Sanity vs Hate

…an old page I am bring forward because I think I need the reminder and maybe you do too…I have taken the liberty of taking a screen shot and a PDF file from the Southern Poverty Law Centers website to prove a point. If they want me to take it down I will…but remember…all of our shadows are the same color.


A page for posting things that may help us all in getting and keeping sanity in our lives…

I have watched this video, I began studying religions in earnest in 1993, at one time in my youth I thought of pursuing a life of the cloth, in the 70’s I discovered the Book of The Hopi by Frank Waters and it changed my life, it is my understanding that sometime during the 70’s the Hopi and Tibetan Buddhist Monks came together in Northern AZ and didn’t need an interpreter, true or not I don’t know…this video is an offering for mindfulness, there are many more if you go to ixquick and type in under the video choice, Christ was a Buddhist Monk, I also suggest doing a search for the Life Of Buddha by the BBC, it is true that they have been able to locate a few of the burial sites of Buddha, they are scattered about India, the area’s in which he lived

tables have 4 legs for a reason, so does my brain, I talked a bit about mindfulness so now acceptance…as we experience life there are good things and bad things, but that isn’t quite right, there are just things that happen, some we like a lot and want them to happen more, some we don’t want to happen ever again, we can very easily get caught up in judgement…we experienced something and went on to another something but it was just an experience, non-judgemental; years ago I owned a very rare guitar, it was a joy to play, pure joy, life changed and I had to sell it, I lost money, now the guitar is worth a years salary for someone on wall street, but I got to experience that guitar, I got to talk to the Master who built it, I got to hear joy and feel joy, I got to experience joy; and I moved on, no regrets…learning to accept something as an experience allows you to keep traveling, you don’t get stuck looking backward at your life, this reduces bitterness and all kinds of stress and other nasty things…letting go is a big part of acceptance, what is is and it lets you be in the moment and that’s right where you want to be, it’s where you are living, you are alive right now, the past is gone the future isn’t here yet…acceptance helps level the table

I try to live with 4 words in mind all the time, it isn’t easy to do but it does help me, they are; mindfulness, discernment. acceptance and compassion…lets take a look-see at mindfulness for a moment…being mindful means you are aware of your thoughts, which trigger emotions which trigger neurotransmitters which trigger physical reactions, the bad reactions make you sick, physically sick, that’s not what I like, feeling sick; by being mindful you become aware of the thoughts that trigger negative things and you can teach your “self” not to engage those triggers, it is a very healthy thing to do, it reduces all kinds of toxins in the blood-stream…this can be done in a dramatic way by meditating, prayer is a form of meditating or being focused, so is washing the dishes or any task done by rote (but not driving a car, okay?) some religious people pray at night before bed which reduces stress, some pray 3 times a day to reduce stress but very few recognize the function of these as being meditation or as a form of stress reduction and that is sad because when these things are used in a general setting they are misunderstood and fear sets in because it’s foreign to their way of thinking…this is a prime example of people not being versed in stress reduction, mindfulness and compassion

3/18/16…just going through the news this morning, seeing the same old things, hate and death and war and finger pointing…and then this, some sanity…since the 60’s I have claimed that hate is poison in the blood and sure enough it is and here is an answer to it, I always love the way this man makes everything simple and right and just, yes, it’s hard work in the beginning but once you find your triggers you can shut them off and become human and humane, I hope next month I can afford the book, his books and teachings have always been life saving to me ( see “about” for more) maybe next month you too can afford it?…


Sanity and Love vs Hate

the current hate map from SPLC

…there are currently 917 hate groups in America, as the Dalai Lama points out hate is poison in the blood…there are many reasons people hate, none of which are logical or rational…hate effects everyone, those that don’t hate have to guard against excluding those that do…inclusion is key to over coming hate, we all must strive to be an inclusive, person, community and society…as the great singer songwriter sang years ago “…I only know that peace will come when all hate is gone…” Fred Neil

…the listing of the 917…

Active Hate Groups 2016 | Southern Poverty Law Center