Disposable People

…I am not going to try and replace all of the images on this page, I am bringing it forward today because it is really reflective of what is happening in America today even though it is over a year and half old, the rules still apply today, if not more so…also I am providing a link to a piece written by Henry A. Giroux that spells out in detail what we are faced with, with trump as President, with that in mind things have actually gotten much much worse…


…please, take your time while reading the link, let it sink-in, if need be read it twice…this is us, this is what we have become, this is what we need to fight against, not with violence but honor and dignity, with words and deeds, by spreading the news, by inclusion…



…so in the article above it says that the median income for a single person in America is $30,000.00…my Social Security is $13,488.00, I have been living at this level for 25 years…it equates to $1.07 an hour because being disabled is a 24/7 job…no one in amurika is fighting for people like me, the disposed-of, the throw-aways…the guvment is doin’ this budget and tax thingy that will eliminate the safety net, everything that keeps me alive, yep, I’ll still have my Social Security but I won’t have my HUD housing, my Medicare premium paid for or my medications covered…everyday it gets harder and hard to justify my continued existence…11/3/17




bringing this forward because of the recent reporting on tax-havens and how people are being robbed, you see it ain’t nothing new…I’m not going to “fix” the page but leave it as is



I like the “project” this author writes for, I like the author, she writes very well, I know times are hard for her but she does have a much nicer life than a lot of us…I try not to complain, I try to buck-up buckaroo but it’s hard, I pay my bills with money orders, one of my credit card payments was not credited to the account, I sent them the actual receipt, stupid me, they didn’t keep it so I cannot file a claim with Western Union, so I got robbed of $65.00 and all the CC co. can do is say gee, we’re sorry, $65.00 to me is a lot of money to just throw away but that’s how the system works…everyday I get robbed of money one way or another, a lot of people do and there is no answer to it due to the fact that “Greed is The New Creed”; on another page I beg for help, I set it up a few daze ago, no one has even read it because either they are poor like me or they don’t give a damn, trying to fight this off is damn hard as the author points out, depression is my way of life, I’m weary of it and I want it to end, I want to die



The Real Boss of USA




…a little music to read by…

…I too am one of those disposable, throw-a-way people…


…The Crying Buddha…


…my primary source will be The Economic Policy Institute or epi.org…

…the commentary will be mine, of course…

…the purpose is to explain that poverty is the result of stealing…




I am not materialistic. I believe that if there is something material that you cannot live without, then you should give it to someone who needs it. That material thing owns you, you don’t own it. It has more value to you than Love.

I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t a democratic socialist. I have long-held that any net profit over 5.5% is theft. A lesson I learned while in sales of material handling equipment in Billings MT.

Also I believe that the more you have, there is someone without. If the basics of life were very low-cost or no-cost such as a bare-bones auto, housing, food, healthcare, clothing and the upgraded things very expensive due to taxes (usury taxed) everyone could live a more comfortable and healthier life. A minimum standard of living, in current terms, would mean for a family of 4= $50 to 60,000.00 a year income. Any excess of that would be turned over to those with less to raise them to that standard. A company owner or CEO should make no more than 15% above an entry-level position.

My Grandfather Josiah O. Hoffman was a very wealthy elitist. He Loved money and power. He hated his second cousin FDR, even though they were close on a family level he was the total opposite of him with regards to monetary policy. He referred to FDR as the “Mad Man in the White House” because of the social programs FDR enacted. I admire my Grandfather but FDR is one of my hero’s.

I think that is a good enough preface. If you have problems with this, then you may not want to read further.


…Hey America, you are being robbed

of little green pieces of paper…


Little green pieces of paper, money…it can make you rich and poor to want some more, to paraphrase Shawn Phillips…I know poor people, I’m one of them too, I know rich people that are poor, I am poor money wise, they are poor in spirit…the 99% and the 1%, what to make of it? 99% of us are included in a group, that 1% to the left of this word are excluded, they are sick, dis-eased, they are mentally deficient and in need of therapy and need inclusion into the 99%, we must lend them a hand getting them assistance…first we have to get rid of labels, you are one, you are all, I am one, we are all; there is no such thing as race, there is one race, the human race, we are one, we are all; everything else creates divisions, money systems like capitalism is a division, socialism is a division; apply the rule above to money systems, there is just money…those that have less is where we should spend our money, it is an investment in our future; those that have a lot don’t need more because it leads to dis-ease…do you see where I’m going? I’ll use D.Trump as an example, lots of money, wants more, thinks it creates power, wants to be prez. but wait, what is happening to him? he has lost his honorary degrees, contracts and endorsements this loss of “power” he is experiencing is causing dis-ease, what spills from his mouth is poison, it creates divisions, he needs assistance, after one of the debates I contacted ABC and asked if any one of them were going to offer to assist him, I got no answer, he’s ruining what he took a life time to create, this is dis-ease: he needs to be included, not placed at the summit…more later, I’m old and tired…


Above I wrote about divisions, just what are divisions? one way of looking at them is that they are delusions…the Dalai Lama has taught me that in order to change my path I have to recognize my delusions, once they are realized I can move on, thus changing my path and the paths around me, a constant journey towards truth, delusions/divisions prevent me from being with the all, the one, we are all, we are one, there is just Being…by eliminating labels and divisions it raises us up above them to see them for what they are, a means of suppression and control…when we look at divisions we can and do want what is on the other side of that division, it’s human nature, the difference is in need, do we need that fancy car that Joe has down the street or do we want it? want has created massive amounts of pollution, waste and inequalities, we are chin deep in it…I don’t want to be D. Trump but I want what he has, really? is it not possible that getting what you want of his turns you into him? what you need it to be is you, you are you by eliminating this division, this delusion, this want…so, what are you really being robbed of? you are being robbed of you…when this is employed as a means of suppression you can see it for what it is, the scales are not balanced; yes you need shelter, food, clothing and you need yourself, by claiming this it will balance the scales, I don’t want money, I need life, those that enforce divisions/delusions prevent this, what is enforce/enforcement? it is the super-ego blown way out of proportion with the one, the all, it is dis-ease…more later

In 1968 I was 17 years old, Eric Burdon and The Animals released their album, “The Twain Shall Meet”, it had a profound effect on me and one song grips me to this day, All is One…

We are one
We are one
I’m a part of you
you are part of me
You are one

We are one
We are one
Your neighbor is your brother
The sun is your son

We are one
We are one
Everything is one
The wind, the rain, the sun
They are one

You’ll never die
Like the birds just fly
I am all of you
You are all of me
We are all, all one
All one, yeah
All one, yeah

Well you should know why….(lyrics lic. by lyricfind)

this song is part of the source material for where I find within me what I write…there is only this one blue ball in space, the one we live on, there is only one, we have to be part of it, not divorced from it, the same applies to being human, if applied we become humane, there are none higher or lower, we are one, that is the theme of another song on the album…so…

above I wrote about divisions and delusions, for argument’s sake lets say that you have employed these things and you begin to feel grounded, coming to the whole, it’s now that you can ask questions like, how can I change this?, what can I do? I’m just a poor person living on the streets of L.A. or Kansas City, one of the easiest things to do is to offer to help; but I have nothing I’m on the street and it’s me that needs the help, ooops, you slipped, you divided yourself from the one, not a problem no shame here, just awareness, okay…but really, what can I do?…well, you know the shelter you slept in last night? offer to do the dishes and this is no joke, by doing the dishes it provides space, space in which to think and grow, it’s mindless, you are growing, you are a fresh seed in the ground just coming up for air, next time there may be someone who will offer to do the dishes for you, maybe not but that’s okay too…mindfulness, discernment, acceptance, compassion; the 4 building blocks to Buddhism: once you are mindful and you understand what your mind is doing, you can accept that you are human just like everyone else and extend compassion to your “self”, then you can give it away to other’s, sharing=inclusion…see?…you are one, you are all, all is one, everyone is you; now smile, balance; oh how grand, how simple…then you can see dis-ease, now you can offer that 1% assistance, not hate, or envy, you have something to give, Love…more later…

Oh yeah Gilbert, that was simple, so simple it’s simplistic, it’s garbage, horse shit in a cart, get real I need money…oh really mmm…retraining your mind is the hardest thing you’ll ever do but do you still want to be divided from the things you need? retraining your mind means you have to recognize how programmed you are, how much propaganda you are fed and what the sources are, this is a moment by moment battle, and it doesn’t stop until you are 6 feet under…but…what you have learned is that you can help, help yourself and other’s, one of the ways you can help is to teach, we all need to teach the 1% that it just ain’t right to steal our minds, our identity, our self-worth, our money, our government and our environment, it’s Wrong, it’s deadly, it literally is killing the planet and all life on it, they are not exempt either, if they are then they have an extra planet up their sleeve…we are being robbed, this is theft, this is Stealing…if we don’t teach that to the 1%, who will?…one of the things that really bothers me is seeing pictures of starving children, Einstein had a very different mind, his brain was shaped like no one else but who is to say it only happened once? there could be a child out there right now with the same brain structure that could help us answer the hard questions of our time, is that child starving in some small village somewhere on the planet, or in an inner city ghetto? can we afford to ignore this possibility? NO!…there is a scene in Schindlers List, where Schindler is sitting on his suit case in the middle of the rail road tracks and he sees his wedding ring and starts to cry and says How Many More, we need to turn every single one of these 1% er’s into Schindler, the D. Trumps, the B. Gates, the J.Dimons, the Walton’s; they owe us, there is a bill to be paid and it’s past due, decades past due…we must educate them about the side effects of their dis-ease, we must teach them about how psychotic they are: one way to do this is to not buy their products and services, it will cost you more money in the short-term but you’ll win in the long-term; another is to strike, unionize, we are one, we are all…we all have to learn that there is more status in being your own person working for the good of all than owning that bright and shiny Cadillac…more later

Elsewhere on this site I document that I have multiple disabilities and am uneducated, I did do some course work at the junior college level and carried a 4.0 but it was all based of life experience, most instructors let me slide through just as they had in K-12…so, how to read the works of professional economic policy experts? they are polite, measured in tone and use abstract terms that I am unaccustomed to, that is the question…the people at the Economic Policy Institute have been kind enough to allow me access their site, to quote their work and provide my own commentary…without this assistance much of this would be the ramblings of a head-case that has exposed to too much desert sun, they are educated professionals, I work from the gut…for instance, on their site there is a posting dated January 8th of this year, just a few days ago, the title is…

An honest discussion of how to reduce poverty: strengthen the safety net and raise wages across the board

…the link…


…it is very well written with a very human touch, it is thoughtful and thought-provoking; it discusses the ability of our programs and policies at keeping poverty at bay to some extent and gives fair warning about the up-coming attempt(s) to subvert these efforts, it also discusses where the programs can and should be improved…I have a hammer and see things as if they were nails, why? because I have lived with these programs for over 20 years, since 1993, I know the quality and standard of living within these programs is substandard at best, some aren’t worth giving to my worst enemies dead dog, being in the trenches allows me to be brutal and I shouldn’t, there are those that really care, for instance it says SSI or Supplemental Social Security Insurance kept 3,788,000 out of poverty, while this is true of rock bottom poverty, this standard of living for those 3.79 million people was just short of someone living in a dog house in someone’s back yard, I know people trying to live on SSI/food stamps and anything else they can get their hands on; in all fairness they do point out the problem of access to these programs, it is a run around jump through hoops kinda thingy and some just give up, I did with regards to food stamps and subsidized housing too many hoops…they do point out the disconnect between need and funding…lets look at that for a moment…our poor are just as poor as anywhere on the planet, we have excellent programs for those in need, they work, Social Security is the gold standard of the globe but where we fall short is we don’t fund these programs, we fund air planes the military doesn’t even want claiming it’s the jobs, we need the jobs, we could have just as many jobs if not more if we just built more subsidized housing for the poor or funded grants for housing, for section 8 housing through HUD, there haven’t been any additions allowed to the waiting list for HUD housing for years and those on the list wait a decade or more; this is stupid, last year I heard a report that for the metro area of Phoenix for the fiscal year 2015 there were 400,000 housing units approved for construction, none of it for the poor, not one apartment, it was all up scale units, this is how we are being robbed, one example of the untouchable class, IT IS NOT A CRIME TO BE POOR, THERE IS NO SHAME IN BEING POOR, the crime and shame goes to those that refuse to assist our own countrymen, our own citizens…I like the people at the Economic Policy Institute, they have been very kind to me in allowing me to use their material(s), please read the link and understand that they are on our side, they are working for us by doing their work and testifying before Congress and the like but also please note that it is refined that there is no show of anger and there should be, in my opinion, we all need to walk softly and carry a Big Stick!!!…more later

Today I’m not happy, I won’t expand on what is above but instead provide you with a link, it’s a short and powerful read…one take away is that It Is A Crime To Be Poor…I hope you cry, get angry, make phone calls, send emails, Get Involved…***




Even though this is about the news media, it says the same thing that I have been trying to say; training your mind, seeing the truth for what it is. I think also it’s saying in an indirect manner, turn off your t.v., I use mine for my computer monitor only. I do not watch t.v., it captures way to much of my attention and cannot get anything done because it’s doing my thinking for me.


*** http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/01/25/great-potential-poor-americans-and-how-plutocrats-just-want-them-go-away

*** http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/01/31/hungry-children-rich-america

*** http://grist.org/article/elizabeth-warren-its-time-to-focus-on-the-crimes-of-the-rich-and-powerful/


…I read and trust the wisdom of the Dalai Lama, he is a guiding light for me, this light grounds me, it provides space and quietness inside, his writings turn me from a raging beast into something I can live with which brings up the point that who is your best friend? who are you going to spend your whole life with? it’s best to be comfortable with them, don’t you think?…

…just an image of greed, the worlds largest diamond mine…


…this is exactly what I have been trying to get at in my own odd way…


I tried to contact the author but her contact form just won’t work for me, darn…this woman knows what it’s all about and this is a must read, you might also like to visit her site as well…




…we have children going hungry, we have people, sometimes families living in shelters, we places in our country where you go to prison for not being able to pay for a speeding ticket or for being homeless, we have cities where it is a crime to feed the homeless…it is a crime to be poor and yet at the above corner photograph shows money pours like wine, billions of gallons of it a year; on these streets people are drunk on GREED, they are bloated on SWILL and then you have Flint…


Shaming homeless people? There’s an app for that — or is there?

…this is a crime against humanity, against our own citizens

…or the Navajo Reservation…

…this is what poverty is, it’s STEALING…

…it has to stop…

Only You Can Prevent Poverty


photo by J. Scott Applewhite

…they laugh at your sicknesses, they laugh at your hunger, they laugh at your poverty…


we need to extend a helping hand, compassion, how we do this is through the voting booth but there needs to be another way as well, one way is to examine how Mr, Sanders does it, by speaking truth to power, not to be angry or to be submissive but to teach the error of their ways, when someone says to you, “you don’t deserve” something ask them “if I don’t, who does?”, by reversing something and asking it opens them to examine their own mind, their heart, their very soul, this does not mean you’ll see a change in seconds but it opens the door that has been slammed in your face, you have faced an opposition in a humane manner in which in turn teaches someone humility, it teaches them to see you as an equal, it builds your self-confidence so you can stand tall, square your shoulders and move forward, humility and being humble eliminates those divisions discussed before




…just another example of being robbed…


…this is how EPI is working for us, if they didn’t do this work the country and the world wouldn’t have a clue about what is and isn’t being done…if you can, won’t you please donate to them?


…this is their newsletter for 2/7/16 it should open into a PDF reader…

…and this…


what are we teaching? who do we want our children to be? are they to be “special” and better than others or are they to be a part of the whole of the human experience? but but they are a different color, they are poor, they are this, they are that, they aren’t human…what are we teaching our children through our stupid actions, actions always speak louder than words, always…



Paul Buchheit has a way of being brief and and to the point that few others have, bare-bones truth but not written dryly but with a constant passion for getting things right again. I’ve been following his work for over a year now and it just gets better and better. Another voice I trust. I asked him to be a guest author here months ago but never got a very clear yes or no, he is a busy man with teaching, running his web-site and putting out the truth where he can. Please try and follow his travels as best you can.





(the pay-scale for those running big Banks/disgusting)





…add one more example of inequality to the stack a mile high, it appears that with everyday the poor are marginalized more and more, seems to me to be unconstitutional at best, this gives the 1% the same status as a church, synagogue or mosque, has greed become a religion? what about the separation of church and state? or buying humans such as in slavery? so imagine if you will; I’m rich, I call up Mitch and say I just donated 1 million to X and now I need Y by Z and Mitch says Yes Master, consider it done…this is unamerican…this is slavery at it’s worst, disgusting at best and continues the slippery slope downward…please note the author is also a member of EPI…



…I like this guy, he gets his hands dirty fighting the good fight…




…the whole thing in a nice neat package, the whole thing…






…they refuse to help, they refuse to feed children, they refuse a nation to be healthy, Welcome to the Empire that doesn’t care…this breaks my heart, this breaks my spirit, I cry for my beloved country where a child doesn’t deserve to eat…this is so cruel, so mean in spirit, I cannot understand it, it hurts too much…



…I’m not going to verify everything the author says, because he says a lot but at the end he says something that to me sounds/reads as being really stupid, something to the effect of “and nobody knows how to fix it”, are they really that ill-informed? maybe they should got back to writing obit’s or sports pieces…read it and see what you think…there is no “recession”, there is only more stealing, of being robbed…



ever wonder why you are poor? ever wonder what real stealing is? wonder no more…



In the meantime, the poverty rate in the U.S. continues to hover around 15 percent. That means almost 47 million Americans live on less than $24,000 a year — about as much as this year’s most overpaid CEO “earns” over one leisurely lunch.

(I stole this from Grist.org…if they don’t like it I’ll take it down)

Because I am disabled living on Social Security Disability Insurance my coverage for last year was $13,452.00 or $1121.00 a month…the highest paid CEO in America was paid $156,077,912.00, his name is David Zaslav of Discovery Communications Inc….I pay all my bills on the 3rd of each month, after paying my bills today I have $277.00 to last the rest of the month, food, gasoline, quarters to do laundry and over the counter medications plus my co-pays for my prescription medications…I am not alone, there are some 70 million of us trying to live on Social Security, I have no idea how many of these 70 million are disabled…if you are disabled or over 65 you have been thrown away, you are disposable, you do not exist, you are not even marginalized, you are invisible, the disappeared…




goto…     http://criticalmassprogress.com/  …to learn more…



well, what can I say? as you know, I am poor too, this is the 10th of the month and I have 114 dollars to last until april 3rd…obviously my credit cards will be used at 13+%, no Social Security COLA this year and yet apple had a huge profit of 75.9 BILLION DOLLARS for the first quarter that they pay ZERO taxes on, this boat is sinking and it doesn’t have to, there is no political will to help the poor, only to make it a crime to be poor and put you in prison for it…this fucking Empire is sick and doomed to fail, Thank Gawd!!!


…so we’ve been robbed to the point that wally-world is closing stores and apple makes billions in profit and the poor have no money left to be stolen and they worry about a collapse world wide, well guess what, it’s their own damn fault for not sharing, if they threw us a crumb now and then we’d buy stuff because we need stuff to survive, stuff like food clothing and shelter, but they don’t so now they are in a boxed canyon with no way out but a collapse…just where are they going to stack the bodies?, this collapse will be a biggie, it will be global and it will cause 2 things, war and death from poverty, all because they will not share, people like the leader’s of our governments and people like the ceo of apple Tim Cook, who everyone see’s as a hero, he is a crook just all the rest, if you don’t have it now you never will and you are going to become homeless, which is a crime and will go to jail, or dead; personally I look forward to the later event, I’m sick of this bull-shit of asking for help hand hearing silence, I want to die, now, preferably, thank you very much…


…this is nice, it’s a ggo thing but the shame of it all is that they had to go to court in order to get anything done, it wasn’t out of human kindness or being humane, it was court ordered…shame…




…warning…ugly language ahead…

This is fucking crazy…here, it the United States of America the Courts have to be “advised” as to what is and isn’t Constitutional WTF ??? and the “Letter” sent to the Courts isn’t even legally binding and then they have to send them money to reform the Courts…this country has become a cesspool of corruption and perversion of everything it was founded upon…if you aren’t white middle class in a suit and tie driving a Beamer you are going to hell in a hand basket and the local justice departments are here to make damn sure you do…being of color or poor means you are shit and you will pay for it with money and time in prison…I’ll stop, my head feels like it will explode…




…so…I read the report and then sent them an email, I haven’t gotten a reply yet and probably won’t, I was rude but I did ask them to ask others, those in government and elsewhere, just why do they want to kill me, true that…today-right this minute I have $20.00 to my name and being disabled for 23 years means I have no assets, you aren’t allowed to have any under disability rules and reg.’s…I also received an email from the group Save Social Security asking for a donation to help fight off these gangster’s that want to kill me, I used the same language in the email as I am here…just why does my government what to kill me? and those like me? they claim to good christians, do they not? Paul Ryan is a liar and a thief, if he believes in his gawd then he also believes he is going to hell for being a liar and a thief of people’s lives and their spirits…why does the government want to kill me ???

…the system is rigged, gee, really? who knew?…


…being disabled and poor I full well know the system is rigged, I just had to buy my groceries using a credit card, one example of the rich stealing from the poor…

…everyone is disposable, even you…sadly we dispose of our future as well…





…I receive $1121.00 a month in Disability Insurance through Social Security, being disabled is a 24/7/365 Job, my hourly wage is $1.50…today, this hour 11:23am 3/20/16 I have $20.00 to my name and no assets, I’m not allowed any assets under SS law…what does this do to my brain ???…

…at the top of the page I beg for donations, what does this do to my brain ???…

I have been very poor for 23 years living on SSDI, I currently have $20.00 to my name, my bills are current and there is no future, I’ll turn 65 at the end of the month and like magic social security says I’ll be retired, not disabled, I have been known to dream a bit, yes, it’s true, one of those dreams is getting these republicans outta the way of real progress for our country, not just for me but everyone like me as well, you don’t need me to show you who and what we are, I have a friend on SSDI who is getting both knees repaired so he can drive a tractor trailer again, his dream is to have a truck and trailer to pick up sub-prime auto reposes, he’ll make money, tons of it very soon…”…tax the rich, feed the poor, til there are no poor no more…” 10 Years After