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…11/11/2017…bringing this forward because the battle is still the same even though some of the faces have changed, the text may read oddly in places because I removed the place holders for pictures…

“…it just ain’t right, if it isn’t left…”(gws)


The Big Chill

the fight between apple and the fbi and the recent revelations has has a big chilling effect on me, the growth of the police state is beyond comprehension for me, what few realize is that this is top down, it came from the man-at-top, the fbi is under the control of the president as is the nsa, cia, mic and related departments; it is a crime to be in dissent, to be a citizen, to question authority…this is no longer a democracy or a republic or anything we once thought of as america…the “fight” between the fbi and apple is a dog and pony show, there is no fight, as I document on my spy pages apple already spies for the nsa,cia, fbi and whomever, it’s all part of the “patriot act” which throw our country under the bus and expanded the coup of 1999/2000…I will most amazed if there is an election, if there is one it will be so fraudulent it will be obvious to the naked eye, hrc will be appointed so that the empire will survive…to say I am frightened is an understatement, I know who I am, I know I have no one covering my back, I know that what I say and write is a threat to the empire, I could very easily disappear and no one would notice, personally I hate pain…so…I hide some pages and will leave what is on the front page as is and will update things as they happen but I refuse to shoot myself in the foot



Panama Paper’s big leak

or is it?


just a quick read of an interesting perspective


3/31 (late evening)

received a monthly newsletter from john mccain, one of my senators, marked it as “junk” and it was duly noted by Thunderbird and trashed, it was a hey look at me i’m working for AZ but he is one of the senators behind Oak Flat getting that horrible copper mine which is a really really bad idea…he has a lot of unsavory ties to unsavory characters like the house-of-saudi who has massive farms in southern AZ growing feed for their horses and shipping it to saudi arabia, which is a total waste of precious water and adds not one dime to AZ’s tax base, a give-a-way. they sucked their land dry for horse feed and now our’s, how bout that sports fans?…so here is a bit of a bomb-shell news item about our maverick-wanna-be senator

“US federal law strictly bans foreign contributions to electoral campaigns, but the restriction does not apply to nonprofits engaged in policy even those organizations bearing the name of a sitting lawmaker. Although likely not a technical violation of the law, McCain’s foundation is interconnected with his reelection campaign, the candidate’s fundraiser is listed as the contact person for the foundation.” (from the news

I do not like the man, never have and never will, one reason is he has severe PTSD which as far as I know he has never been under treatment for but there are tales of his explosive temper; I have severe and chronic PTSD and have received treatment for it and am a better person for it…that and the fact that he loves to kill others using the u.s. military, to say he is a hawk is an understatement


Free Speech? you want it when? good luck

Free speech, just another dream we had back there

Freedom, just another dream we had back there

back there in the past, a long time ago

do you remember? I do

Totalitarian agenda: The Israel lobby smashes free speech and criminalizes resistance in the West


so we have a reporter filing charges against someone in the rump campaign for assault…ponder this…maybe I should file charges against the rump campaign for making me mentally ill due to his ability to turn the election season into a tabloid circus…for me his campaign is revolting and repulsive; very disgusting…this isn’t politics, it is a mockery of all that is the U.S. of A., well, maybe not Free Speech…the man is insane-period


“The gun rights case certainly was of exceptional importance, he said, since no court of appeals had ever before ruled that there was an individual right to own a gun.” (from the article-Miguel Estrada)

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), however, has strongly hinted that he could try to maintain the blockade against Supreme Court confirmations long after the next president takes office. Indeed, in one interview, McConnell suggested that he might refuse to confirm anyone who is opposed by the NRA.” (from the article)

so there you have two birds and one stone!!! individual gun-rights and my friend “Mitch”…total perversions of the Constitution, elsewhere on this site I document that more than 1 person in my family signed The Declaration of Independence, sorry if I repeat myself, this is in my DNA, my blood, I cannot help it, nor do I want to…get it???

Fidel Tells Obama: ‘We Don’t Need the Empire to Give us Anything.’


enough said

cats outta the bag on this one, don’t forget to flush

no wonder is it? that we are hated on a global scale

oh well, just another day in pair-a-dice right?

you bet

pretty picture of ancient Roman ruins, like a picture postcard, makes you wanna go there and bask in it wonder, in it’s antiquity…it more than likely all dust right about now and no one stopped it from happening, not the usa, not russia, not no nobody, yep, bad grammar, gotya didn’t it? how about that sporty, it’s Palmyra in syria, it’s toast baby, dust in the wind and no one said a word, no one one sad a thing…why?…because we love to kill

once again Paul Buchheit hits the nail on the head, this could be posted on the “disposable people’s” page but I’ll keep it here because it is politically based with a reflection of society…it isn’t just the one percent, it isn’t just those in government, it is our society that allows this to happen, we don’t demand being informed we demand being entertained, we don’t demand real food we want fast food so we can go back to being entertained, we don’t demand healthcare because we haven’t a clue what it is, only the drug ads on t.v. inform us about diseases and we hide the poor away from those that need to know what poor is, poor is us, sick is us, uneducated is us and we allow it to be because we are lazy…the most scary thing about Paul’s piece today is about how much we love to kill with weapons, guns, gun sales but by including all of this in one page shows us how we kill in so many more ways, it isn’t just with guns, now is it?


Paul’s piece in PDF form


I place this at the feet of senator john mccain, do your job!!! not only is he a war-whore, not only is he a sell-out of sacred U.S. of A. lands to other countries companies but he refuses to take-care of those that have served; the v.a. is not healthcare, it’s a cesspool of corruption and malpractice, these facilities should be open 24/7/365 and staffed appropriately

I received an email from campaign for america’s future asking me to sign a petition to the senate to do their job to have hearings and to hold a vote for scotus opening…I sent them an email saying that if they had a petition to Impeach Mitch I’d sign that one, I’m to wait for a reply, I’m to wait for hell to freeze over…the constitution is to be exercised just like any muscle, it is not meant to be circumvented or used as desired; the V.P. has a job to do, why won’t he do it ???


It is my thinking that we need to be enhancing Freedoms, Liberties and Civil Rights because the 6th Extinction is beginning to cause major disruptions globally; currently the move is towards suppression and repression, keeping the population under-foot, this reduces the possibilities of cooperation and awareness of what is really going on, the population needs to become educated in a hurry so as to prevent hysteria and mobs out of control…if people become educated about the 6th Extinction, if the people are given greater freedoms, liberties and civil rights it enhances the cooperation of the population with the government, reduces stresses and allows for team work, we would have respect to sell instead of more wars, more prison population growth and on and on and on…Set Our People Free…we no longer can withstand boots on our necks at every turn, open up the doors, the curtains, the windows and let the light shine in…Do You Not Want To Be Free ???

The Force

photo dank depot

The Force is Life

this plant is a wonderful thing for me personally, just a hit or two and I get deep peaceful sleep and I don’t wake up in crushing pain or drug addled either, it reduces most if not all of my physical, emotional and physiological complaints, elsewhere here I document what has happened to me in the last 65 years, what I have been hiding is the fact that I am a licenced MM user, here in AZ I can buy a licence to use MM for a year, the cost is sky-high and so is the drug which is stupid, plus there is the housing issue, since the complex where I live receives federal funds I cannot use the medicine, it is cause for eviction, this is stupid, this is the result of right-wing madness, right-wing reefer madness, and again elsewhere I document how my family has assisted in the creation of the madness…but This Is The Force, The Life Force, all natural things were created to benefit mankind when used in the right way(s), to reintegrate ourselves back into the Force is a must if we are to see just what we have done and can do to be prepared for the 6th Extinction; as an example, when we came to Turtle Island there were peoples here living within the force, we killed almost all of them off instead of listening, they know how to listen, the Earth speaks to us in many ways and if we listen, quietly, gently we can hear her breathe and sigh and weep

update on “Mitch”

I found this as well, just another reason why this man should be held in contempt of congress and a trial date set for Impeachment, damn I wish those in Power would grow some balls and do their job, it needs to be done swiftly, in a clean stroke so there is no question about this crap being tolerated, this man is running rough shod over sanity and our country

Mitch McConnell likes procrastinating so much, he wants the whole country to do it

I just read a piece on Buzzflash, a part of Truth-Out, about this mess with the Senate and dear ol’ “Mitch”, I sent them an email and I related my email message to V.P. Biden and asked them to push a little too, maybe with an editorial or two so that the idea gets some legs and we get our country moving again for the people NOT corporations or lobbyists, that kinda crap has got to STOP

I’m tired and full of cramps, cannot sleep, can’t get comfortable and then I try to read this(?) why? well it might just knock me out, wordy? oh my word, just who the author is writing to is unclear, if he speaks like this he talks to himself a lot…he does make valid points but they are over-run by words that you have to define while reading which slows the whole thing down but it allows him to fill a page and get paid…in short…in order for FDR to get the New Deal really cooking he needed the war but since we already have a war how can Bernie steer us away from the war and make us healthy again, only by being Imperial-Lite…I don’t buy it because the world is tried of the Imperial Empire and wants to move away from it any old way it can…If the Empire stands after the election, societies will fall and the 6th Extinction will speed up, we will all die sooner, if the Empire falls and humans raise up to become humane, there is a chance that the 6th Extinction will slow down enough to where we can see where we need to go…but…the 6th Extinction will still happen folk’s it’s a matter of how fast and how ugly or how slow and mindful we will/can be


I think 2 things ought to happen and quickly, V.P. Biden, as President of the Senate should take control of the Senate, relieve “Mitch” of his duties and set a trial date within a week for Impeachment, this is well within his V.P. powers and his Constitutional duty as President…(pie-in-sky) I also believe the President ought to issue a “silent”-“stand-down”-“stand-in-place” order for all Military and State Department and Homeland Security staff, which would relieve the grip the MIC has on this country…the right would learn a little about how the Constitution actually works and the MIC would learn that they are still at the whim of the population, not the other way around…we need to right this ship and quickly before the election because the election alone is going to be a mess and foul play is already in the cards, Sanders is the only one making rational statements about where this country should be heading, all the rest are making a dog and pony show out of our country, it’s very sad to watch as the world burns from the 6th Extinction

Oh, never mind

If you read the front page and clicked on the link about the NSA

I include the Saudi piece as an example of slippery-slope

suppression leads to oppression leads to dystopia

do we really want the NSA legally doing what they probably are already doing without government oversight? making it legal means we cannot stop it…it becomes a run-away-train folks

had this link up for over 12 hrs and no one clicked on it to read it



SO, nobody gives a shit man, can’t you tell ???

The Empire Wins

so what

I am projecting that there will not be an election, with the expansion of the NSA, the subversion of Congress and the presidential applicants being so bizarre except for Mr. Sanders there will be a false-flag event and the Nation will go into Martial Law Lock-Down thereby securing The Empire and The Police State…the empire cannot afford to have anyone in office but HRC, those odds are looking very poor unless there is massive fraud through the DNC, the empire cannot afford trump or cruz having the codes to nuclear weapons and the police-state, so that leaves either fraud or Dystopia, the 6th extinction has its grip on the planet and control of the masses is the prime objective, instead of enhancing freedoms and liberties there will be crushing of them, dissent will not be tolerated and propaganda will be blatant…we know very well how to be ugly, we haven’t a clue how to employ compassion or how to be humane

“You were supposed to attack civilians, women, children, innocent people from outside the political arena. For one simple reason: to force the public to turn to the State, turn to the regime, and ask for greater security. This was precisely the role of the Right in Italy. It placed itself at the service of the State under an aptly termed ‘Strategy of Tension’. They had to get ordinary people to accept that at any moment over a period of 30 years, from 1960 to the mid-80s, a state of emergency could be declared. So, people would willingly trade part of their freedom for the security of being able to walk the streets, go on trains or enter a bank. This is the political logic behind all the bombings. They remain unpunished because the State cannot condemn itself.”

~ Italian neo-fascist whose prosecution led to the discovery of NATO’s ‘Gladio’ networks across Western Europe

– Vincenzo Vinciguerra…


how sick are we ???

the nra has control of the Senate leader mr. “mitch” and now the nra have issued rewrites of our favorite fairy-tales to include guns, you know, Little Red Riding Hood, The 3 Pigs and the like…as the article points out it doesn’t matter that 17,000 deaths a year are from unintentional shootings, nope, that doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is…oil…guns…drugs…as I have pointed out earlier and elsewhere here…the stop killing page has more if you really want it (sorry for the language-in advance) that wayne lapierre is one sick son-of-a-bitch…”wayne & “mitch” what a team…okay…I’ll stop…my head might explode bang bang

and this little tid-bit

I have severe and chronic PTSD, see “about” page, someone tried to kill me when I was 9 years old, I am also deaf…I fear for my life whenever I have to deal with a cop, excuse me please, a police-person, wanna know why? read this…and people think gee ain’t amurika grand…



what to say that isn’t said elsewhere? this should be posted to the 6th extinction page as well but I’ll keep it here…if these “trade” deals are pushed through it will speed up the 6th extinction, I’m sure you can see how…the very real scary thing is what this does to our government, our form of government; it will disappear over night at the stroke of a pen…as I noted elsewhere my senator jeff flake and I have exchanged emails about this and wants it to happen, for him it’s about jobs, I not buying it, none of it, nada…have you read the Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov ?, personally I do not want to move into that world, where the world is one big corporation, one big company, and humans are reduced to the state of ants within a massive system of conveyor belts and apartments; I like being an american, a person, not owned by a company, not traded off for stock options, I like the dirt here, it’s our people’s dirt…on and on and on and on, I’m not saying anything that other’s haven’t said already…I downloaded the paper written by the Sierra Club just to have it so that when these trade deals are signed I can look back and see truth match with truth

I received an email from V.P. Joe Biden about what is happening with the Supreme Court…I sent him an email stating that it is my Civil Right to have a functioning government, which it is, I also stated my view that “Mitch” should be tried for Impeachment, which he should…I also invited him to visit these pages to learn more…I doubt that anything will come of this but I have to make noise, it is my right, is it not ?

Just moved-in 3 daze ago, finding me feet, lost my media library of photo’s, art and documents—bummer…looked at the news sites just now, just read the head-lines, ain’t nuthin’ new, same ol’ same ol’, the right wants to kill rights and liberties and people and countries and the planet and the left is saying oh looky here and here and here about realities that make me sick, mentally, emotionally and physically sick…been contacting sane people about what is here, what pages to read and such hoping to bring change to things in a different way, more direct instead of willy-nilly hoping someone will find my site, had readers from all across the globe, left them behind, I was feeding them and they weren’t feeding me in return, don’t know if that will change but I’m on a mission to teach what I see as truth, one of those being that I refuse to live under the thumb of the right, suppression leads to oppression which leads to despotism