-board and we discuss the teachings of Jesus and what the sermon would be about the next day in church. One night I asked him what did being a Christian mean. His reply was “to be Christ like”. Not to be like Christ but to be Christ like and there is a big difference. I do not know any Christians. Those that claim they are, are deceiving themselves and others. They are not practicing the lessons he taught. For an example, they are not turning over the money changers tables. That can be applied to all of his teachings and those of the bible. I was raised a christain, there are many famous christains in my family, my Grandfather on my Fathers’ side was a biblical scholar. I was a conscientious objector during the Viet Nam war. Thou shall not kill, period. I have since moved on to Buddhism. Buddhism is not a religion, it is a way of Being, a way of Being with all things. It teaches me inclusion. The closing of a city to a religious holiday is quite dramatic and should be seen as a lesson, practice what you preach. I say, well done city of Nazareth.

Dec. 16th, 2017…


The United States Is Now as Unequal as Russia. And That’s Before the Tax Bill.

Down below I have this report posted but without the comparison. To be equal with Russia is definitely degrading. On other pages I question if trump isn’t a russian operative. Seems so to me. along with the GOP.



Bernie Sanders: Trump tax cuts a barely disguised reward for billionaire donors

The Guardian is doing it right. Where is the American Press? MIA, they are missing in action. I have seen very little reporting on the Special Rapporteurs’ visit and what it means or what the results are of his findings. I understand the press being afraid of blow-back but that comes with the job folks. If the public isn’t informed, then they don’t know and very evil things happen in the dead of night in smoke filled rooms. This is Evil. This dismantling of America is Evil. I fear the costs involved.

The Thomas Fire in CA…untouched…2 from space and 2 from ground level…

Dec. 15th, 2017…


Historian Nancy MacLean on the right’s ultimate goal: Rolling back the 20th century

Author of “Democracy in Chains” says Koch brothers and GOP want a new Gilded Age, where “property reigns supreme”

Everything I have been ranting and raving about it here. I am not alone in my assessment of what is happening and why. The difference is that she thinks it and I live it. It is in my blood, it is in my gene’s.



This new report confirms that Trump’s megalomania threatens our democracy

Single party rule with a mad-man at the wheel has never worked. It will take a decade or more to heal from the wounds this has done to our Republic. There are seeds of change in the air but they are being blown about by the ever present danger of more damage done on a daily basis. Our society is being torn apart for no reason other than a person that cannot see past the mirror. Governance is a tough rough and tumble game unless you are the only one in the mirror. How sad it is that the right, far-right and the alt-right cannot or refuse to acknowledge their destructive behavior.



Trump turning US into ‘world champion of extreme inequality’, UN envoy warns


Extreme poverty in America: read the UN special monitor’s report


Statement on Visit to the USA, by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights*

the report in a PDF OHCHR | Statement on Visit to the USA, by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights*

There really isn’t much to add. Other than, once again, this is treasonistic! In order for there to be treason there has to be a war. This is a war against the population without overt acts of violence, although it is violent. Shame. Shame on those conducting this war on the citizens of America. Shame.

Dec. 14th, 2017…



Inequality is not inevitable – but the US ‘experiment’ is a recipe for divergence

The first link is for this article, the second link is to the group that wrote the article. At a quick glance through the groups website, their work and the results show to me that Roony Raygun is responsible for our current inequities. Reaganomics, trickle-down ideas have made a rolling-wreck of our economics and this train wreck is a hyper-speed now in the Senate where it will get even more fuel to burn-out our country. The graphs and info point out that the top .001% income grew by over 660% since the early 80’s. Think about that for just one minute, 660%. What percentage do you pay on a credit card? How much is paid to you on a savings account? Over 660% is stealing, robbery, thievery and it isn’t just money. Look at our infrastructure, it is collapsing down around us, as one example. I t has created a 3rd world country out of America. Which means we cannot be prepared for global warming/climate change. Just look at what as happened to those states hit with the last round of hurricanes, TX, FL and the islands. We have a housing shortage across the country as well. 660% has cost our country being able to move into the 21 century comfortably. It has laid waste to America. Here is the report if you don’t want to visit the site.



Dec. 13, 2017…


Basic income to be given to 84,000 people in Canada

Move is part of $3bn anti-poverty action plan

The comments are quite expansive, very informative. This is of course something I am in agreement with, fighting poverty. Trying to solve one of the hardest issues of any country, here is a country trying. We in America know why it isn’t being done here. We hate the poor and are fighting a war against them hoping they will just roll-over and die. Canada’s cost of living is pretty close to ours so imagine the change in my life living at slightly more than $13,000.00 a year. Or those on SSI which can be as low as $300.00 a month. I haven’t a clue what “disposable income is”, there was a time when I did. Many many years ago, decades. We do need to incorporate the Second Bill of Rights proposed by FDR and have a minimum standard of living or basic income. Years ago I watched Bernie Sanders filibuster the Senate on what expanding Social Security would do for the health, welfare and economy of America. I was very impressed. It was when I started to follow his political life. I think it was 2 or 3 year before he decided to run for President. So from 1944 to today we have been fighting for a war on poverty and yet greed can not be overcome. Why?

Here is the youtube link…12/10/2010, 7 years ago…the speech lasts 8 hours and 35 minutes…well worth the time…just do it and Thanks…


Here is a nice little editorial from opinion page of USA Today. Kinda says it all.

Will Trump’s lows ever hit rock bottom

I hope you read it and have a giggle. We all need a giggle now and then.


The FCC is about to create an ‘internet for the elite’


Here we go folk’s, fasten your seat-belts, we are going for one hell of a ride. If this FCC vote turns the web into speed lanes for profit gains we are doomed. Civil unrest is sure to follow, it is my hope that it doesn’t become violent but it will. People of all stripes and colors are fed-up. If the FCC deregulates freedom of speech it destroys hundreds of years of being a democratic republic. This site and my opinions will be placed in a very slow lane and most likely will be censored even further. That is just me, what about the fringe news and views sites? The science sites? The whatever is in disagreement with any view sites, whether it be vacuum cleaners or politics. There will be only one view and that is what your ISP thinks who is told by its shareholders and the guvmint.

This scenario plays out with many facets of our lives. Kick back, put your feet up and think, where else are these things taking place? Then apply this to every cabinet post of our government. The EPA, the Dept. of ED and on and on and on. This is a revolt taking place that is undermining the structure of our society through the whole spectrum. MORDOR is in control.


Dec. 12th, 2017…

update on previous report…Dec. 2nd…

If this doesn’t make you cry, if this doesn’t make you sick at heart, then you have no soul. This is us, it is you and it is me. This is us and how we treat ourselves. This is but a sample of what is being found here in America. Go look at us in the mirror.


UN poverty official touring Alabama’s Black Belt: ‘I haven’t seen this’ in the First World

…in PDF form…

UN poverty official touring Alabama’s Black Belt: ‘I haven’t seen this’ in the First World




Behind Trump’s plan to target the federal safety net

Under the banner of welfare reform, the administration is eyeing changes to health care, food stamps, housing and veterans programs.

What Congress cannot or will not do, the President is using the executive order to undo generations of rules and laws to help the poor in this country. This is a war against the poor. It is a crime to be poor in America. When Bush 2 was running against Gore I watched him, sitting in van with the side door open, state that it was his intent to undo everything FDR did. To destroy the New Deal. This is the final stages of the wacko-right destroying The New Deal. By supporting Trump, Republicans and Christian Far-Right the greed of the capitalists is in full control of America, no matter the costs. It will cost human life, the economy and jobs. It is un-American. It is immoral. It is unethical. It is insane. It is cruel. It is mean. Capitalists care about one thing only, money. They care not for human life or human suffering. To put it another way, in order for you to have more than what you need, to get what you want. Someone does with less or without. This is an odd form of violence against our fellow citizens. FDR proved it doesn’t have to be this way.


…Really Bad News…


…Good News…


The ice will continue to disappear. Seas will continue to rise. People and property will still be in danger and weather shifts will continue at an ever faster rate due to expotentiality increases of the positive feed back loop. We are though starting to realize things can be done to correct this in at least minor ways, those too will grow at an ever faster rate as each success story comes to light. It is a very deep hole we are clawing our way up out of, give it time. Do we have enough time? I doubt it.


Hidden within the tax bill from the Senate, yet another gift from the rich to the rich but this time they work in the same office. The Senate. Some from the same state. From friend to friend. A sharing of the pot of gold they are stealing. Boy oh boy would I like to have friends like this, geez, I’d be rich. I would be filthy rich. So filthy rich I’d stink and my soul would never get into heaven.

Tax Bill: John Cornyn_s Fossil Fuel Provision Would Personally Enrich Republican Lawmakers

Why do we insist on shitting in our pants when we know full well we stink to high heaven?


Court upholds uranium mining ban around Grand Canyon but allows nearby mine



Dec. 11th, 2017…

This is Grand. This is wonderfulness to the extreme. Why am I depressed? It’s the way my mind works against inequality. This explains to me why I am the way I am. Please forgive for my trespass’. I know I lash-out and now we know why.


Dec.10th, 2017…

I have charged the GOP with Treason. In aggregate. See below or any news site as to why. There really isn’t much more to say now, is there? Other than get your phony christian religion out of my government. See link below.


Who are the poor Americans?

I know, it’s nothing new but for it to be reported on the front page of the BBC it is eye-opening to the world that 41 million Americans are poor. Over 20 million of us are the disabled, me included. People across the globe don’t understand that we, the disabled, are throw-a-ways just like a plastic cup at a BBQ. There is another report about a woman living by eating dog food and another report about people in the 80-90’s being evicted, out on the street due to no fault of their own. Elsewhere on this site I have a page devoted to being disposed of and it is an ugly thing to address. No one wants to talk about it. Let alone to someone who has to live this way. Nor is there any charity of a person to person kind. It is more of, “I give at church” or “I donate at work”, never is it hey what do you need. Instead we are faced with begging, pleading for help and competing for what crumbs there are from a charity or NGO. Personally, my self-image is almost nonexistent. I hate myself for being unable to live up to everyone else’s standards and looked down on as a loser.

Instead of real help this is what we get, we get empty prayers which don’t fill the tummy or pay the rent or keep the heat on in the winter…keep praying for us fellow citizens, keep praying

Dec. 9th, 2017…

The surprising factors driving murder rates: income inequality and respect

“The rise of Trump shows that “inequality has a real tangible effect on voter behavior, just not necessarily what you’d expect”, says the Stanford historian Walter Scheidel, the author of The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century. Scheidel’s book shows that historically, the only way high inequality has been flattened has been through catastrophe: disease, famine, world war, societal collapse or communist revolution.”

Inequality, poverty is un-american, unconstitutional and at best the way to destroy a nation. The GOP is an internal threat to our Republic and it’s democratic institutions. This is Treasonistic by nature. It is an internal war waged by money with gun violence as the end result. Of the corrections listed I look forward to a world war, societal collapse or revolution. Contributing factors are, global warming/climate change, climate refugees and famine as we lock ourselves away from the rest of the globe. The world war would be waged against us, not us against someone else. The collapse of society is most likely because of the income inequality, religious intolerance, political animosities and racial divide. The roll of the NRA cannot be under-stated. Gun advocates would rather kill than give Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness a reasonable debate. Thus, America was killed by itself through self inflicted gun shot wounds. National suicide.

Closing out the day with this and I am finding very odd that I have to out of the country to get the real news of what is in America. Very odd indeed.


Trump’s mental state a ‘danger to us all’, warns leading forensic psychiatrist

‘Patterns indicate the need for an urgent evaluation,’ says Yale expert

Way back in October, it seems so long ago, I called on trumps family to have him evaluated. Only they can legally do anything to help him. He cannot help himself and the country cannot do to him. It is up to his family but as I noted before they appear wooden when with him or in public. I feel they have Stockholm Syndrome. For the good of the country and the world I would hope this takes place but it won’t and I know it. We are faced with a man in charge of the worlds best armed military that does not have 2 feet on the ground. Maybe not even one considering the actions he has taken to undermine our Republic and its democratic institutions. Our shared future is bleak with such a mind in the position it is in. Yes, it would be very hard to place him under involuntary evaluation, there is much to lose but his family actually has much to gain from it. If it is done then they have the chance of being hero’s instead of cowards only in it for the money.


Dec. 8th, 2017…

Just a little war-on-the-poor. The culture war on the poor to me personal. It is attacking me in many was, from my government and how people see me as a person. I find it very hard to believe that in this so-called christian nation during it’s high holiday season to be attacking the poor. Conclusion, this ain’t no christian nation, nor is it American. There is a lot of focus on the budget and tax bills, and rightly so, but the attacks coming from the media are worse in that they seep into everyone’s home via the t.v. and the internet. With net neutrality under attack it appears the media machine is converting to the mouth-piece of Fascism to the extreme. None of this makes any rational sense. I truly believe that a war on poverty should be declared and the Second Bill of Rights as spelled out by FDR should become the norm. Inclusion. Here are few samples for your reading pleasure via Media Matters.



 Bears Ears update…

This pic shows the Vermillion Cliffs were the Condor’s fly. One of the most amazing places on the planet, it makes you feel very small indeed. At the beginning of the cliffs is Marble Canyon, where the Gods play with marbles the size of skyscrapers and the road leads down to the Colorado River where the water is crystal clear and very cold. There is a little community there along the hwy, I’d love to live there but my health won’t let me. This is a must visit place for everyone. I haven’t been on the Utah side of things, just passed through a few times but it so big and bold you feel it to be a Holy Place, a Home of The Gods.

Republicans are bringing ‘welfare queen’ politics to the tax cut fight


Mulvaney says Social Security Disability Insurance is “welfare”. Under the Constitution the President is to provide for the general welfare of the nation. This whole thing stinks of theft, thievery, stealing, which is a crime. Do you pay into Social Security and Medicare? Of course you do, everyone does. It is your savings account for retirement and Insurance should you become disabled, as I did. As a kid, my Mother received Survivors Insurance for myself and my 2 brothers after my Father died at the age of 41. She received that money until I was 18. This is Insurance and for them to say it’s welfare as if my Mother was a welfare queen is disgusting. It is the formal governmental attack against the poor. They want people dying in the streets. Retired, disabled, single parents and the working poor. This goes against everything the christian faith is based on but you can bet your bottom dollar they claim to be christians. Again, if you are a republican you are no friend of mine or Jesus Christ for that matter. Disgusting!!!

Dec. 7th, 2017…


Senate Rules Strike Extremist Fetal ‘Personhood’ Language From Regressive Tax Overhaul

Christine Grimaldi

As I warned earlier, the social engineering within the tax bill is scary. Thanks go to the parliamentarian of the Senate to get this one get ripped out of this bill. These wacko’s want to give a zygote “personhood” but will not refund the CHIP program, want to gut the safety-net and give billions of more money to the billionaires. WTF is going on? This is insanity. It is insane. Seriously, think about what they are doing, it is crazy, it is insane.

As a side note…scanning the webs news sites I have come to the conclusion that the world has become a fucked-up place to live ever since trump said Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.. This wacko has disrupted everything on the Globe. He must be removed from access to the public and placed in a padded room. Period.

A few things I didn’t know about good old “Mitch” Leader of the Senate…just click on the blue link and it will open on a new page…oil, guns and drugs…oil, guns and drugs…

“40kg Of Cocaine Found On Mitch McConnell_s Father-In-Law_s Boat”

“40kg Of Cocaine Found On Mitch McConnell_s Father-In-Law_s Boat” – National:World News – Baltimore Sun Talk Forums

Dec. 6th, 2017…

America’s homeless population rises for the first time since the Great Recession

Exclusive: a new government study finds 553,742 people were homeless on a single night this year, as advocates lament a crisis that shows no sign of abating



Democrat plans to force impeachment vote against Donald Trump this week

Representative Al Green intends to present articles of impeachment Wednesday: ‘For too long we have allowed civility to prevent us from confronting Trump’


Nancy Pelosi can shut up the fuck up. She is no Leader of men or of our Country. Get that son-of-a-bitch outta office NOW.

EVERYONE  in our government took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States, instead they have turned our country into a fascist state in less than a year. Anyone that doesn’t vote to impeach trump is an enemy of the state. The GOP and the christian right have unleashed a sickness, a disease on our government, a cancer, a tumor that must be removed NOW before it kills the host, which is us, all citizens of the United States of America.



Paul Ryan-enemy of the citizens of America


Ryan says Republicans to target welfare, Medicare, Medicaid spending in 2018

Just as predicted. The tax reform isn’t even finished and they want more of my/our blood. They will not be happy until people are dying in the streets while they drink champagne. They will be drinking our blood instead. There will be their own citizens blood on their hands. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the like are not “welfare”. They are programs of insurance that we have paid into. Once again, these people are sick to have dumped over a trillion dollars of debt on our country by way of giving money to the rich and then to cut our own insurance to pay for that debt. It is sick, it is dis-ease, morally and ethically corrupt.

If you are a republican you are NO friend of mine.


Dec. 5th, 2017

I’m up for a bit waiting for drugs to kick in…


I’m a bit confused. Didn’t the military just get hundreds of billions of dollars? Yet there is no money for social programs? We can have conflicts all over the globe and have our military fighting in what 6 wars for how many years but we cannot fund poor kids health? We just gave the richest of the rich a ton of money but we are going to shut-down the government because there is no money? This circus shell game is pure wacko crazy! I say shut it down. Turn off the lights, close the doors and walk away. The priorities of the country are spelled out in the Constitution quite nicely I think. To provide for the general welfare of the citizens. Yet these are the very things being ripped out of peoples hands. The only thing that gets money without any accounting is the military and what does it do? It kills things and people all over the globe. Shut-it-down! On my front page there is a quote of FDR where he mentions the “rightist reaction”, the right has never been so wrong in America than it is today. Washington D.C. is sick, it is terminal, it is on life-support. Pull the plug and let it die.

…Treason?…Fascist, Unconstitutional and Impeachable, without a doubt…


Trump White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter “Deep State” Enemies

I am posting this twice, the first one isn’t the complete article, so now you have the full story…if it is being reported it already is, reporting and reporters are always playing catch-up…with everything that is going on in this administration the need for this is obvious, secret police, secret rendition sites, by 1/1/18 there are good chances there will be no America left, if there is a shut-down the take-over will be very easy because most will be on leave and unable to respond to the call of duty to defend the Constitution, as they are sworn to do.

…the actual number is more like 15,600 per year…

I ask that you go to   https://www.commondreams.org/   and just read the headlines, just the headlines. Now ask yourself, what can I do for my country.


Dec. 4th, 2017…


First there was the CHIP program failing due to lack of funding. Then there was this tax scam vote. Now it is an unwelcome X-mas present from America to poor children and their mothers that CHIP funding hasn’t happened yet but we just gave millionaire’s and billionaire’s tons of money to buy great gift’s. Sure, we have all made mistakes that hurt someone. Guilt is a common reaction to this problem. But when a whole group of people acting together hurt those that cannot fight back is sick. It is morally repugnant. I remember something about changing the funding for CHIP to a 5 year re-authorization. Why isn’t something like this permanent?


Bears Ears National Monument

Today it is Bears Ears National Monument under attack. What will it be tomorrow? You look at the photo’s of this area of our country and it looks hard, like it’s a rock and sand. It isn’t, it actually is very fragile. The slightest destructive thing like a wagon trail or primitive road can cause massive erosion. It is beautiful beyond words. When inside a rarely touched place in the southwest you are at once in touch with the sublime, there is grace within the slightest breeze. Personally I have never felt more at home than on the Navajo Reservation near Chinle AZ. I spent my 16th summer there at Rough Rock and I found home. I felt as one with the Earth and I’ve never felt like that again. To open up Bear Ears to exploitation after being fought for, for so long is a disgrace to the land and the many tribes that have lived there for 100’s of years. My Representative in Congress has tried to fight back, has expressed his concerns and that of his constituents, the tribes in his district to no avail. Do we have to fight every little thing out in court? Is there no common sense of dignity? No awareness of others? I thought this was a representative democracy, it isn’t anymore. It is a Fascist State and as noted on my front page, this has to end. America is disappearing right before our very eye’s.


We have an accused sexual predator as president who wants an accused child molester in the senate to get more rapping of our country completed. As noted in the pages about me I am a victim of an attempted molestation and attempted murder at age 9. I am of the opinion that if people such as these are found guilty of their crimes they should be castrated. Morality? Ethics? Dignity extended to others? Another exposure of the collapse of America.




My email in box is full of calls the mobilize, the web is full of calls to mobilize and I have changed the focus of this site and I am out-of-gas. Over 2 weeks ago I had a TIA or mini stroke while in the midst of fighting my doctor over a discrimination complaint I filed with the State Attny. Gen. Office. I am ill, I feel horrible and cannot carry on this way. I only have so much to give and what is left I’ll have to save for me. I have no where to go for trusted healthcare but my medicine chest, bathtub and bed. I’m leaving it up to you Dear Reader. You know as well as I what we are up against and what has to be done. I wish you well. I may from time to time come back here to post something but really, I’ve had enough.

Dec. 3rd, 2017


Social engineering and the culture war hidden within the tax bill. Gutting public school funding so the rich can have their school funding for their schools of choice leaves millions of our children without. 50 million children just got thrown under the bus. 50 million. Let that sink in. That is the future of our nation. This is 3rd world stuff, not the wealthiest nation on the planet stuff. Only the rich can have quality teachers, quality buildings to teach in, quality teaching tools and the latest improvements and innovations because that is where all the money ends up. What is left over from the past will stay the same for a very long time for 50 million children. This is stupid beyond dumb. What might it lead too?, Higher crime rates, increased poverty, school to prison as standard life expectancy, increased domestic violence, increased gang activity, basically, all the ills of society we have today but on a grander scale. This is but one example of the social engineering and social/culture warfare hidden within this tax reform. There will be more to discover as the daze progress. I will try and keep up but the depression is already a heavy burden.


Somewhere in this tax reform “thingy” is something about making it okay for churches, charities and such to preach and politic from the pulpit and not lose their tax free lifestyle. It will erode the line between church and state gravely. History has shown that when there is a mingling of church and state the state looses out, the focus is on god and giving money to church instead of paying taxes, and placing god above Law. There once was a time in our country during the colony phase when catholic’s were to be shot on sight. I will not go toe to toe with what these people are about except that it isn’t christian what they are doing and it is against what this nation was founded on. This is yet another erosion of what we once were and if the authoritarian fascist government combines with a warped and demented religion it will be yet one more example of social engineering and class warfare. The flow of money to a church as a donation will be a gift to a charity and not be taxed, someone’s campaign could be run out of a church, no accounting for where the money came from, what and who it is spent on or who and what it bought and it’s all tax free and hidden. All under the name of god and be a holy virtue.

Dec. 2nd, 2017…

I watched the Senate vote just now. If America is lit on fire and burns to the ground it will be no surprise. I just watched our country get stolen, I just watched it be robbed by 51 people. That’s all it took and for me, each one should be charged with Treason. No, it does not involve guns and such but it is a war against the poor in this country. This was not a vote for America, it was a vote to undermine our Republic and it’s Democratic institutions. This was a vote for money, paper currency, coins of silver and gold and who has the most of it, of money. This vote was against all that made America a once strong and vital nation. It is now officially a nation of greed and all that ugliness brings with it. Morals, ethics and the health and welfare of our fellow citizens has been bought and sold to the highest bidder. Once this bill has been read, digested and exposed for what it is the shock of the amount of social engineering will amaze and disgust most Americans. Everything that the wacko-christian-right has wanted since the death of FDR has come true. Happy Holidaze America, welcome to Mordor.


Philip Alston will be in the U.S. from Dec. 4th through the 15th visiting communities, organizations and individuals to examine the extent of poverty within America. He is the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty for the United Nations. His report will come out some time during the spring of 2018. There is much that he will discover I am sure. The focus isn’t just on an hourly wage but more on access and availability to basic human needs. I had wished to contact his department to make a few suggestions but am too late, that deadline passed last October. With the passing of the “budget” and the “tax reform” items through the House and Senate there will be much more for him to examine. Inequality is a major issue he will examine and this has grown exponentially since the election. I hope you visit the link and explore one area of U.N. activity that is most important to our daily lives because of the shifting sands under our very own feet brought on by our government.



…it is hard keeping up with all that is happening and finding little gems among the stones can be rather difficult at best but this takes the prize for being a diamond…trumps visit to England has been canceled because of his re-tweeting of horrible video’s, hate filled and ugly video’s. One of them has been found to be fake. His press mouth piece says that doesn’t matter if the threat is real. Truth doesn’t matter. This began when trump was born and by the time he claimed Mr. “O” wasn’t born in the U.S. it had totally disappeared from his brain. Only what he thinks is real. It is real for everyone. His corrupt and delusional perception of reality is what we all have to think now because it is the only thing real. Truth doesn’t matter as long as the threat is real. Okay. trump is a threat to the nation he is President of and of the world in general because of his ability to push the nuclear button at any time. He has really long fingers that can even poke through the t.v. screen he is watching to push that button and blow us all up. Propaganda is good for us unless it is a lie.


“…….quoted from the article …..Klaas, the author of “The Despot’s Accomplice: How the West is Aiding & Abetting the Decline of Democracy,” said the White House press secretary had given an “Orwellian” response to questions about those anti-Muslim videos Trump retweeted from a British fascist.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders says it doesn’t matter if it’s true, what’s true is what the president says,” Klaas said.  ……..quoted from the article…”

Under the tab “MORDOR” I write about trump and fascism in America today. Yes it’s here, that does not mean it’s here to stay, does it?


Dec. 1st, 2017…

Freedom of the press and internet neutrality are one and the same now. We all are reporting on our lives one way or another, we all are reporters. All we do on the internet is recorded and the mass of information grows by the second. For the FCC to take that away from us would be a huge blow to our free press and our freedom of speech. The loss would undermine the Bill of Rights and our Constitution in ways not seen yet. He who controls the information controls the message. I like being able to express myself, because of my disabilities writing has always been the best way for me. To loose this would cripple me more than I already am. When I really think about it, it is yet one more way my government is moving me more and more to the margins. I am so weary from and of fighting for every scrap and left-over society thinks I should have. I’m worn out from it. So, there is William Rivers Pitt. I remember when he quit being an English teacher to report on the election of 2000?, Gee, that long ago? I have always enjoyed his writing. It is clear and concise just as you would image it to be. Here he is on freedom of the press and a free internet and I say job well done.

The Internet Is Freedom, and It Is Under Attack

Nov. 30th 2017…


…unless you are disabled you haven’t a clue what it is like living at the margins…I don’t require a wheelchair or any hardware yet but I might someday… I do require expensive medications, 5 inhalers for allergies and asthma…3 of which cost over 1,000.00 a month at retail value…because I receive extra help with my drug benefit Part D, my out of pocket cost is 8.50 per script…this will end if the tax reform bill gets passed and becomes law…I will loose-out on life at the margins…


…simple for me, don’t own a cell phone…I have a landline and no answering machine, if you call and I’m home I will pick-up, if not, oh well…the government is full of spies, good and bad, I just don’t buy into it, I have my life and it’s mine not theirs so I keep it mine…I didn’t need a cell phone before they were made whats to say I need one now?…the internet? different story altogether…on the other side of the coin is, this makes me afraid of the government, they are everywhere and as far as I can tell with no reason other than to scare you into compliance, I have yet to meet someone I would think was a danger to our country than all these control freaks in government, it’s all about control…

I am starting a new page titled Daily Press where I will respond to information I find across the web. I have been posting across the web and not focusing on my duties here. This ends tonight 11/30/17  7:12 pm. Much of what I have to say doesn’t get here and here is where it belongs instead of preaching to the choir or on sites where I am ignored such as facebook which shouldn’t bother me because it is the shallow end of things but it does. There are those that “like” a photo here and there but there is no dialog. Elsewhere I am, as I said, preaching to the choir and I get great responses. It would be nice to have honest dialog but I know that is impossible on the web so this will be a place for my opinion. The latest items will be at the top and work down.