Founder’s Documents

I am posting this for everyone’s quick reference, it is always a good idea to have these handy when questions arise about what is happening in Our Country. Just click on the blue link and they will load onto a different page.

The Declaration of Independence


The U.S. Constitution


The Federalist Papers


…of note is the Federalist  Paper #10 written by Madison…it explores what “factions” do to governments and governing…

…from Oxford, a history of the issue of the “separation of church and state”…


…The Freedom From Religion Foundation has some insightful writing on the current battle for the separation of church and state…these are a few examples…

Repealing the Johnson Amendment would cost taxpayers billions – Freedom From Religion Foundation

Secular organizations raise alarm over Sessions_ religious memo – Freedom From Religion Foundation

FFRF condemns assault on women_s rights in tax bill – Freedom From Religion Foundation

…there is the Charter of The Forest which is part of the Magna Carter that I will have to find but this is one reflection on it by Alex Ugur