A review of Dr. Jesse Hatgis D.O.

Read his profile on the web. Got a referral from my Primary Doctor to Dr. Hatgis and had my records forwarded. Got an appointment for March 1st, 2018. When he arrived at my room I handed him my card concerning my deafness. He said, in so many words, “…so what do you want us to do about it? start talking really loud so you can hear us?…”, as his voice got louder and louder. I explained I have an auditory aphasia and he said something to the effect that I “…could reads lips and such…”. I have never been more humiliated by a “professional” in my life. Or it certainly feels that way. Today, 4/12/18, I received a bill for $40.00 some bucks. I’m to pay 40 bucks to be humiliated by some quack doc? He offered my no services and basically booted me out of his office. I left confused and horribly hurt by the “medical profession” once again. That clown gets an F-minus grade from me.

I have some fine physicians in my time, a few names:

Dr. Melvin Cohen

Dr. John Cogland

Dr. Kent Ward

Dr. George Bryan

Dr. Virginia Connor

Most Doctors are just that, Doctors. What makes a Physician?