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Holding US Government to Its Treaty Promises ‘For Once,’ Supreme Court Rules Nearly Half of Oklahoma Still Native American Territory

“The big news at the Supreme Court today will be Trump’s taxes,” said Cherokee writer Rebecca Nagle. “But for Indians in Oklahoma, we’ll be talking about today for decades.”

Holding US Government to Its Treaty Promises ‘For Once,’ Supreme Court Rules Nearly Half of Oklahoma Still Native American Territory | Common Dreams News

…now, what about all the other one’s ?…


…it is my understanding that there might be problems with me posting the photo’s on this page due to copyrights and such…I post them out of respect for these people with no bad intent, if someone wants me to take them down I will, with great sadness to those that will be unseen and forgotten…

Russell Means

…I have been watching testaments before Congress for some time now, I don’t think I have witnessed a more graceful, polite, forceful and honest than this, this testament by Russell Means teaches us so much in so little time it requires watching more than once but many times…pay close attention to how the white men respond to this forthrightness, this honesty…if I can find the written text I will add it for study…the opening statement in PDF form…

Russell Means – Opening Statement to the US Senate

…so Russell Means testified before the Senate and the Senate went on to hold hearings and such and the committee issued a statement of finds and commendations in November of 1989…why?, what changed?, in what way and for whom did it change?, it’s self evident it didn’t change in favor of Native American’s…the report in PDF form…

1989 – American Indian Activist Russell Means testifies

…more of Russell Means…I hope you seek out more and become educated with grace…

Russell Means: Welcome to the American Reservation Prison Camp


Okay all you non-native americans, listen up

They were here first

This is their Home Land

We non-natives are immigrants

We non-natives stole it from them

Then we put them in prisons

They have no rights

We non-natives are Guests

As all guests do we stink after 3 days

It is time to free them

To pay back what we owe

Our debt is HUGE

The first payment is RESPECT

The next payment, due tomorrow is

annulment of plenary power

They live at the whim of Congress

They have no recourse through the Courts like you

Black’s, Latino’s others of “color” think they have it bad, try being a Native

The World is just now awakening to just what this Empire is all about, Killing

Natives have known of this for 100’s of years

Their tears have fallen like rain for centuries

All of North America, All of Turtle Island belongs to them

Their grief is our shame

We are guilty of mass genocide

We think Flint’s water crisis is a crime

What we have done on the Navajo Nations land and others is a sin

Praying to your gawd for absolution of this sin does nothing

The only worse place to live than a reservation in the america’s is Haiti, reservations don’t even classify as ghetto’s…where is the shame?


To our elders who teach us of our creation and of our past so that we may preserve it for ancestors yet to come*

This is dedicated to our relatives before us, thousands of years ago
And to the 150 million who were exterminated across the Western Hemisphere in the first four hundred year’s time, starting in 1492

To those who have kept their homelands
And to the nations extinct due to mass slaughter, slavery, deportation and disease unknown to them
And to the ones who are subjected to the same treatment today

To those who survived the relocations
And those who died along the way

To those who carry on traditions and live strong among their people
To those who left their communities by force or by choice and through generations no longer know who they are

To those who search and never find
To those who turn away the so-called “non-accepted”
To those who bring us together
And to those living outside, keeping touch, the voice for many

To those that make it back to live and fight the struggles of their people
To those that give up
And those who do not care

To those who abuse themselves and others
And those who revive again
To those who are physically, mentally, or spiritually incapable, by accident or by birth

To those who seek strength in our spirituality and way of life
To those who exploit it
– even our own

To those who fall for the lies and join the dividing lines that keep us fighting amongst each other

To the outsiders who step in
– good or bad
And those of us who don’t know better

To the leaders and prisoners of war, politics, crime, race and religion
– innocent or guilty

To the young
The old
The living
And the dead

To our brothers and sisters in all living things across Mother Earth and her beauty we’ve destroyed and denied the honour that the Creator has given each individual:
The truth that lies in our hearts

Ulali – All My Relations Lyrics

Artist: Ulali

Album: Mahk Jchi
All my relations

All My Relations ~ Ulali

The song “All My Relatives” is at the end of the sound track…

Handsome Lake was a very real man and his story is told in this song by Robbie Robertson. The Code of Handsome Lake is on line and may be read and or downloaded as a PDF. I recommend those that wish to try and understand Native Americans this is a good place to start…


The movie “Smoke Signals” is a fun and sad movie, the stories told by Thomas are wonderfulness to the extreme…with the acting of Gary Farmer, who is amazing, totally amazing…a must own movie…

The movie “Pow Wow Highway” is a Grand movie with, again, Gary Farmer who should have won an Oscar for his work…produced by George Harrison…another must own movie…

Maybe if you own these movies, watch them, study them, you’ll see a glimpse of Native Americans…I have owned them and have given them away as gifts for those that need to see…

This is a report issued by Indian Country Media Today. If they want me to take it down I will.


…and then there is this…

Apocalypse Prophecies: Native End of the World Teachings – Indian Country Media Network


Chief Joseph

I use this with respect

He says what I feel

to this day, nothing has changed from what he spoke

he says we are all from the same Mother

to this day, they still are not free or treated like us




…as noted on the page “Family Tree” my Great Grandfather was the legal counsel for Lone Wolf in the case Lone Wolf vs Hitchcock before the Supreme Court…he lost the case…what the case establish though was Plenary Power of the Congress over Native American affairs…since then Native Americans live in “Trust” and the over-sight of Congress, they live at the whim of Congress, they are not Free, they are not a part of America, they are held separate from all others…because it is not under the Judiciary it is not seen as punishment, it as not seen as a sentencing against them, they are none the less in prison, politely called or titled Reservations, yes they can vote but it is without a doubt a very restricted life without self-determination unlike you and I who can do pretty much as we choose…recently here in Arizona there was a movement within Congress to let a non-american company develop a copper mine within sacred grounds of a Native Tribe, this is not “Trust”, there is also the question of the damage to the waters below ground in this area of the desert where water is priceless, this is not “Trust”…what was attempted and may still happen is an exploitation of American soil by a non-american company an exploitation of Native American Rights by saying that if it isn’t on the REZ then they have no claim(s) to the lands as sacred; all of the Planet Earth is sacred, in some areas all around the globe have been used by indigenous people’s for ceremonial purposes…this is a display of greed so blatant and gross it is almost unfathomable to believe, this is a moral outrage against not only Native Americans but all Americans…the Lone Wolf decision must be over-turned, these people must be set Free from the prison of Congress, it is outrageous discrimination at best…

The Shameful Final Grievance of the Declaration of Independence


This is A Big Deal

(the text is quoted from the article)

An Arizona congressman is angry that sacred Apache land will continue to remain listed in the National Register of Historic Places, according to Tucson Weekly.

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar and Sen. John McCain had joined forces with Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in an effort to sell off the ancestral Native American land, known as Oak Flat or Chi’chil Bildagoteel to the Apache community, to mining firm Resolution Copper, owned by an Australian-British corporation.

According to the New York Times, it would have been the first time in history Native American lands would have been handed over to a foreign company by Congress. The site has long been used for Apache coming-of-age ceremonies, particularly for girls.

Gosar claims it is not a holy site, despite Apache claims to it and historical evidence. “Oak Flat has never been a sacred site, as confirmed by the local tribe’s own former historian,” Gosar wrote. “Yet, Obama’s minions are hell-bent on sabotaging an important mining effort by listing a small, public campground 20 miles away from the nearest tribe’s reservation as a historic site.”

I am in Arizona, I moved here when I was 8 years old in 1959

My Mother’s family first moved here in 1926

To Those That “Represent” Arizona

Dear fellow Zonies in our Government

And you want to do this to the Grand Canyon too?

What about the water table under this land?

Here in the desert water is more precious than gold or diamonds.

What do you not understand, the whole Planet is Sacred.

Why are you hell bent on destroying everything you lay eyes on?

Can you not see?

Is the only thing you understand is killing things?

I pray to your Gawd you learn to open your eye’s.

Lone Wolf vs Hitchcock must be over turned NOW!


I am loading onto this page 4 PDF files concerning the Lone Wolf vs Hitchcock decision…just click on the blue highlighted link and they will open onto a different page…it is my hope that if people understood the decision then they would also understand the amount of discrimination Native Americans are subjected to

Encyclopedia of the Great Plains | LONE WOLF V. HITCHCOCK

Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock – Wikipedia

Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock (full text) :: 187 U.S. 553 (1903) :: Justia US Supreme Court Center

Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock :: 187 U.S. 553 (1903) :: Justia US Supreme Court Center

‘But the right which the Indians held was only that of occupancy. The fee was in the United States, subject to that right, and could be transferred by them whenever they chose. The grantee, it is true, would take only the naked fee, and could not disturb the occupancy of the Indians; that occupancy could only be interfered with or determined by the United States. It is to be presumed that in this matter the United States would be governed by such considerations of justice as would control a Christian people in their treatment of an ignorant and dependent race. Be that is it may, the propriety or justice of their action towards the Indians with respect to their lands is a question of governmental policy, and is not a matter open to discussion in a controversy between third parties, neither of whom derives title from the Indians.’ (in bold my highlight)

…in PDF form…


…by the standard set above…at first blush…any minority, non-christian, non-english speaking persons would then be subject to this ruling…blatant racism and discriminatory at it’s rankest…

…I post comments on a few sites across the web, this is a posting by someone I am not familiar with and the approach to the subject of Native Americans is not one I’ve read of before. It is quite extraordinary in it’s scope of knowledge of our collective beginnings. I hope it provides everyone with usable insights…


In regard to the Headline Photo ‘All Lives Don’t Matter, until Black Lives Matter’ :
Here’s why All Lives Matter; and in the final analysis, it all has to do with the wilful neglect of the legal fundamentals enshrined in the Magna Carta and it’s largely forgotten subsection, the Charter of the Forest.
1. Any social movement requires widespread solidarity in order to formulate achievable goals that can be enshrined in legal terms. Calling out victimhood maybe a good rallying call, but it has no vision beyond the immediate grievances, limited solely to those addressed.
2. Black Lives Matter is not proactive. It is a reaction to many very serious symptoms of a cruelly invasive social structure. In this light, it is a symptom of a symptom. However, this is not to say that it is of no use. In biology, a fever is a symptom of a viral infection that has the power (at risk of the death of the host body) to kill off a viral attack by overheating it… The same way that public grievances boiled over and caused the Storming of the Bastille (and Robespierre’s Reign of Terror, that nearly killed the French Revolution).
3. When Standing Rock hit the news, there were no calls for Indigenous Lives Matter, yet it is America’s indigenous population that is currently suffering under the end stages of Settler Colonialism and Ethnic Cleansing.
4. It is an analysis of the methods and value systems of settler colonialism that gives us clear clues as to what was lost in terms of social structure and therefore what might be extrapolated as an inclusive alternative, a proven sustainable alternative that Indigenous Americans enjoyed before colonialism, as did the indigenous English before the settler colonialism of William the Conqueror and the following reign of Norman Kings. Before William, there was such a thing as the commons and the rights of ordinary free folk to avail of those commons. However, successive kings privatised more and more land, until the king considered somewhere between a quarter and a third of all English lands as his private playground…. Leaving the commoners to perish, due to their exclusion from the bounty of those lands. The resultant unrest brought about the most important democratic document of our times, the Magna Carta, some 800 years ago. What is less known is that the Magna Carta included the Charter of the Forest, which guaranteed the rights and protections of both the commons and of the commoners. Over these 800 years, however, in the interests of Landlordism and large scale industry, this landmark legal document has been increasingly undermined, to the extent of now being virtually non-existent, except for an old parchment on which it is written.

A few words on the failures of both Capitalism and Communism, and on the suppression of a centuries-old proven alternative to both:

A vital, but deliberately neglected part of the Magna Carta, the Charter of the Forest will celebrate its 800th anniversary this year,
on 6th November, 2017.
So why is the charter so important and why, over the last 800 years, have those in power increasingly denied its implementation?
Throughout the last century, talk of freedom has been derailed and been presented as a false dichotomy, as an either/or argument between capitalism and communism, whilst ignoring where the real freedom lies:
Communism is no alternative to capitalism, as both come from the same mindset: a collective policy to own and control, whereby the collective in both system variants is usually a close-knit cabal that pretends to operate in the interests of the general public. Both were -and are- imperialistic in foreign policy. And domestically, as well as in terms of colonialism, Privatisation by corporations, banks, big business, inherited wealth, or the state is no different than Collective Control by the ‘party’, the ideological elite, or the state: the commons are taken into control and access manipulated by those in power, in order to deny free access to the average citizen and thereby to have leverage over such citizens.
In legal terms, the real opposite, the real alternative, can be found within the Magna Carta as a subsection called Charter of the Forest.
The Magna Carta originally existed through four charters, two of which were ‘lost’. Parchments of the final Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest have survived; they were used to control the King and simultaneously used to set down a legal framework for managing the lands, a huge part of which were traditionally freely available to the commoners and were to be reinstated as such. They were to remain under continued care of the commoners, ie the areas were to be of benefit to all, in a self sustaining and self
replenishing form. Clearly, the Lords and the King, when negotiating, were not only looking for allies, but understood that commoning was an empowering, a productive and yet self sustaining way of doing things and that it therefore needed protection from the abuses of those in power. Considering what people once had in the commons, all the current abuses and ravages are clearly identifiable as being caused -or set in train- by the capitalist or communist collective mindset, take your pick.
Commoning (or variations thereon pre-dating the rule of Law) is something that has worked for mankind for over 200,000 years, whereas the enclosures acts (or similar controls, all equalling ‘privatisation’) and the industrial revolution, ideologically acted-out both within capitalism and communism, have largely managed to take into possession and destroy much of the global commons (our wider natural habitat) in a mere 300 years.
So now I wonder if in the public sphere there will be any attention paid to this incredibly important anniversary of the Charter of the Forest; a charter, which in the absolutist corruption of our current times would prove to be a real game changer?
What will you be doing on November 6th?

Over the years I have gathered photo’s of Native Americans as a way of tribute to them I’ll post them here. I am of the thinking that if someone is remembered they don’t die because they are getting energy from that memory. As I look at these faces I think of how I wish I could have known these people, to break bread with them, so they might share with me their wisdom, their grace and to hear them laugh.

Jan. 29th, 2018…

From Yosemite to Bears Ears, Erasing Native Americans From U.S. National Parks

This will open your eye’s and they will shed tears of heartache and pain. You have been warned but this is a must read so that you understand a bit more of the picture, you will have another piece of the puzzle, the puzzle of being a Native American.

In PFD form so you may read it here.

From Yosemite to Bears Ears, Erasing Native Americans From U.S. National Parks | Collectors Weekly


Report: Trump Administration Making Controversial “Expedited Plans” for Utah’s Grand Staircase

“The boundaries have changed and we need to keep it moving forward.”

Report: Trump Administration Making Controversial “Expedited Plans” for Utah’s Grand Staircase

This administration is hell-bent on destroying anything and everything in it’s path as soon as possible and the response is, “I was told to do it this way”. That kind of response we have heard before and it didn’t come out so nice.

Remember the Bear River Massacre, Climax of the American Holocaust

In PDF form

Print Article

US tribe fights use of treated sewage to make snow on holy peaks

The Hopi tribe is taking on an Arizona ski resort over its use of artificial snow: ‘People compare it to baptizing a baby with reclaimed water’

“The US’s Culture of Violence Contributes to the Sanctification of the Second Amendment”: An Interview With Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

For me, this is a big deal. This is where my heart meets reality, to what is and should be, this is truth in action. Maybe we all could learn from this simple act of love. Yes, I dream a lot.

‘This is all stolen’: Canadian man offers to share his land with First Nations

Joel Holmberg was appalled by vitriol against indigenous people. So he invited them to live on his property, rent-free

Over the last decade or so when speaking with american “latino’s” that I sort of knew and trusted I would bring forth the notion that they too are Native Americans’. I did not come across anyone that agreed with me or even liked the idea of being included with native americans’. They would exclaim, oh no we are Mexican. What a shame, it is to their detriment, I think. And yet, here are native americans standing up for the DACA kids and saying the same thing. White indoctrination seeps through the cracks everywhere, to our collective detriment.

Dreamers must be protected – as Indigenous Peoples were not

The US government should cede territory back to Native Americans

My family has been here since 1657 and I am a guest here. I have stated that elsewhere here and other places before. This piece shows how big the crack is in the story of America. A must read for all.

This next article made my blood run cold. Literally, my hands and feet got cold, I had to stop 1/3 of the way through, I never made it to the end. I had to go to bed and pull the covers over my head. Anxiety is not my friend and this induced it to high degree. Hopefully it won’t you. It should also be posted under the “Hate” page heading but I’ll leave it here for the time being. It is 180 degree’s from where I stand. It made me sick.

Trump Says Settlers ‘Tamed a Continent.’ Now for Indigenous People’s Side.

Trump Says Settlers ‘Tamed a Continent.’ Now for Indigenous People’s Side.

Hate, fear of “The Other”. We began that way and today, nothing has changed. We have never grown up. I am kinda positive there are others that feel the guilt as I do. Once in a while there is an article published or a conversation takes place but it remains far from a desired openness that is healthy. Here is another example of someone trying to raise awareness. How many will read it, share it and act accordingly?

For Native Americans, History Continues to Repeat Itself

For Native Americans, History Continues to Repeat Itself

Having read the article there was a link to a photo journalism piece on Native Americans expressing the resilience within the community. Please take a look/see.

Ten Photos: I Saw What Native Resilience Looks Like

Ten Photos: I Saw What Native Resilience Looks Like

Some more photo’s I have gathered, some are by Fisk, some are by Curtis. If someone objects I’ll take them down. I post them in homage to a proud people still fighting for the right(s) to life.

Recognizing Genocide Denial Against American Indians


Thanksgiving – Day of Mourning – No More Fables of Unity for Political Expediency ​​​​​​​

Anti-Indian hate crimes rose dramatically in first year of Trump presidency

Trauma lives on in Native Americans by making us sick – while the US looks away

Physical and mental health illnesses are a reality for far too many Native Americans and so is the fact that they are routinely ignored by this country

A promise unfulfilled: water pipeline stops short for Sioux reservation

After 25 years and a half-billion dollars, only half of the project’s water delivered to Pine Ridge Reservation comes from the Missouri River – unlike supplies for white ranchers

…I have been watching videos by Russell Means so this doesn’t come as a surprise, it just reinforces what he had to say…

I live at the base of Apache Leap, 65 miles east of Phoenix. I am just west of Apache Leap, Oak Flats and the San Carlos Indian Reservation. Earlier I wrote about the “Trust of Congress”. So that you will fully understand just what this means I am adding the link. One thing to consider is that this “Reservation” was establish in 1871 and is considered to be the first concentration camp in the world, repeat, in the world. This is were that horror began. Please read the link slowly and let it sink in.

Apache Nde Nation Sovereignty

ANCC – Apache Nation Chamber of Commerce

Version 1.0

The Apache are descendents of the Ancients. Over time, many bands of Apache were relocated to the reservation from their traditional homelands extending from Texas through New Mexico and Arizona into Mexico and California. The San Carlos Apache Reservation was established on November 9, 1871 is the worlds first concentration camp still existing to this day. Our story, is the American History come explore to meet the people and hear the stories first hand.

For another review of history and where Lone Wolf vs Hitchcock fits into this history I refer you to this link…

‘This is all stolen land’: Native Americans want more than California’s apology

Indigenous people hope governor’s words to lead to action on land and water rights, education, justice and more

…I have contacted the Governor, invited him and his staff here and have asked him to review Lone Wolf vs Hitchcock…6/21/19

Summer 2019…

…the blacks in america are seeking reparations for their past treatment as slaves, there have been speeches made, articles written and congressional hearings over the matter, it is becoming a mainstream issue…america has been holding immigrants at the southern border in what can be called concentration camps, children separated from their parents, housed in filth, getting sick physically and mentally, with no humane solution seen in the future…what about Native American’s? their lives and livelihoods keep degrading further downward in every aspect mentioned above and more, they are still being held in open air prisons, their children are still being taken way and their life expectancy is growing shorter and shorter and more…for any healing to begin, Native American’s must be set Free and their compensation must be equal to the devastation inflicted upon them…everyone must be included or this place doesn’t work, inclusion …all of our shadows are the same…

Donald Trump should stay away from Mount Rushmore, Sioux leader says

The president’s planned visit to the monument on ‘stolen’ Native land risks spreading coronavirus, tribal president warns

Donald Trump should stay away from Mount Rushmore, Sioux leader says | US news | The Guardian

…the Six Grandfather’s before the four faces…

If Trump wanted a real celebration at Rushmore, he’d support Lakota sovereignty over the Black Hills