The poverty rate for a single person in America is $10,140.00 or $1011.00 per month. My income is $13,752.00 or $1146.00 per month. I earn $135.00 a month too much to qualify as poor. WTF ??? I was going to set up a donate button here via Paypal so I could beg for money but on June 26th Paypal changed horse’s and my web browser is out of date so my Paypal account is not accessible anymore. I contacted Paypal and closed my account. I use an old iMac with an operating system from 2007 because that is all I can afford. It has been announced that the FCC is going to eliminate the Lifeline phone program for poor people. Even with the discount my phone bill is almost $50.00 a month with taxes and long distance charges. Because I live in nowhere land all or most of my calls are long distance. IF the FCC does this I will loose phone service. I am lucky that the state of AZ pays my Medicare premium and assists with my drug costs, I have an apartment via HUD and the local food bank delivers food once a month. On the downside, my car is 29 years old and needs many repairs, I need injections into my spine just so I can do normal things like sleep, walk and drive a car. It is getting harder and harder to find a Doc that has a hardship program or will accept Medicare assignment. All of this war on the poor and tax giveaways to the rich is leading me to ask the question, Why The Fuck Am I Alive ??? I sure as hell do not want to be !!! And to think there are some 40 million others like me or worse, 40 million people. Not dogs or cats or birdies, People. Living in America, or trying too. There is the question as to why the suicide rate is climbing so fast. DUH !!! In the past I have contacted various groups for help with my PTSD and other issues. Direct contact. I never get an answer once I have stated my histories. I know there is no help. And I am weary of begging for the last 25 years, 25 years since I became disabled. 25 years of begging like a dog only to be kicked further and further down. In the past I have contacted my Senators in government and have asked them, why does my government want to kill me. I never get an answer. Wonder why. I would leave, immigrate to another country just to get a little dignity and respect but since I have nothing no country will take me and I have no way to get there anyway so why bother. 40 million just like me or worse. The next thing for me to try is a “go fund me” plea/beg for help. I should know one way or another whether I can get injections into my spine the coming 4th of July week. We’ll see.


An Update for 2018: More Evidence That Half of Americans Are In or Near Poverty

The extreme level of inequality in the U.S. is battering the poor

I have been reading Paul Buchheit for years. I have yet to find a time when he is wrong with his figures or his analysis. This may also apply to the page on hate. Why would a country hate it’s citizens so much as to cause such grief, pain and suffering?

Declaring War on Poverty ‘Largely Over,’ White House Urges Work Requirements for Aid

…more lies, more misstated facts, diversions from the truth and reality of life in America…even the U.N.’s reporting on poverty here is well known and believed to be highly accurate…I grow increasingly weary of the intentional destruction of facts and truths by this administration and this president, it serves no purpose other than to destroy America, to feed hate and fear into an angry population that has been damaged by blatant corruption(s)…if they could live my life for just one day, they would then see and feel how my head wishes to explode from this scam, this con, this degrading of morals they perpetuate…makes me ill, I’ll quit typing now…

This is a posting from another site used with permission, it explains the idea of a consumption tax in plain language, easy to understand and relate to. The idea isn’t new but the desire for it should be at least acknowledged. The benefits out weigh the difficulty in implementing such a tax program I think. The hard part of course I fighting against all the greed of today.


“Time for the ‘patented’ AST graduated fair consumption tax.
No other taxes. 0.
This is a beauty, simply place value on everything consumed.
Figure the ‘medians’.
Have at it, no one can complain, it’s fair, top to bottom.
A loaf of bread, say $2, average, my area. maybe it is a slight discount.
I, am in the say, 50 percentile income range.
I, pay $2.
My cousin, makes 1000% more than I.
He, pays $2000 for the loaf o’ bread.
My aunt, who likes to do tiedye t-shirts and smoke a little weed, is at about 25% of the median.
She pays $0.50 for the bread.
See, fair.
If your inclined to do well, you share the wealth.
If your inclined to do poorly, you won’t starve.
If your in the middle, there is incentive, either direction.
Chip everyone, a national ‘wealthcard'(don’t leave home without it or you cannot buy a thing), whatever works.
Jeff Bezos, at $150bil wealth, is about at the top.
I figure, he stops at McDonalds to get his kid a HappyMeal, and it is like $50,000..maybe $85,000, depending on location.
Make more…PAY more! maybe a LOT more!
Equality, evens out the playing field!
Who can complain about that?”

It is simple as pie but hard as a diamond to get enacted. We could at least try.

The Enemy Between Us: How Inequality Erodes our Mental Health

Inequality creates the social and political divisions that isolate us from each other