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There is some confusion of the Carson/Hoffman/McCay line that needs to be done. I’ll work on it soon.

The Hoffman Coat of Arms

This is a starting point of my Mother’s family tree. Her name was Florence Kingston Hoffman, I’ll be adding things as I go along. If you have any suggestions or need any further information I will try my best to comply. Wikipedia has a great wealth of information and doing a search through most search engines will yield good results as well if you begin with the name,

Martin Hermanzen Hoffman…

Another good source is the New England Genealogical Historical Society and the books by Gary Boyd Roberts. He points out that President George H.W. Bush and the Bush family have been in the U.S. so long that if all relatives were counted it may be up to 1 million people, if you followed all lines to the end.

Martin Hermanzen Hoffman came from Tallinn Sweden, now Estonia, to the Hudson River Valley in 1657. We are now working on our 15th generation of being in America. Years ago I contacted a woman in Tallinn about us being from Estonia and she said, no, you are German. Even though we had been in Estonia for generations we were still considered to be German’s because of how the Germans treated the Estonians. The Germans were the property owners, the Mayor’s and governors of vast estates there and the “locals” were treated as second class citizens. So to this day, according to them, I am not from Estonia but Germany.

Estonia has been traded back and forth by Sweden and Russia for centuries, it has been independent since, Feb. 24th 1918 the really nice thing is they celebrate their independence day by singing, the whole country sings.

According to the New England Genealogical Historical Society I am directly related to 17 President’s of the U.S. of A. I am a 4th cousin of FDR, there are over 30 of the Roosevelt family listed in the Hoffman genealogy and I am a 35th/36th cousin to George W. Bush. Members of the Hoffman family and the Bush family fought in the same regiment during the revolutionary war. 2 family members signed the Declaration of Independence and 2 signed the Constitution(*1). Signing Family Members I am of Royal descent, I can trace my blood-line back to Robert The Bruce of Scotland and King Edward The First of England, they were first cousins. The Hoffman House still exists in Kingston, New York. It has become a Tavern, the food is wonderful and of course the house is itself amazing. Up until the mid 1930’s/1940’s it was the oldest continually lived in home by one family in America.

I have many photo’s and other information to be loaded on to this page, so please be patient.

…within the Tavern there is a bar and 2 dining rooms, there is also an outdoor patio for dining as well…the upper floor is wide open with no interior walls, there is a staircase that leads up to a “look-out” for safety, it isn’t visible from the street…I have a chunk of plaster from upstairs and they used horse-hair to hold the plaster together…

Gary Body Roberts considers The Hoffman Genealogy a main source material item for understanding the genealogy of America. It isn’t just a list of names and dates, it also provides stories and histories of people and places in the Hudson River Valley that made what America is today. This an image from Wikipedia of Eugene A. Hoffman, the author.

…my Great Grandfather was John White Hoffman, page 389 family# 900, my Grandfather’s page# 389 and his family# is 1346…I haven’t a clue what my family number would be…genealogyofhoffm00hoff

Aug. 22, 2019…Great News…I was able to locate a copy of the book and have made the purchase. I should see it in a week or 2. My photocopy of my cousins copy of the book is numbered 59. My new book is numbered 249 of 250 printed. I truly feel grounded now, it is after all who I am. My cousins copy…my understanding is that the Rev. Hoffman made the 250 printing gifts to the primary family members which means my Great Grand Father received it, then my Grand Father, then his oldest son and then to his oldest child. My Uncle let me make a copy way back in the 90’s when my Aunt Nancy died. I am so grateful to the powers that be that I be put in this place at this time to receive this validation. It is in a manner of speaking, earning my place. On the same day that Senator Bernie Sanders announces the Green New Deal I have been allowed in. I have been pushing for FDR’s Second Bill of Rights for years and the GND echo’s the 2nd Bill of Rights and later in the day after ordering the book Senator Sanders released his GND. I have earned my Stripes, they are not on my shoulder but on my sleeve. Just received confirmation, I’ll see the book somewhere around Oct. 3rd. Thank you Dan! There are rivers that we cannot see. Elsewhere I talk a bit about what it means to me having family members involved in the shaping of this country. It is who I am, it is in my blood, it is in my DNA. To have this book in my hands will be a very powerful moment. Aug. 28th, 2019…I have received “The Book”, it is in my lap as I type. It is No, 249 and it is 120 years old, in so much better shape than I. I have found only one torn page and it isn’t completely torn. I have come home to who I am.


Feb. 24th, 2018…I have discovered there is a Hoffman DNA project. This is a screenshot of the start of the family listing. It is wonderful to see it goes way back in time to 1212-1289 and Austria. I have contacted the administer of the project and referred him here. I am hoping in the future to get a bit more of the family history. I did find another site that examines the past history but the text of the site was jumbled with odd characters and I was unable to read it.


Many years ago I found a family member, John White who is/was a demographer at Univ. of So. CA at Irvine and he had run the family tree through a 3D program…here are the images it produced, imagine them in 3D if you can, I have since lost the key to what the colored blocks are, whose name(s) they are I haven’t a clue anymore…it is my understanding that the “tail” on one of the images is the Lincoln-Carter line but have no verification…another way of looking at this is that when the 5 living Presidents got together for the announcement of the signing of the NAFTA treaty, Mr. Clinton was the only one not related; Reagan, Bush, Carter and Ford were/are related by blood and or marriage, as are over 30 of our 44 Presidents (to date)…


…after viewing/reading the genealogy and these 3D images  you can see we are highly interbred…it may be one of the reasons for all of my birth defects, both of my older brothers had birth defects as well…in this photo of Dec. 1980 there is left to right, myself, my Aunt Nancy and my brother Frank, these two are my favorite people in my life, my Aunt Nancy was a famous stage actress in her day and helped found the Pasadena Playhouse…

In 1924/25 my Grandfather owned a Pierce Arrow dealership in Washington D.C. after retiring from the U.S. Navy, he then sold out and moved the family to Prescott in 1926. X-mas Prescott AZ 1933.

When I lived in Prescott during the early 1990’s I donated 135 photographs of Prescott and my family to the Sharlot Hall Museum. When Sharlot Hall died my Grandmother was appointed interim director/curator.

Many family stories, some I’ll tell later…

On my Grandmother’s side…she was Anna Hampton Carson, her father being Hampton Lawrence Carson, another name to search for in Wikipedia and the web. A wonderful and fascinating man. At one time he was Attn. General of Pennsylvania, a Judge and many other things. At one time he owned the majority of what are known as The Blackstone Papers, much of English and American Law is based on these writings. He paid a visit to Europe at one point and was presented to Queen Victoria, she gave him a gift, a carving set of knife, fork and steel with English Red Horn Deer antler handles made by Sheffield Steel. I still have the set. There is a collection of his professional and personal papers at Penn State, known as The Carson Collection. His family started the College of Medicine and the Law College there.

My Great-Grand Father’s home in Pennsylvania and my Grandparent’s wedding.

Another photograph of my Great Grandfather, in the middle, I’ll have to do some more research for the other gentleman’s names…

…a few biographical notes on the Carson family, I find it interesting that my Granny is listed last and separate from all the others, someday a few funny stories of maybe why this is so…H.L.Carson

…John Carson, M.D.

My Great Grandfather Carson’s brother-in-law was General Andrew Atkinson Humphreys who’s Great Grandfather was Joshua Humphreys, the designer and builder of the U.S.S. Constitution, or “Old Ironsides”.  Hoffman family member Beekman Hoffman served as First LT. on board the U.S.S. Constitution during her first year of service. His sword is on display at the Museum. The marriage of my Grand Parents instills in me my footing on U.S. history; in a sense we are The Navy. Humphreys Peak of the San Francisco Peaks in AZ is named after Gen. A.A. Humphreys

General A.A. Humphreys…Brady-Handy, date unknown…during the Civil War battle of Peach Tree Orchard he had 2 horses shot out from under him but he himself was unharmed…after the War he was a Civil Engineer Topographer of the levees along the Mississippi River…

My Grandmother used to spend her summers in Wyoming at Eaton Ranch, this photo was taken in 1907 when she was 16…

In 1911 the whole family visited Montana and Canada, I have many photo’s from that trip, it is my understanding these people are of the Nez Pierce tribe.

…while at Eaton Ranch, WY…

I am not sure but I believe this photo was taken at Glacier National Park during a 4th of July celebration, 1911

…I visited the U.S.S. Constitution Museum in 2008, she is the last of her era to still be sea worthy…

…Ft. Lt. Beekman Hoffman’s sword…

…page 11 of the Hoffman genealogy …children of Cornelia Hoffman (67) and Isaac Roosevelt, Cornelia Roosevelt married Dr. Benjamin Kissam: Dr Kissam was the Doctor on board the U.S.S. Constitution…

…what I only just recently learned is that in the dry dock at the Museum but across the street is a Clemson Class Destroyer, my Grandfather was LT. Cd. of the U.S.S. Mullnay which was a Clemson Class Destroyer and the name was used again for a Fletcher Class Destroyer during WW2…during WW2 my Grandfather was called back to service by FDR and served as a Commodore in San Francisco…

Lt. CD. J.O. Hoffman, 3rd from left with Dress Sword aboard the U.S.S. Mullnay Clemson Class Destroyer…I have no idea where his sword is, wish I did…

X-mas 1946



A family story.

While my Mothers family lived in Prescott, FDR called and said they were going to be staying at the Grand Canyon for a few days and invited everybody up for a family get-together. They were on a whistle-stop tour and wanted to rest for a while. My Grandparents went, the children were left behind because my Grandfather didn’t want the Roosevelt’s influencing his children with progressive democratic ideas. My Mother never forgave her father for that and other things. When WW2 broke out she joined the Army, went home and said she had enlisted into the Army and my Grandfather disowned her on the spot. Told her to pack her bags and get out. My Mother, Father and brother John were allowed to be at a Christmas celebration in 1946. The whole family with husbands, wives and babies. There are smiles but you can feel the tension even in the photograph. My Grandfather was a wealthy elitist republican; thanks to my Grandmother the children weren’t. As you can imagine from this short tale, there are many skeletons in the closet(s).



…my Father, Weaver Fleming Satchell…

…a bit of uncovering about my Father’s Family…his Mother was Grace May Weaver, who was raised by her uncle and aunt, her uncle being Will Fleming…all 3 names come from Roxburghshire Scotland, the Weaver’s, the Flemings and the Satchell’s, all from one district on the Eastern Border Counties of Scotland Roxburghshire…I have just begun this tracing of the Satchell name, as a child I understood we were English but this is not so…on my Mother’s side there are McCay’s of Ribigill near Tongue Scotland, the McCay’s are part of the MacKay Clan, so I’m more Scot’s than I ever knew…my Mother’s Mother Anna Hampton Carson-Hoffman made some claims that I remember from when I was a child…during the winter she always wore a thigh length over shirt, long-sleeved, either red or blue-green Tartan Patterned, she claimed the McCay Tartan was to never be released to the public or Pendleton, whether those over-shirts were of the McCay Tartan I haven’t a clue and since she died in the late 1970’s I don’t know where they are or if they’d match the MacKay Tartan or were McCay; she also claimed that the McCay’s were the original Clan but were absorbed by the MacKay’s when they all came to the aide of Robert The Bruce to fight off the Sutherland’s…so much left to learn but I think I truly have found home…oh to go to Roxburghshire, to stand bare-foot on the dirt would be Magic to my soul…maybe some day, maybe…it’s kind of like a Native American standing on the dirt bare-foot here in America and saying, This is Mine, I could do the same thing, I lay no claim to anything there, don’t get me wrong but, it’s Mine, my Homeland, my Dirt…I have a hall-tree system built by my Grandfather Frank Leland Satchell, it is covered with the Flemish wood burning system or style and on it is the Scottish Lion, I understood this to english until to-day 3/28 when I discovered the Scottish Flag.

…from an email I received 3/4/16…


Dear Gilbert,

Alastair asked if I could help you with your inquiry on the Satchells history name origins.

Satchelis is the ancestral home or land of the Scots of Satchel, located in Roxburghshire. Where their history associates the making of satchel bags or packs that dates back to the areas industry of bag making origins there.

Your fathers name is Weaver Fleming Satchell! The ancient name Weaver is associated with textiles and the Flemings of Flanders (Norman Royals) were part of the families involved in bringing the textile industry to England and Scotland. The Flemings were very famous Lords of England and Scotland who originate from Micheal Le Scot of Furnas.

From Michael le Fleming line, we have Anselm Le Fleming who married a Lady Dunbar. They produce Richard Le Fleming who took the name Richard Le Scot and is the father of the Buccleuch line of the family who changed their name to Scott. The Clan today still refuses to address this major rediscovery of the families true identity by admitting the Scott Buccluch are Flemings! Your name originates from one of the Buccleuch branch lines in the attachment you can read in the book attached below!

On a last note, i saw your mother is also connected to the Ogdens! My wife’s family Hopkins were married to the Scot’s of Scotshall in England. The Ogdens were close to this Scott family from Long Island to New York State for over 200 years. If you have any question, please feel free to email me and I will help address any question or I can give you links to what you want to read or learn on the Satchel lines.

Kind Regards,

Gary Gianotti FSA Scot,
42 RIchard ST.
Milford, CT. 06460

Scotts of Thirlestane: Extracted from Some Old Families: a …
H. B. McCall – 1993
173 Captain Walter Scott of Satchclls, or simply ‘Satchells’ as he is generally called, appears to have been a son of Robert Scott of Satchells, a cadet of the …So, Satchells isn’t just a family name or a reflection of market goods, it is also a place, a spot of ground in Scotland; I have traced down a Satchell’s Cottage you can rent  holidays/vacations, it is part of a working sheep farm/ranch, this may or may not be the real Satchells I don’t know, I’ve sent queries but no answer not yet the McCay’s came from Ugadale and Arnigill (Argyle?) Scotland and again were absorbed in to MacKay Clan at the time of Robert The Bruce according to The MacKay Book which I’ll download some day…there are references to the town’s of Elliot and Glenshee as well, Glenshee is a wonder to behold, when you hear the term Highlander, Glenshee fits the bill.


…my Great Grandfather Hampton Lawrence Carson L.L.C.

He was the Lawyer for Lone Wolf vs Hitchcock before the Supreme Court…

The Supreme Courts decision was against Lone Wolf and established that Congress has Plenary Power over all Native Americans…which means they have complete power over them, they cannot go before the American Courts for anything but must go through Congress and Native Americans live at the whim of Congress…legal scholars and historians compare this as disagreeable as the the Dred Scott case and should be over-turned…there are quite a few pages on Wikipedia and others concerning this case and the establishment of Plenary Power over Native Americans, if one chooses to look into real Native American History that is…



It is not without trepidation that I write this.

My Great Grandfather, John White Hoffman was a an engineer. He was taken on by a family concern at Bethlehem Steel and did very well. He became a junior partner at one point. Teddy Roosevelt came into office and broke up some monopolies, one of them being Bethlehem Steel. My Great Grandfather was let go as part of the deal to stay in operation. My Grandfather was somewhere around the age of 9 to maybe 11 years old at the time. A brilliant child and an up and coming child prodigy classical pianist. When John White was let go there was a big drop in status, monies and broken relationships within the family. My Great Grandmother became unstable and committed suicide. My Grandfather never forgave or forgot what the Roosevelt’s had done to his mother. John White was taken on by the Naval Academy at Annapolis to design and build the sea wall to protect it. Part of the deal was that my Grandfather was appointed there without question. John White told his son there will be no long-haired musicians in his family and off he went. He went on to become an able seaman as most family members were but when FDR was appointed Secretary of The Navy, that was the last straw for my Grandfather. To have a yachtsman appointed over a real seaman was too much. They remained cordial towards each other and did family things together but I don’t believe FDR was ever invited into my Grandfather’s home, ever. The owning of a Pierce Arrow dealership after serving in the Navy cemented to ties between the Pierce, Bush and Hoffman families. But why did he sell out and move from Washington D.C. to Prescott, AZ? A little cowtown in nowhere Arizona. 2 words. The Nixon’s. The ties between the Hoffman’s and the Nixon’s goes way back to the settling if the Cadwallader Estate in New York City. The lawyer for the Estate was a Hoffman and he made sure that one of three inheritances of the Estate didn’t lose out. A Nixon. So, my Grandfather was The Big Fish in a little pond. A developer, real estate agent and sold insurance as well.  He was The Man About Town as it were and people looked to him for employment and advice. He developed the Hassayampa Mountain Club, which today is known as The Mountain Club. Half way through the beginning of the development and the beginning of sales of building lots and such a minor partner by the name of Howard Smith absconded with a major portion of the funds. But not all of my Grandfather’s monies. There were three families in Prescott that enjoyed the benevolence of my Grandfather. The Nixon’s, the Goldwater’s and the La Guardia’s. When Richard Nixon’s brother got TB and the Nixon’s had to move to Phoenix this grouping broke up. The Goldwater’s moved to Phoenix to set up shop there as they had in Prescott, the La Guardia’s moved to New York City and my Grandfather moved his family to Phoenix as well. From that time on, whenever the Nixon’s moved, my Grandfather and family moved as well. Always to within a short drive from the Nixon’s. When Richard Nixon ran for his first seat as a congressman in California, he came to the back-door of the house and he and my Aunt Nancy talked at the kitchen table. She always spoke of this with great distaste. To the back door. How dare he? She hated the man. When Anthony Hopkins played Richard in the movie Nixon, he always referred to himself in the 3rd person, as Nixon did. Oh they won’t Nixon do this or do that. Watch the movie again with this in mind. This is what I know to be fact. Anything else is pure conjecture. I am of the opinion though that Nixon was my Grandfather’s revenge for his Mother. I’ll end this here for obvious reason’s. One of my brother Frank’s daughters has the last piece of furniture from the John White period, a large cupboard made of mahogany known as the Bethlehem Cupboard, 5 large drawers with glass handles and a glass fronted case that sits on top with a 5 pointed star in white Georgia Pine at it’s very top. When my Grandfather was back into service by FDR as a Commodore during WW2 to serve in San Francisco the major ship builder for the port was Bethlehem Steel. They produced the Pacific Fleet in record time.


A major find

As noted above, I have ties to the McCay Clan and the McKay Clan through my Mothers Mother, my Granny. What I haven’t written about is what this means to Scotland and the Scottish people. At one time these Clans owned most of Northern Scotland and ruled the seas between Scotland and the Orkney Islands. We are old, we are Highlanders. The link provided explores the roots of the Orkney’s verifying our age and place in time. It feels warm in me right now having read and seen something that is me, my blood, my bones and my spirit. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. 9/26/2018

Some of the world’s oldest structures have survived for 5,000 years in the Orkney Islands.


Testing Theories of American Politics:

Elites, Interest Groups, and Average


Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page


…when this paper came out in 2014 I contacted the author’s and explained to them what they were describing were the divisions within the family, the dynamic’s of one family, received a reply from one of them saying they hadn’t known of this fact…geographically the cross-hairs are Rye NY and the Hudson River…if you truly want to understand America, it’s history, it’s governance please read the Hoffman Genealogy, this paper and the Federalist Papers…

Oct. 7th, 2019…over the course of the last 3 days I have referred people to the page and the material within so they might understand how America works. My stats page shows no one bothered to read the accompanying material. This demonstrates to me that the general population like and wish to be uneducated, ignorant and stupid with regards to their very own realities. They will continue to yell and scream at straw-dogs and the mechanization’s within the Family will continue to prevail. This is of course just what the Federalist Papers and other historical documents went to the Bank with, that is the beauty of the materials mentioned from above. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were written and adopted to prevent mob rule, the Federalists Papers and related materials were written and adopted to protect the rulers. I have tried to teach this, sadly I have chosen my students poorly. It will not happen again. 




(*1)…there are those that have read these documents…there are those that have studied them…there are those that practice politics under their guide lines…unfortunately for me I live them, they are in my genetic make-up, my every breath, they are in my blood, my DNA, I cannot help it, I have tried to ignore it, I have made fun of it, I have hidden from it but I am them, I used to tease my Mother by saying, come on Mom, we’re just folks just plain old folks and she would slam her fist on the table and say, Goddammit we are not! and of course she was correct (one never called my Mother, mom, it just wasn’t done)…it causes me great pain to see them so abused, misused and misunderstood by so many.

Oct. 30th, 2019…

I woke up from taking a nap thinking, a King without a sword, a nation without a King…currently the Satchell’s are identified by Melrose Scotland and from what I can gather we have always been associated with Roxburghshire Scotland and so I began a look/see into Satchell, then Melrose and then King Arthur. It is rumored that he is buried there, near Melrose. So I have some photo’s of the area and some PDF files as well. For some very odd reason I want to go home, I am tired of being here in the States and when I look at the pictures of Melrose and the surrounding area I get heartsick, lonesome.

…click on any image to make it larger…

The mountain under which King Arthur is suppose to be buried.

…Melrose and Melrose Abby…

…a bit about Melrose and King Arthur…

Melrose, Scottish Borders – Wikipedia

Eildon Hill – Wikipedia

King Arthur – Wikipedia

…a few picture’s of the legend of Arthur, over the years I have owned many copies of John Boorman’s “Excalibur”, for me it is one of the finest films made and one major reason is the lesson to be learned from it is the Grail is “you and the Land are One”, we have forgotten the lesson of the Grail…

…a nice photo of the river Kelso…

…near and around Ribigill and Tongue Scotland…you can see why I want to go home…