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…the push-back from the tearing apart of the EPA…




US ‘loses 60% of career ambassadors’ since January

…no state department, no influence on world stage…

It is all down-hill from here

The up-tick of Fascism in America since the election is disturbing, to say the least. One of the things I’ll be looking at is the President not doing his duty of office when not upholding the Law of the Land. It is one thing to not support, it is another to undercut or de-fund a law, as in the supplemental payment to the ACA law. Which is unconstitutional. Much like everything else this Fascist does, it has to be fought out in court because the lock-in-step republicans in congress refuse to fight for the country but applies party to everything.

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…Oct. 16, 2017…the median income in America is over $50,000.00, I have been disabled for 25 years, my income is slightly over $13,000.00 a year. Every time I turn around the republicans want to slash/gut the very programs that keep me alive. This has been happening since day one of my starting to receive Social Security Disability Insurance. Why does my government want to kill me? I keep sending emails to my Senator, John McCain asking why, asking for an answer and all I get is SILENCE. This makes my blood boil and hate republicans, I know hate is poison but I cannot help myself.


…Oct. 17, 2017…So the president signed an order eliminating subsidies for healthcare insurance…if someone who had insurance and lost their insurance because of this order and they were receiving treatment for cancer, let’s say, and this person stops receiving treatment and dies…this is state sponsored manslaughter…how many millions will loose their insurance? How many will die? There is a sickness in the Oval Office and it needs treatment, emergency room treatment. This is blood on my hands against my will. It is blood on your hands as well. This is OUR country. I write emails on my Senator’s web-page, Senator John McCain, he knows who I am and where I stand and yet I feel powerless against this evil beast in the Oval Office. Someway somehow this madness has got to end and very soon before our country crumbles completely. I do not know what to do except feel pain.

***UpDate…Oct. 18, 2017…I just now heard from Senator McCain. He is still for “repeal & replace”. He wants to return to what the senate used to do, regular order with hearings and the like. I totally agree. I would be ecstatic if it were for “Single Payer” but it’s not. It should be but it’s not. What is, is. The question in my mind remains, how can we be successful as a country, with a sick population?


…Oct. 17, 2017…https://www.commondreams.org/news/2017/10/17/stiffing-us-taxpayers-grand-scale-fortune-500-holding-26-trillion-offshore

2.6 Trillion Dollars. That is a lot of whatever your mind can envision. Roads, bridges, healthcare, college educations, whatever you want, you’ve already paid for it big time and you wonder why your pockets are empty? Now remember folk’s these are people here. The Supreme Court said so in the Citizens United case. Kinda makes you want to puke all over your shoes doesn’t it? What do you wanna bet Apple is #1 on that list, wanna bet your bottom dollar? because that is all that’s left you. I’ll dig around and find the list but I’m sure you really don’t want to read it because you like these people/products. If I were Tim Cook right now I’d feel damn ashamed of myself but I’m not him and he surely doesn’t think like me.

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…Oct. 17, 2017…


It has been well understood for decades that radiation at any dose is dangerous, period. Now, today the Director of the EPA is saying it just ain’t so. This is one example of what this administration is all about and it’s not you or me either, I believe it’s about protecting those that hurt us, or will hurt us in the future. Think about how many people have been damaged by The Hanover Nuclear Disaster. Just where is this administration taking us? What vortex are we being sucked into here? So many things are wrong at so many levels it’s hard keeping track of where the knives are stabbing us in the back. This country is being turned upside-down and inside-out, shaken and stirred. I’m going to lay down now and pull the covers over my head and hide.


…Oct. 18, 2017…suppression leads to oppression which leads to tyranny…everyday there are a cluster of attacks against rationality, everyday there are a cluster of attacks against sanity, everyday there are a cluster of attacks against our Republic our democratic institutions, fascism is taking root in America…I read the headlines and the news articles from around the globe and 2 things are happening, the crazy alt-right is bound and determined to upset the apple cart and destroy any semblance of rational existence, the same group(s) are destroying the inner workings of governments in what I’d think of as internal terrorism, it isn’t physical yet but is ideological in nature which tears at decades of workings within a system and this is no way to change a system effectively, over-throwing institutions abruptly destroys them not reforms them which collapses foundations/governments, this bannon character in America is flat-out crazy and announces publicly he is hell-bent on destroying the GOP, this is terrorism and no one is saying or doing anything about it, if he succeeds he will also bring down the democratic party as well…in order for the 2 party system to work they have to recognize they need each other and they need to work together, one cannot survive without the other, we currently have a one party system and it just isn’t working, it is destroying America, we, as a nation, will not survive to see the elections of 2018.


Oct, 19th, 2017…

My 2 state senators voted in favor of the white house budget. This budget slashes 15 million people from critical funding for such things as Medicare and Medicaid. I am one of those 15 million. Here is what it will likely mean for me. I receive funding for my Medicare Premium, my Medicare Part D Drug benefit and my HUD Housing Assistance, all of this will be slashed, cut and will disappear. I will not be able to pay my Medicare Premium, the drugs that keep me alive and a roof over my head will disappear. As far as my drugs go I use 3 inhalers at a retail cost of over $1000.00 a month, plus medications for high blood pressure and my pain management drugs. No Medicare, No help with drug costs and No housing assistance I WILL DIE. I receive $1124.00 a month in Social Security Benefit, that is all the income I have. I have no family to assist me and no where to move to when I have to leave here because I cannot afford it. My current rent is $303.00 a month, the cost is reduced through HUD. The standard rental price for my studio apartment is $788.00 per month. I also have to pay for the electric and phone. WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T THEY JUST SHOOT ME????? HUH, McCAIN…HUH, FLAKE…WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SHOOT ME??? YOU FUCKING COWARDS.

Thanks to Commondreams.org and Reuters/Gary Cameron

…sent mc cain an email…sir…with your vote tonight why didn’t you just shoot me…and left it unsigned…sent flake the same message…


With something as critical as the nations budget the republicans voted for party not country, there are some things you just don’t do and one of them is to instill a policy that effects the whole country such as a budget that favors one group over another, this vote favors one group of limited size over and above a much larger and diverse one, this is not a democratic approach to governance, because of the favored groups make up it is a fascist enhancement on our republic which may not survive after this, after this vote of Oct. 19th, 2017.


…Oct. 21st, 2017…

Up above I think you’ll see that the underlying tone is that everything is getting a bit weird. This example is a bit more at the grass roots level.


I guess in a very broad sense you might say anything can be a religious symbol depending of course on your religious training. This though is just a hat with a saying on it. It says, make america great again. Is that a creed? To what religion? The religion of Trump? Is the White House it’s Temple? Is the Declaration of Independence it’s holy book? If it is I say it’s blaspheme. 3 members of my family signed that piece of paper. If anything it is my religion. I love every single letter written. Personally, much like a lot of people today, I fear he’s off his med.’s or in need of some but he does get his 15 minutes of spotlight. What does it say though about our government? What if our current government were a religion? What type of moral and ethical teachings does it offer? Please, be aware and beware.


…Oct. 21, 2017…Today the Dept. of Education rescinded 72 guidance documents covering disabled children. Our kids. I went through school all on my own, as a freshmen in high school they discovered I couldn’t read and I took a reading class. That was the only help I got but that was 1965 for gawds sake. This is 2017 and now it’s 1800.


We will never recover from the gutting this country is getting from these Fascists. I am sick with grief, sick with sorrow. What will they do tomorrow?



I live in rural AZ in a town of maybe 2,300 with just one stop sign. According to this report 23,000 kids in AZ will loose their healthcare coverage in December. Merry Christmas kiddies from Uncle Don. As reported this funding has been popular for 2 decades but since Uncle Donny didn’t get his way with “repeal and replace” Congress “forgot” to reauthorize funding for this critical function of our commitment to each other. When a society fails it’s most in need it diminishes government to nothing more an a gang of thugs who care little if anything about its citizens but cares more about money and ego. People just disappear off the radar in a Fascist state, the State is what matters not the people. This is yet another example of our country being gutted. It breaks my heart. And they dare to call themselves christians, which even makes it worse.


…I know I will find more reports on a daily basis of what is happening to our beloved country but doubt if I can carry on, it really is too much for me to handle, until we collapse completely it is going to be a painful downward spin speeding up until we crash, I hope it’s soon…10/23/17…






…to willing want nature to disappear, to wanting to reduce our treasure’s in size, to willingly and wantonly gut America’s Beauty, haven’t we done enough damage, we are just now beginning to heal from rivers being on fire, with global warming and climate change and the 6th extinction going on at the same time it isn’t rocket science to see we need to protect more, not destroy more, Thanks to The Guardian for the photo’s…



…so, this is it, better than anything I can do all on my own…warning…it will over-whelm you, over-power you and be exhausting so have lots of coffee ready…


…pmurt is being called the wrecking-ball, he is definitely no builder or crafter of Laws, no he is an autocrat and a cruel one at that…

…here it is in PDF form if you want to stay here and read, click on the blue highlighted link and it will take you to a different page…

How Trump is rolling back Obama_s legacy – Washington Post


This is what we fought the Revolutionary War for, taxation without representation, oh, and by the way, we won…I am not advocating violence but we best be doing something about it real quick like.