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in a time of darkness there appears a light so bright that it cannot be mistaken for anything else but trust and love, these things don’t just happen, this bird knew what Mr. Bernie Sanders is all about by the energy he transmits, the bird felt trusting enough to land on the podium and say hello friend I’ll share this space with you for a while, I have had similar experiences with birds and a few cats and it is a WOW experience, it leaves you vibrating at a very high level to be trusted to that degree, the animal knew there wasn’t a harming cell in his body, he felt safe and that is what we all need, to feel safe

“I know it doesn’t look like it, but that little bird is really a dove asking us for world peace. No more wars!”



Bernie Sanders is as close as I will ever get to knowing my cousin FDR…

He is as close as you will get as well…

He has been saying the same thing(s) for decades…

He is, I feel, the real deal…

He is working for us, not a building covered in glass and chrome…

I would break bread with this man and let him have the larger share…

I am weary of watching our country being robbed…

We come into this world not to make money but to help each other…

Today I donated to further his journey…won’t you?…

bernie-sanders-portrait-03 bernie-sanders-portrait-02…I have contacted the Roosevelt Institute if they endorse anyone, no answer…

…Mr. Sanders is a nice guy that says nice things but in contacting his camp or his camp manager, Jeff Weaver, no answer…

today 11/19/15

…Mr. Bernie Sanders won my heart over…

…I like Bernie and I think for all the right reason’s but there are few issues that I feel need addressing…

the link above is very insightful to say the least, will anyone take a stand against the MIC? perpetual war? constant killing? against the Empire? I doubt it very much…but…I like to dream…

1…the elimination of the Spy-State

2…the need for a massive reduction of the Military Industrial Complex

3…the constant state of War

4…the collapse of our social order

5…running the lobbyists out of the Halls of Government

6…the lack of accountability

7…Inclusion, or the lack of it



10…Global Warming/Climate Change


…I think the next time I hear of a political hack debunk the state of our environment and how polluted it is and that GW/CC isn’t happening, how they aren’t going to pay attention to the Science behind it, they should at the same time pledge to never ever visit a Doctor or Hospital again as long as they live…here is some not-rocket science for you to consider…pack a bunch of humans together, feed them shitty food, pollute their environment, don’t pay them a living wage, take away their rights and spy on them and so much more of our current social condition, then let them have as many guns and bullets as they want and what do you get? A collapse of a Nation State into Chaos. DUH!!!

The man works hard for us, always has…I’ve known most of this but some of you don’t but need to…



Today Mr. Sanders took the Bull by the tail, swung him around, stared into his eye’s and said your days are numbered. He literally stood at the Temple Door (wall street) and screamed into the Bulls mouth, Greed Is Not Good. Nothing faked, or staged but genuine passion. I remember watching him lecture the Senate on Social Security a few years ago. He used the same passion then as he did today. I have to go back to James Otis, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin and FDR to see this passion. Read his speech here,



…from the Daily Kos…


…2/1/16…tried to upload an anti-HRC photo 3 times, was not accepted by the media program…am I being censored???…


Big Night For Us All

the images below are from…thank you Abby


Bernie’s crowd


HRC’s group

berniestandupcome on folk’s Stand Up

…ya, and I get 1.50 an hour being disabled, pond scum that I am



…a suggestion for Mr. Sanders…choose Alan Grayson for V.P. …


…after a little review of Mr. Grayson it may be a poor choice for v.p. but he is a good bull dog, a rich good bull dog by way of quick learning via his time in the right place at the right time in congress, he’s sharp, he’s smooth and effectual at his job, makes enemies fast but gets things done but there is that shade under the tree where he sits that just ain’t right



above I note a few questions I have for Mr. Sanders…this piece puts the question to all those seeking office…I am not a “libertarian” but I am against a giant war machine, war, killing, guns and related ugliness…why we have these things is addressed here, explained? maybe, I’ve done a quick read and a lot rings true, we’ve been at war with the world since 2001 but we also have been fighting others since 1776, I was a conscientious objector during the Viet Nam era and only owned a gun when living out in the middle of no-where where there was no law and order in the late 70’s, I quickly sold it, just didn’t like having it around…examination of the Hawkishness of a candidate is valid, do we want to blow someone and ourselves up?…as you think about what those running for office, see how this applies to what they are saying to the public at large and what our history says about us…


male homeless sleeping in a street

male homeless sleeping in a street



…it also speaks to HRC and her speaking “fee’s”/”income” or whatever you might want to call it…


…a really nice thing to do here, spend 40 bucks if you have it, get a great book and support Bernie, all in one…WOW

…just a few samples of the art from the book Captured, if you goto the site you can get details about the person drawn and who drew them…this is a really big deal because it explains why these individuals were drawn and what offences they have committed and why the artist is where they are and why…the imbalance of the scales of justice are exposed, it is a big deal, please support the project, thank you…

87654321…used with permission from the Project, thank you…

Prisoners draw corporate evil-doers who should be in jail but aren’t


…Palestinians do not exist, Native Americans do not exist to HRC, what a shame war crimes get swept under the rug time and time again, only to hope there is a special place in Hell for people that don’t see ALL People as ONE…




…Bernie understands “inclusion” what more can you ask for, what more do we need, everyone must be included, everyone…


…money whore…she loves money more than she does you and sells her mouth for money, sells her brain for money, she is a money whore..



…TRUTH…what more do you want?



war machine, blood money, drug money, bloody hands and in our name…this alone is enough Not to elect hrc into office, she is a 1%er with nothing on her mind but more deceits, more lies, more blood being spilled…in the name of The United States of America, in other words YOU…

…so…later today…you have this…we have american media and then we have media, somewhere in between there is rationality, is sounds really bad, which it most likely is without a doubt but it is also grinding an axe, read carefully because it does say important things about hrc that no one else is saying…



…me thinks she’s going down, hard…



boycott amazon, washington post is owned by the guy that owns amazon…read the piece to learn more…

dh1_1024x590War Crimes Anyone…


[as an INFP/INTP my empathy quotient is very high, it can be painful, as in shutting down this site, to coming back on, to shutting it down again and back and forth ad nauseam,  to hiding under the covers, to not giving a damn, to realizing it’s not me it’s YOU…ya, I’m in that 1 to 2 % that care too much, that means that when I engage with you I have to keep in mind that 98% of you are _ _ _ _ ? because I get walked over and taken advantage of]


Boycott amazon…the guy that owns amazon owns the washington post…read the piece to learn more…learn how Big Money controls YOU…

The Single Biggest Reason Why I Have Voted For Mr. Sanders In The Primary And Will Do So In The General Is He Isn’t A War Criminal…



Bernie won Michigan, a Biggie and there will be more wins, to be sure…

the thing about trump, he is just what the gop asked for, with talking heads like rush limpbough and others and the states relying on alex to write their laws you get trump/koch induced insanity…the right has been wrong since raygun, who changed our war on poverty to a war on drugs, following in nixon’s path, our biggest threat is not only global warming it includes poverty, disposable people, the invisible among us…clinton and sanders come close but still speak of the middle class which still leaves people behind, poverty is inexcusable within the richest nation on the planet, of course that line is false since we are in debt up to our ears…but…correcting inequalities within our borders should will and maybe rise all boats, including the poor, not just the middle class, there should be no poor, there has to be no poor, the path to take to achieve this is to stop killing each other and everyone else, lend a hand or go back under your rock of selfishness, there is suppose to be a global economic collapse coming, why?, it doesn’t have to be if we start from ground level up, the homeless, the poor, the sick, the disabled are not criminals or disposable either, they are you and they are me, without and there is no excuse for this other than greed and ego, both of which make us sick…go Bernie go but fight for the poorest of the poor and we’ll win even by bigger numbers and be healthier for it…



from Dear Mr. Fish



Thank You Mrs. Jane Sanders

this is the way it’s done folks, getting in there and getting your hands dirty, she’s been to Oak Flats, she’s been to Tent City…great work, this getting your hands dirty fighting for those that can’t, a Grand Example to us all…

“We started this campaign at 3 percent in the national polls,” Sanders declared from a podium to supporters in Phoenix, Arizona. “We have come a long way in 10 months. And the reason that we have done as well as we have, the reason that we have defied all expectations, is that we are doing something very radical in American politics—we are telling the truth.”

“And the truth,” he continued,  “is not always pleasant, is not always what we want to hear. But we cannot go forward unless we deal with the realities of American society today, and that is what we are going to do.”

“Democracy is not complicated — it is one person one vote,” said Sanders. “You want to vote for me, great. You don’t, that’s okay. But what I do not want to see are billionaires spending unlimited sums of money buying elections and undermining the democracy which has made our country so great.” (from

I support Mr. Sanders 100%.

Fear not the path of truth, fear the lack of people walking on it.

R.F. Kennedy

…here we are 71 years after FDR’s death still fighting for everyone to be included…


a new little tid-bit about hrc’s buddies over at G/S…another reason not to support killery, she supports them and look at what they do…where are the speech’s killery ???


I can only hope, that’s all I have, that you click on the link and watch the full video, his whole speech is about Inclusion, everyone being included. As noted in the piece politics in america is damn hard and dirty with nasty people all the way, hrc is a war criminal commonly referred to as killery, she is not alone in ugliness within the Empire. I try and be polite, I try and be kind and I ask myself why, well why? Because I’m better than that and I think so is Bernie. I do not want a war monger for a President. The world is tired of american ugliness. Are you? Somehow I doubt it. Why vote for a female multimillionaire? Why not destroy america the right way and vote for rump? We had enough shady dealings with slick-willy, do you want more of the same from his wife? He’ll be in the house too you know, they’ll be in the War Room 90% of the time, you can ride along to the Bank with hrc on that.

I surely hope you are going to and reading the Real News of the campaign and the fight against the hrc machine…Please…Donate to Bernie so that we all can have a future…


A little humor never hurt anyone and it’s something we all really need right now, right ???


it’s very nice to see someone pay attention to what AZ is about, Mr & Mrs Sanders are spending a lot of time here talking to real people about real things, most of the time AZ gets a glance at, not a real look see, just another good reason to vote Bernie and yes, sheriff joe needs a look see…

ya, so, so what, I already know you won’t click on the link, you rarely do but I’ll post it anyway because that’s what I do in the hope that you’ll become educated, sadly you’ll remain stupid and we’ll all lose…be sure to read the comments as well, there are some very nice insights there…

…I just received an email from Bernie and this is what he has to say…

“…Almost 11 months ago when I announced that I would run for president, the corporate media wrote me off as a “fringe candidate.”…For me his sanity makes him rare in government, he isn’t a “fringe candidate”, he is a very sane man who has been doing and saying the same things for decades, does being sane mean he is one the fringe? in many respects, Yes, just look around you folk’s, take a good look see…bernie-sanders-portrait-01

a Vote for Mr. Sanders is a vote for Sanity within the system, read his record, listen to what he has to say and Donate and Vote, I have…

slam-dunk   home-run   touch-down   bingo   guaranteed genocide, it has been projected that Gaza will uninhabitable in 5 years, I think that’s a bit too optimistic

Oh to quote Paul Simon, how very nice of, I make it very clear here that Bernie is #1 in my camp, for me the others aren’t even up to second-rate, go to his page here and find more…”…on the subway walls and tenant halls…”


this is why Bernie is SO IMPORTANT to our future, this is why the media ignore him or black-list him, he speaks the Truth, of Inclusion, shared responsibilities, which means by the way means, having the ability to respond, it says nothing about duty or obligation, we do have the ability to respond to treat others as we treat ourselves

and here we have hrc wanting to give more aide to Israel, for what?, so they can kill more? isn’t that what our “support” does with other nations, allow them to kill? it doesn’t buy food or medicine or shelter, it buys weapons, does it not? STOP KILLING EACH OTHER DAMMIT


I mailed in my vote on Super Tuesday but it isn’t counted until today in Arizona

I voted for Mr. Bernie Sanders and I donated to his campaign as well with money I didn’t have to spare, why did you do that dummy? well, it’s like this, I want a regime change in America, the Empire has to fall completely or be reorganized, I’d like to take the safe route, if you don’t mind, thank you very much, the other route looks mighty ugly at best with hrc, dt or tc what would we get? more divisions, more killing, more inequality, in other words, more of the same or worse which is quite frankly Insanity and Insane…in my view we need to become a Nation again, a people and just maybe a civilization, a civil nation, get it ??? I am of the understanding that the expat’s mail in vote went to Bernie in a major way, maybe if we get him into that house on the hill they’ll come home and join in the fun of working together to becoming that civilization I’d like to see, not this Empire we have today.


I just learned from the “hill” web site that hrc has taken AZ’s vote, I’ll blame it on sun-baked brains

Bernie’s Big Win but Not AZ…the numbers matter…yes, do the math

bbwnaz  a PDF of C/D’s front page

cnnpol  CNN poll, do the math

arizona is the New florida people…read this and weep, cry for our beloved country, having been here off and on since 1959 this makes me sick but it’s no surprise…elsewhere I talk about az needing a good look see, well, will that happen? most likely NOT

go here to sign the petition for an investigation into this Fraud