A review of Dr. Jesse Hatgis D.O.

Read his profile on the web. Got a referral from my Primary Doctor to Dr. Hatgis and had my records forwarded. Got an appointment for March 1st, 2018. When he arrived at my room I handed him my card concerning my deafness. He said, in so many words, “…so what do you want us to do about it? start talking really loud so you can hear us?…”, as his voice got louder and louder. I explained I have an auditory aphasia and he said something to the effect that I “…could reads lips and such…”. I have never been more humiliated by a “professional” in my life. Or it certainly feels that way. Today, 4/12/18, I received a bill for $40.00 some bucks. I’m to pay 40 bucks to be humiliated by some quack doc? He offered my no services and basically booted me out of his office. I left confused and horribly hurt by the “medical profession” once again. That clown gets an F-minus grade from me.

I have some fine physicians in my time, a few names:

Dr. Melvin Cohen

Dr. John Cogland

Dr. Kent Ward

Dr. George Bryan

Dr. Virginia Connor

Most Doctors are just that, Doctors. What makes a Physician?

A journey through pain…

On the 12th of July. I met with a doc and his staff concerning my back pain. We decided that injections of steroids at L5-S1 would be a good start. I also started a medication for the calming of the electricity flowing through my back and legs. I had the injections on the 24th. It was not an easy thing to experience. The inflammation in my back is so bad the doc had a very hard time getting his needles in. Remembering a few things. The doc was assisted by a new doc  to the staff. In the beginning I remember hearing “maybe you hit some bone” and “try cork-screwing it in” and then the doc took over saying how hard it was to get the needle in, I didn’t like his needle and to hold really still. OOOPPPSSS is what I say. I was a malfunctioning dart-board, damn. On the 25th I had to slow down the new medication because of a bad reaction to it. By the 26th I was in agony with an increase in pain. I had an appointment with my primary doc on Friday the 27th. I explained everything that had taken place over the last month. He said nothing and gave me a prescription for oxycodone 10mg twice daily. I have been taking this dosage level since the early spring, it does nothing for the pain. That was 7:30am, at 2:00pm I went to the nearest ER which is a 45 minute drive because I was in so much pain. I got a shot of an anti-inflammatory and a script for a muscle relaxer; 3 days worth. Nothing for pain. From the 25th until the 2nd of Aug. I was making almost daily calls to the doc’s medical assistant concerning my increase in pain. I was also sending the doc messages via his patient-portal, they were never answered. I called on the 2nd and the doc wanted to see me, it is a 45 minute drive, one way. He gave me a prescription for a week of steroids to calm the inflammation down. Nothing for pain. He gave me a referral to a surgeon to operate and he noted to the surgeon it was “urgent”. On my way home I picked up the prescription racked in pain from the drive. That night, the 2nd, I tried to sleep on frozen packages of meat. On the 3rd I got my oxycodone script filled and bought a wrap around clay filled freezing thingy instead of frozen meat. The pain in my back, left leg and foot is beyond describing. I cannot sit, stand, walk or lay down. My left foot is numb and some times it goes up to mid calf. And again, nothing substantial for pain. Friday the 3rd, no call from the surgeon. Today is Sunday the 5th. Since the 2nd I have gotten 3 hours of sleep due to the pain and the steroid therapy. The freezer wrap doesn’t stay frozen long enough. There is no way I am able to take the oxycodone as prescribed, I have to take it more often just so I don’t scream and hyperventilate. I have been hyperventilating since the injections. I am worn out and nothing substantial for all this pain and numbness. This is not medicine, first do no harm, this is torture. Since the 12th of July I have seen 3 doc’s and 1 nurse practitioner and no one will address the pain. “Oh it’s the new laws” BULL SHIT!!! This is mean and cruel, period!!! The doc that did the injections wants me to send him a message on how I’m doing say mid-week this coming week via his portal. FUCK THAT-HE’s FIRED!!! I will not waste my time again with him!!! My only hope is the surgeon and the drive to see him is some 50 miles away. I don’t know if I can do the drive, turn around and drive back home, in the desert heat with no air-conditioning in my car. I have been taking oxycodone since 2010. Up til march of this year my dosage was 15mg every 6 hours and it made life some what livable. Last year when my left leg first went bad I went to the ER and they hit me up with 40mg of morphine I.V.. My pain at that time was the size of the sun and in less that 10 minutes it was the size of a pencil eraser. I know how to live life using oxycodone, carefully and logging every dose. Today I can get nothing for pain??? WTF??? Again, this is not “medicine” this is torture!!! If I don’t hear from the surgeons office by noon tomorrow I will call them and see whats what. I need help and living in the boondocks out in the desert it is very very hard to find.


AZ-opioid-prescribing-guidelines in PDF form. A doc’s actions have been limited to a degree but to not such a degree that my pain issues cannot addressed in a safe and reasonable manner. I have also never even come close to what a doc can prescribe in gross amount. What I have been experiencing is cruel, unnecessary, torturous, unethical and not medicinal but political. Cover your ass instead of providing medical therapies to the patient is not medicine.

Monday, Aug. 6th

So much Bull-Shit. The “referral” to the surgeon was never made. I have an appointment with the surgeons P.A. on the 9th. They want current x-rays or MRI’s, I have neither, so the P.A. will have to order them. The next appointment time with the surgeon was the 21st. So I took the 9th just to get the ball rolling.

Tuesday, Aug. 14th

I cancelled the surgeons appointment and the appointment I had with an N.P. at a new pain clinic. They both wanted new MRI’s. There is no way I can stay still on that cold hard table long enough. My sciatic nerve is on fire. And neither one would give me anything for pain because I don’t have a signed opioid usage agreement with either one. I have an appointment with the Doctor that gave me my first injection over a year ago. His clinic uses both medications and injections, as well as other therapies to address pain. He also is a very nice guy. I didn’t go to him at first because of the drive time. His nearest office is an hour away. There is a person here in the complex that will drive me, he uses the same Doctor and knows where all 3 of his offices are, that way I won’t get lost. I have been watching video’s of floor exercises for the low back. They seems to help a bit and freezing my back more. I can do nothing. I fought to nuke some eggs today, spilling them on the counter while I danced in pain. I am too damn old for this. The bottom of my left foot and my toes where on fire earlier while my foot and ankle are numb. I’ll explain my back at anther time. I have been up for 1/2 hour, my leg is screaming at me and I need to go lay down now.

The Enemy Between Us: How Inequality Erodes our Mental Health

Inequality creates the social and political divisions that isolate us from each other