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Started Nov, 1st, 2019

Observed loss of carbon in thawing Alaskan permafrost faster than previously thought


Over a five-year period they showed a loss of soil carbon in the upper 55 cm of the permafrost of 5.4% per year in tundra ecosystems at a site in Alaska where permafrost is degrading due to climate change. This is a surprisingly large loss of carbon. Experiments show that this loss is too large to reflect emissions of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere….(snip)…

However, these results indicate that the feedback of carbon dioxide and methane from melting permafrost to climate change may be occurring faster than previously thought.

…as noted on earlier pages I emailed null.school about adding methane readings to their maps, I got a reply today, yes there are plans to do so, it’s on the list, can you imagine how long that list is?…

…there are reports that planes can’t land in India due to the pollution so I thought I’d take a look/see and oh my what a mess…

…I didn’t take a screenshot of the jet stream but it is flowing right over the Himalayas and the ocean wave action is flowing towards the shore line making all that pollution trapped…there are going to be a lot of very sick people in India…

Climate crisis: 11,000 scientists warn of ‘untold suffering’

Statement sets out ‘vital signs’ as indicators of magnitude of the climate emergency


…this report has seen a lot of republishing across the web, maybe it will have some impact? but I doubt it…we are still just talking and talking some more while the movers and shakers do nothing, there is no acting on what we know to be true, for me this means we are committing a mass suicide, by not doing what needs to be done, knowing full well what is going to happen is suicide, make no mistake…we have 3 things taking place at once, the collapse of social structures, the collapse of the environment and the 6th extinction, we are not addressing any of it, we are overwhelmed by it all and do nothing…suicide…


A record CO2 rise rate since the KT dinosaur extinction 66 million years ago

“Allowing for the transient albedo enhancing effects of sulphur dioxide and other aerosols, mean global temperature has potentially reached ~2.0 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures. Current greenhouse gas forcing and global mean temperatures are approaching Miocene-like (5.3-23 million years-ago) composition.”

…we are there…2.0…if you have been reading these pages you and I know we last thought we were at 1.8, seems we’ve advanced a bit, makes me wonder what Hawaii has to say, there are good reasons to use Hawaii for the baseline but is it accurate to do so? I think not…a scary read but a good one…

As Fires Rage in World’s Largest Rainforest, NASA Warns ‘Human Activities Are Drying Out the Amazon’

One scientist said that “if this continues, the forest may no longer be able to sustain itself,” which would seriously hamper efforts to limit global temperature rise and avert climate catastrophe.


…to follow the Glikson paper with this gives massive clues why I say what I did about suicide…will we stop killing the rain forest? will we stop flying in airplanes or driving cars or any of the things we do in the modern age? NO…so…we kill our life support system and us…the big thing is to not panic, get centered, gather friends and family, share peace, give love fore only love remains…use this map to see the drying of the rain forest live…


Elsewhere here I have from time to time stated that we are seeing all systems collapse at once, societies, environments and the 6th extinction, on these pages I have examined the collapse of environments and the on going extinction(s)…below is but one example of our societies collapse, there are many many more and there are more concerning societies around the globe, all you have to do is read the news, what I am saying is beware, be aware and look at what you are seeing with your minds eye, things are not about race or party or group, they are about the haves and have-nots, greed and power, good luck…

William Barr is racing to deliver a report that blows up the impeachment inquiry—and everything else



Viral emergence in marine mammals in the North Pacific may be linked to Arctic sea ice reduction


…transference of diseases from group to group, species to species, territory to territory…things that were once natural barriers are being torn down and eliminated, we can expect to be exposed to old and forgotten, new and unprepared for diseases from all around the globe because transmission lines keep increasing through increased travel by everyone and everything around us…ProMed-mail is a great way of keeping track of what is where and how we are being exposed without the hype of wacko media alarmists…


ProMED logo…one of the items of interest…if you click on the plant tab and scroll down you’ll see “unidentified” diseases show up, things are effecting plants, food crops that they can not identify :-/// …

As Superbugs Infect Millions and Kill Tens of Thousands Each Year, CDC Chief Warns Post-Antibiotic Era ‘Already Here’

“On average, someone in the United States gets an antibiotic-resistant infection every 11 seconds and every 15 minutes someone dies.”



What’s Driving Antarctica’s Meltdown?

Antarctica’s ice loss is on the rise. Along with warmer water eating away at ice shelves from below, atmospheric rivers are causing trouble from above.


…with this article we get the whole ball of wax, as it were…ice melt, wind and rising sea temps, all 3 feeding one another, the problem as I see it is Antarctica has the image of being a hard knocks place, tuff-guy place where it will eat you alive if you aren’t careful, true enough but just like the deserts, it is a fragile and a delicate balance that keeps it going and the slightest push can set that ball rolling down hill…I fear with this article it is like most, it is understated and the time frames used are not true to life, everything is speeding up and here they use old terms and dating structures…

…the green dot is where I live in Superior AZ, from home all the way to the Colorado River is a nightmare, looking westward the sky is a very odd color, the sunset ought to be very interesting, I might take photo’s…I would rate my allergies at a 7+ and my asthma, even being inside most of the day with a hepa air filter running on high, is again, a 7+…the jet stream has shifted east and north from the morning, it must be the back draft getting me…stay safe…

Experts Say Vast Deserts, Absence Of Life, May Indicate Mars Was Once Run By Conservatives

Experts Say Vast Deserts, Absence Of Life, May Indicate Mars Was Once Run By Conservatives


Nuclear could be the clean energy source the world needs


Katie Tubb


…it is my hope that you read these links and understand what true propaganda looks and acts like…I find this woman very scary, what she writes scarier and who she works for I see as the devil…it is organizations like this and people like her why we are in the desperate situation we are in…beware, be aware…and shame on cnn for allowing this to go to their front page, SHAME!…

…a screenshot of the Pacific Heat Blob, only it isn’t just a Blob is it?…the last Blob cost many many lives in fishes, sea mammals, birds and life in general…is this one bigger? hotter? will it grow more? how long will it last? when will it go away? or gawd forbid is it forever?…very simple fact, if the oceans die, we die and we are killing the planet, so in effect this is just another symptom of the disease the planet has, the disease called humans…


…a screenshot of the arctic w/sea surface temp anomaly setting…on the right, nice cool water and most likely ice making…in the center rosey glows…on the left bright yellow hot…are the rosey glows and bright yellow hot are from gases escaping from the sea bed, CO2 and CO4?…elsewhere, on another page or 2 I have posted articles about methane bubbling up in the arctic and here is possible visible proof, I have also read papers concerning the storage of gases under massive plates in the area of Japan, who is to say these plates aren’t in the area of the Pacific Heat Blob (PHB)?…elsewhere I have posted that there has been noted an increase of CO2 on a scale not seen before…is the Methane Bomb going off?, I will have to keep track of this Earth map setting and watch it closely, wanna help? here is the link…


…I have the map set for Prudhoe Bay now, basically where the green dot is…just take your mouse and click on the different colors/temps…


…what I must be seeing with the Earth maps above is in reverse of what I think they are :-)))…so…the “rosey” glow must be the reflection of sea ice temp…still unsure of the methane issue(s)…we’ll see…

…the scale does not download with the image :( …

…methane and carbon dioxide maps and I think I can see a correlation with the Earth map…I don’t have any history to go by to see if there is a rise in emissions so I will not speculate, we do know from previous reporting that methane is increasing as fast or faster than CO2 but whether these images reflect melting methane hydrates in the sea-bed and permafrost…or are the temp variations indicating new ice?…go here for the maps…

Methane forecasts



Conservationist Warns ‘Unnoticed Apocalypse’ of Insects ‘Should Set Alarms Ringing’

The warning comes as a new report highlights primary reasons pollinators and other insects are dying off: habitat loss and pesticide use.


The insect apocalypse is coming. Here’s what you can do about it


Declaring State of Emergency, Venice Mayor Blames Climate Crisis for Historic Flooding

“This is not just ‘bad weather,’ this is a climate emergency.”


Arctic blast grips eastern US as cities reach record low temperatures

At least five died on icy roads while snowfall records shattered and forecasters predicted a brutal winter


Growing demand for SUVs ‘could negate electric car benefits’

Global energy watchdog issues warning in climate forecast for the next two decades


…so…the take-away from these latest reports are…we are killing life on Earth, Earth is fighting back, we need to change what we are doing right now this minute and we are still doing the same old things as before because, as I see it, greed and marketing, buy buy buy, Oprah already has a gift list out, there is marketing for gift ideas across the commercial web, even youtube has increased their advertising to the point it is almost unusable, buy buy buy, BYE BYE LIFE AS WE KNOW IT…

…this is just amazing and has to be posted…

Superfast star found leaving Milky Way at 1,700km per second

Astronomers say S5-HVs1 ventured close to supermassive black hole before being ejected


Astronomers have spotted a star heading out of the Milky Way at more than 6m km/h (3.7m mph), or 1,700km per second, after an encounter with the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy.

…3.7 Million, with a capital M, miles per hour and I think 70mph is fast on the highway…

Welcome to a World in Which All Hell Is Breaking Loose

What the U.S. military will be doing in a climate crisis future


…are you mentally ready, do you understand why I have been doing this?, what is stated here is just the tip of an iceberg the size of Earth itself…move away from the coasts, move to higher ground, gather your friends and loved one’s, share peace, give love and hang on tight, it is here, it is now and it is at your front door, what do you not understand?…

More than 100 elephants die amid severe drought in Zimbabwe


ProMED-mail post

…this is one of the reasons why ProMED-mail is so important, I found the listing there and then the article on cbsnews…

Researchers study fish nurseries and find seven times more microplastics … than fish

…as reported time and time again, our oceans are collapsing…

a child born today will live through a world that is over 4°C warmer, with a changing environment threatening the food they eat, the air they breath, and the communities they grow up in.”

…4 degrees warmer and we will not be alive, most of life today will be dead, we are already at 2 degrees above baseline…false hope selling…

…okay, I admit it, I am a left tilted progressive, I am so progressive I have fallen off of the left edge of your screen, I admit it openly, without reservation or shame…but dammit folk’s you are being lied to, you are being sold false hopes and pies in the sky, what you see is what you get and it’s is only getting worse by the minute…the only thing you have control over is yourself, what you have is this very moment and nothing else, you might want to take this time and spend it looking at what you are being sold as reality/facts, being compassionate means telling the truth, not hiding it or distorting it but letting it speak for itself, will you listen?…

Abrupt permafrost thaw will cause Arctic wildfire severity to double from one year to the next.

…wildfires, the release of CO2, everything turning to mush, no mention of CO4 or methane…the reports are understated to be safe but it reduces the cause for alarm and that is a shame, bells and sirens should be going off…as noted here before, we may see the land and sea bubble like soup in a pot…one take away is with all this new reporting of the arctic is the Methane Bomb is going off, get ready because next summer will be a blast…what I might have to end up doing is setting up separate pages for methane, sea ice melt, jet streams and the like as a way of cross referencing all this material, that would be a lot of work, a massive under taking and I may have to go commercial with request for funding and donations and to add advertising to these pages, sounds horrible to me…

…wild, wacky, wobbly jet streams for your Friday, Nov. 15th…

Abraham Lake Full

2020 El Nino could start 18 degree temperature rise


04/11/2019 -The serious weather phenomenon “El Niño” could soon occur again in the Pacific region. Researchers at Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU), the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel, find that there will probably be another “El Niño” by the end of 2020. The prediction models commonly used do not yet see any signs of this.

Early warning: Physicists from Giessen, Potsdam and Tel Aviv forecast “El Niño” for 2020


…in PDF form… Early warning: Physicists from Giessen, Potsdam and Tel Aviv forecast “El Niño” for 2020 — PIK Research Portal


…click on Earth and change to Sea Surface Temp…which is different than ocean temp as used in the study but will give clues…

…so…all the old arctic sea ice is gone and new thin ice is being made which will melt very rapidly come summer and in the fall will mostly be gone triggering a Blue Ocean Event which will coincide with the El Nino while the Jet Streams are wacky wobbly all over the place…we are in run-away global warming/climate change and will be gone in a few short years from the methane bomb going off, yes, the fuse has been lit…hold onto your hat, it’s going to be a wild ride into the sunset…do you know the shortest Cowboy Song?, “well it’s lonesome in the saddle since my horse died”, I wrote it back in the early 70’s, it played D to Em…

Global Extinction within one Human Lifetime as a Result of a Spreading Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat wave and Surface Firestorm

by Malcolm Light   9th February, 2012


“The warning about extinction is stark. It is remarkable that global scientists had not anticipated a giant buildup of methane in the atmosphere when it had been so clearly predicted 10 to 20 years ago and has been shown to be critically linked to extinction events in the geological record (Kennett et al. 2003). Furthermore all the experiments should have already been done to determine which geoengineering methods were the most effective in oxidising/destroying the methane in the atmosphere in case it should ever build up to a concentration where it posed a threat to humanity. Those methods need to be applied immediately if there is any faint hope of reducing the catastrophic heating effects of the fast building atmospheric methane concentration.”

…I suggest you read the whole paper, top to bottom…scientists and governments have known this all along and nothing has been done which begs the question…WHY…

Methane emissions from coalmines could stoke climate crisis – study

Millions of tonnes belched into atmosphere as bad as shipping and aviation emissions combined, researchers find


…from 8 months age…

Sharp rise in methane levels threatens world climate targets

Experts warn that failure to act risks spike in global temperatures


Potential Instability of Gas Hydrates along the Chilean Margin Due to Ocean Warming


…in PDF form…geosciences-09-00234-v2

Gas Seeps at the Edge of the Gas Hydrate Stability Zone on Brazil’s Continental Margin


…in PDF form…geosciences-09-00193

…elsewhere in these pages it has been noted that the atmosphere is loosing it’s ability to break down methane so all it can do is convert to CO2 and water vapor and build up, increasing the amount of rain and snow and contributing to the methane bomb…

…just a quick note…due to my health I have to slow down, my right hand and wrist can’t take much more typing, clicking and wheel spinning and as noted elsewhere my hands are crippled to begin with…I’ll do what I can, when I can…stay safe…GWS 11/17/10…

…on to page 15 soon, I need processing time…


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