Pandora’s Box


It is coming soon

read the news, we already have a war going on against the poor, those of color, journalism, healthcare and many other subjects

now we are beginning a war with the World

read the news, don’t watch Fox, get the real thing from many sources, see many different visions and form a opinion of your own, have an original thought, one of your own making


It is coming soon to a town near you

maybe the street you live on

Is That What You Want

if not, fight against it, anyway you can

or flee, run, move to somewhere that is a bit safer and sane

When you read the news, read just the headlines, then jump to another site and again just the headlines, our world is collapsing

right before our eyes

 find somewhere secure away from angry faces and raspy voices

generate calm, give it to someone else, let it spread somehow we have to slow down

and take a deep breath

just stop what we are doing for 15 minutes


all of us

all of us at the same time


It is very odd to see the disconnect between our government and it’s people on so many issues. It seems that for every issue the government goes in the opposite direction, choose any subject and see what I mean. We don’t want more war(s), violence, spying, torture, more money spent on war, war machines, a bigger military but our government insists on spending our monies on just those things, things that make the world uglier and less safe by the minute. The parallels drawn between Germany before WWII and America today can give you the chills, this is why I say it is time to move. Many German’s were able to get out before the ugliness got too far out of hand. Will you be one so lucky? Yes, there are forces on the left pushing against a radicalized right but only on a few issues that effect day to day living, not on the external goals we have for other countries. Today is March 24, somewhere between now and the elections I suspect there will be a false-flag event and the loss of civil liberties, a martial law enacted and a suspension of the election. A coup, in a soft manner, I don’t think the military will be part of it and it will fail but our government has been gutted, so how will it survive? I haven’t a clue, do you?