WIFI & The Internet

…11/11/17…bringing this forward…

…because of my current situation I am having to use a Mac again and with wifi but I am so far away from the source I have to use a very strong antenna to pick-up the signal, so I’m not really swimming in the stream as it were…The message applies more today than it did when this was written, back then it was “news” but now not so much which in my mind means the tools used are getting that much better, we have become complacent and there are just so many thing one can worry about, isn’t there?




here ya go folk’s, need any more proof ???





Smoking Gun


…”electromagnetic” what is it? microwave’s, high grade mircowave’s…wifi is but a portion of microwave band width…read about the “effects”, they are the same as what is documented below…a smoking gun, it’s being tested as a weapon to kill, GET HARD WIRED PEOPLE’S, what does it take for you to understand? this is poison to living things, human and otherwise…



…just a taste of what follows below this link…are we having fun yet?…


…and some reasons to read up on what is really going on, this ain’t no game show, not the way they play…spies, censorship, propaganda, lies and total insecurity, watch this closely, you might just have to shut-down to stay outta the line of fire…





this link will get you started, I hope, in discovering how you are being controlled, how much and by whom…I will also be moving things from other pages here to assist you in this discovery of what the Internet is and isn’t and what technology is and isn’t doing to keep you safe, healthy, free and happy…oh this marvelous toy/tool we use without thinking and that is one of the reasons it works so well, our thinking is being done for us…

…I started out some 17+ years ago using one of these, black & white screen 3″ X 5″, total HD size 16 megabytes and ran it on dial-up, Earthlink was so impressed they gave me a month free…I have watched the internet change a lot, so I know a little about which I speak but I am not a geek, I used to know mac like the back of my hand, now that I’ve moved to Linux Mint there is a learning curve and I’m not one for using the command line but that will change with time…



…just 2 examples of what the internet and our toys have become, a loss of Liberty and Justice…other “Rights” are under attack, like free speech and more…cell phones are a tracking & recording machine that cause disease as well as a loss of rights…more links to come…

 …get and use Linux Mint…get and use Tor…why?

Linux Mint is open source(*), free, comes with a fire wall but you don’t have to use it, why? because there are no open “listening” ports, I use the fire wall anyway just because I can…Tor was originally developed by and for the Navy, it is open source, free and diverts your connection 3 times before it makes a landing at the site you’ve requested to see, making it almost fool proof in tracking you, it will get better the more people use it, yes it’s slower than direct connecting but being secure costs…get and use a VPN, Open VPN is the gold standard, they keep no records of any kind, even your ISP doesn’t know where you go or who you talk to…it isn’t just the NSA that wants to know everything you do or say, it’s google, amazon, and anywhere you buy on line, most sites you visit on-line and most certainly “social media” sites like facebook and others…for a search engine I use ixquick or startpage, they are the same thing just different names, one is based in the E.U. and the other in the U.S. …the E.U. has greater privacy protections than the U.S. so using services from the E. U. make sense from a privacy stand point…cell phones, wifi is a portion of microwave, it makes and causes disease, it is also the easiest way to track you, it knows where you are within 3 feet at any given moment, even when turned off…I will be posting links concerning safety and security from my links page and from my rad’s/gw-cc/wifi page as well…do your own home work as well because the internet is now a control machine, a propaganda machine and a way of keeping you from thinking on your own…are you your own person? or a controlled and compliant citizen? as in 1984?…if you are using a desktop machine and monitor, cover over the camera, disconnect the microphone and remove the wifi and it’s antenna, use Linux Mint and Tor and a VPN, you’ll be safe for a while, until they change technologies again, which is about every 6 months, you must try and stay ahead of the game in order to remain your own person…links and suggestions to follow soon…(* open source and what it means=someone wants their computer to do a certain task, they write the program, work out what ever kinks there are, submit it to the general population as a beta, it is tested and if something doesn’t quite work right it is corrected, anyone can do this, then it is submitted again as beta and offered to the public again and if all is well it becomes a piece of the puzzle that makes up open source, it must meet certain standards such as being secure, ease of use and the like, just like a peer reviewed journal of science, it must pass the smell test; open source is just that, it is the opposite of proprietory software like apple and microsoft where you have no input what so ever, you get what they want you to get, holes and all…)

…just a few links to get you started to a more secure experience on the web… http://www.linuxmint.com/  …internet security… https://www.sophos.com/en-us.aspx  …internet security… https://prism-break.org/en/  …internet security… https://www.torproject.org/  …internet security… https://www.eff.org/  …those that fight for digital rights w/news… …a few things about wifi and what it does… http://www.sott.net/article/312787-Wireless-wake-up-call-Former-Silicon-Valley-tech-expert-discusses-health-risks-of-wireless-technology http://www.sott.net/article/312792-Great-balls-of-fire-Mobile-phones-found-to-be-cooking-mens-sperm http://www.sott.net/article/311940-Radiating-corruption-The-frightening-politics-science-of-cell-phone-safety Microsoft Word – Amended Declaration of Barry Trower.doc – 20-Amended-Declaration-of-Barry-Trower portland imc – 2011.07.26 – WIRELESS LAPTOPS IN SCHOOLS POSE HEALTH DANGERS FOR CHILDREN portland imc – 2011.07.26 – WIRELESS LAPTOPS IN SCHOOLS POSE HEALTH DANGERS FOR CHILDREN 20-Amended-Declaration-of-Barry-Trower http://www.hindawi.com/journals/mi/2014/924184 …I removed the wifi hardware from my mac mini and with upgrading to Linux Mint is was able to turn off the wifi function of the router supplied by my IPS…my apartment is clean…but…if I spend much time outdoors in down-town Phoenix I pay the price, within a short period of time I am beyond fatigue, I am exhausted and I am beyond in pain, my whole body hurts from head to toe and the ringing in my right ear turns into a scream and it’s very hard to hear, once I have dosed myself with mega-doses of pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs I can sleep it off, the whole process takes 24 to 36 hours depending on how much time I spent outside…the links above should get you started in discovering what wifi does, one of the scariest is that it alters DNA, damages it within the mitochondria within each cell, it is the mitochondria that supply energy to the cell, then the muscle or organ or what have you…there is so much more I won’t cover, like brain tumors and such… just for kicks I punched in “biological effects of wifi” into ixquick…look for credible sources and then find out who funded the studies, follow the money, always, even .edu links depend on where their funding comes from…do an image search as well, there are brain studies that show amazing things about this form of radiation, yes, radiation, just like microwave, nuclear and solar, they are all Radiation, they all cause harm to the body…


https://aeon.co/essays/how-the-internet-flips-elections-and-alters-our-thoughts http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/02/21/big-victory-judge-pushes-jewel-v-nsa-forward http://www.commondreams.org/news/2016/02/19/amid-battle-apple-memo-reveals-big-brothers-plan-b-encryption http://www.commondreams.org/news/2016/02/17/watershed-moment-privacy-apple-refuses-fbi-order-create-iphone-backdoor http://www.sott.net/article/311940-Radiating-corruption-The-frightening-politics-science-of-cell-phone-safety http://www.commondreams.org/news/2016/02/09/internet-things-absolute-goldmine-big-brother-admits-top-us-spy http://www.dailydot.com/politics/obama-cybersecurity-national-action-plan-budget-request/ https://www.justsecurity.org/29240/surveillance-power/ https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/01/companies-should-resist-government-pressure-and-stand-free-speech http://www.commondreams.org/news/2016/01/11/metadata-comes-home-new-threat-score-policing-tools http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/18/opinion/mass-surveillance-isnt-the-answer-to-fighting-terrorism.html https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2015/11/bulk-call-details-records-collection-ends-what-means the internet can be many things and if used properly it can be of great benefit to everyone, it is a vast library of information and disinformation, it can be used for exposing Truths and dispensing lies, it can be used for spying as well, it’s not all fun and games because almost everyone has a hidden agenda, so when on line looking for new sources of information or whatever be sure to look into the sites credibility and who is funding what…for me personally I look for the left or far left of things whether political or science based because for far too long the disinformation flowing from the right has led us down the wrong path which has caused more damage than good…the battle for privacy, the battle against censorship and such are now getting red hot, just like anything else these daze, if you want things to be readily available at your finger-tips you are going to have to fight for it, fight for the right to be informed and not judged for what you read or look at…yes…there is a lot of crime being committed here within the web, just like life on the streets of your town…there is an old saying; “tell me who you were with and I’ll tell you who you are” applies to the web as well, personally I’d like to think I’m seeking truth and freedom and willing to fight for it by posting this blog and sending emails of gratitude when I find someone or an organization doing the right thing(s), I actually get emails back thanking me for taking the time to write them a note…being polite while calling a spade a spade isn’t always easy but if we all did it maybe there wouldn’t be a need to be spied on by everyone and their brother…I hope this page helps you in some small way towards understanding what the internet is all about…

…here is a first of hopefully many links to help you with microwave and wifi radiation…my main problem is that I use a flat-screen t.v. for a monitor for my mac mini, big no-no, so I have to find a low emitting monitor…anyway this is a place to start, the comments are good as well…



…WOW, if this doesn’t wake you up you are either brain-dead or 6 feet under…well? which is it?



…I do not hide who I am, what purpose would it serve?…but…over the last 6 years these things have happened to me, why? you’ll have to find your own answers…I have had my personal snail mail stolen over a period of months, filed a complaint, got a case #, it stopped happening with no information from the case #, it just sopped…my car was broken into, the steering column destroyed and was ready to drive away but wasn’t, it is a “classic” and was all original and was gaining in value every year, now it’s just an old car, was censored by my ISP, they refused to send or receive my emails because they couldn’t get into my computer to find out who I was, had to go to my rep. in congress to get it straightened out, went to another email provider and in a matter of weeks the emails I sent were showing up blank to those I sent them too, I upgraded to mac 10.11.2 and lost control of my router, my mac mini and the t.v. I was using for a monitor, mac controlled the whole thing…I have this all documented with logs and screen shots…I’ll be going off-line in a few days, I can longer afford paying for DSL due to having some expensive car repairs done on my now just another old car…I will be reposting these hidden files, pages of being censored and hacked, if the site is taken down or I disappear to a “black-site” you’ll know why…the thing to think about is the fight over encryption, it isn’t about encryption it’s what we are not being told about, the hidden agenda if you will, back-doors? encryption? come-on folk’s think about it…what is it really about? it could quite possibly be about who gets to plant things in your brain subliminally, not what dish soap to buy but well, figure it out, he that owns the book controls the information inside, who’s brain is it, yours or theirs?





http://www.commondreams.org/news/2016/03/02/congress-challenges-comey-claims-fbi-apple-battle-heats ********************************************************************************

I have not researched this link so I can not endorse what they claim…all I know is, is that yesterday I went to a thrift store and bought an old style plug in telephone and stopped using my mobile phone [not a cell but mobile] the ringing buzzing in my right ear is completely gone after years of BUUUUUZZZZZZZing, it’s gone…get hard wired…





…just another reason to get rid of that tracking device you cannot or will not live without…